House Passes Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill After Moderate & Progressive Democrats Strike Deal on Reconciliation Bill

How do you feel about the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill?

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    As expected, Lucy Pulled the football with regard to Build Back Better!

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    more money we owe to spend money we need to increase taxes. 250 billion increase in the deficit is a big NO for me

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    John R

    This should only be the beginning! Far more is needed!

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    The largest federal investment in America since the New Deal that brought America out of the Great Depression in the 1930s, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill delivered by Biden and Democrats will pump hundreds of billions of dollars to every state rebuilding roads & bridges, ensure access to high-speed Internet to all Americans, and make hundreds of thousands of jobs. Though it could have been so much better, this is far better than anything Republicans have ever delivered for this country!

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    it's about time!

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    This is good. It shows that somebody is doing something in D.C. They sure are paid enough they should be working every single day with a regular vacation schedule instead of two weeks per month. They should try really hard to represent the people that put them in their cushy jobs.

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    Any bill that's longer than the Constitution should not be allowed. The slugs sitting in the seats should be requied to write the bills not anyone else.

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    The human infrastructure bill is not an investment, but rather a burden upon American taxpayers. The whole package supports big government takeover of citizen freedom of choice and burdens Americans with paying the bills. Three and four-year-olds should not be mandated with attending federally-controlled preschools. They need the nurture of mothers, family, and caregivers that are parent-chosen. Scientifically proven not beginning formal education until eight years of age does not hinder the child's progress. Our young people are losing ground in education due to government schools teaching social issues and dumbing-down our youth rather than teaching the 3 r's. Money would be better spent tutoring students toward achievement. Citizens should have the liberty to choose their own physician, one that supports the medical protocols of the patient. Government should not decide if the citizen should receive care, if and what drugs can be administered. Big government is not God. He controls nature. Scientific studies prove a lot of "green" money will be spent to only make, over time, a one percent difference. Do not support this infrastructure spending bill.

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    This bill, while it has been cut about in half, is still filled with unnecessary spending and outright pork. The infrastructure items mentioned in most reports are roads, bridges, ports (air, land & sea), and broadband access but fail to mention the 'human' infrastructure (grocery stores, child care facilities, gas stations, recharging stations, housing, etc.) that will take care of themselves without additional government spending or taxes.

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    Look how far we've come in just 10 months! Massive infrastructure bill passed with bipartisan support, child tax relief for many poor families, the economy has nearly recovered and unemployment is low again, 70% of all Americans have been vaccinated against Covid, and we're no longer at war in Afghanistan. The haters on the right are going to hate and lie and spread misinformation, but this is a great start to this administration and a huge turnaround from where we were a year ago. Thanks, President Biden!

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    I am absolutely disgusted over the Republicans the 13 of them who voted for this inner structure that money and hardly any part of it will be going for inner structure. Here’s a question for you the 13, did Nancy Pelosi get all the money for her park? The millions of dollars that she wants for her park. Did you vote for that. He will put this country along with Nancy Pelosi in debt for generations, and when he says this will cost the taxpayers nothing. Do you really believe that because the American people do not believe it it’s going to hit us every way possible. Why would he shut down our oil pipeline the first day he was in the White House, and then buy oil from Russia. Wouldn’t you rather use our own oil. To make gas, we wouldn’t be paying over three dollars a gallon. Why is Joe Biden doing this why is he doing this to make Russia richer. and make America pay? I would like somebody in Washington to answer these questions.

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    If you have read the bill it is a waste of taxpayer money.

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    This is the first legislation that should have been passed, it is critical to maintain the productivity in the US!

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    Our infrastructure is crumbling due to wear and tear of kicking the can down the road and therefore neglected.

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    It is pork strictly pork! Does nothing for what we the people need and everything we do not need. We need gas, diesel, natural gas, and not pie in the sky energy or more fake claims funded with our tax dollars so your new buddies get rich off of us taxpayers. Clearly you should know if you voted for this you are not getting my vote and I hope that will be a majority next year.

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    If this were an INFRASTRUCTURE bill I would support it. ONLY $110 BILLION IS for actual infrastructure in this canard.

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    Communist rip off.. All who voted for should / will be prosecuted. Keep laughing - its coming. America did not tell you to do this and yes; we tell you what to do. Since that is broken - your benefits will go away, no retirement, term limits, no travel outside of US in fact no need to leave your states. Audits of finances for you and family every year AS A START. This is against America and prosecution will occur for crimes against this country and its legal citizens.

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    Now pass the rest!!!!!

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    Sam Jeffro

    it,s good for all if thay fix the roads