Capitol Hill Rioters: ‘U.S. Congress Members Helped Us Plan Attack’

Should members of Congress involved in the Capitol riots be expelled?

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    Cheryl, you are on a roll! 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻😊❤️😊❤️

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    When I was a young woman my brother was in Vietnam. He wrote to me often and ask me to support anyone who was against this war. Our community religious people created a march against the Vietnam war in our city. We were informed by the religious leaders that we were not to do any damage or harm in our effort to march against this war. No one was out of line. It was a peaceful protest. I feel that anyone who had anything to do with the Capitol Hill incident should be charged for damages to our Federal building, frightening the people who serve our democracy and pay damages for their actions.

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    Y’ll wanted to expose the insurrection from the people how about the one that Congress sponsored and had undercover feds and uniform officers there recently to stage another Jan 6?! BE ACCOUNTABLE!!!

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    So many of those who rioted on January 6, got only a slap on the hand. Some have even run for office and won! I read that in Florida, a man, who had been previously imprisoned for a felony offense, did not file the paperwork that would allow him to run for office. As a former felon, this was a necessary step for him to do, yet this was not done. He won the election, as a Repugnant and, to my knowledge, has not yet been removed or dealt with, in any way.. Hey, but that’s Florida for you, right? I believe the January 6th insurrection was a treasonous act. It should have been treated as such. However, The inexperienced, right leaning judges the Repugnants appointed were, actually, sympathetic with them. Are we surprised? We need to prove that this was treason. Further, these judges need to be removed and the sentences increased. If the law currently allows such meager sentences, we need to change this. That narcissistic, real estate bitch from Texas only got 6 months! She went there with a knife and several others objects that could harm someone! Her internet comments show she went there to overthrow our government and do damage, yet that’s all she got. If she hadn’t been so vocal with the media about being white and privileged she, most likely, would have gotten that proverbial slap on the hand and probation. Her big mouth f’d her. Repugnants are so ignorant...

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    JANUARY 6 WAS A TREASONOUS ACT! Anyone involved should be arrested, charged, tried and hung in the public square. But don’t feel too bad for the 1/6’ers. Most of the executions would be considered mercy killings.

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    This is a no brainer but sadly will never happen!

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    This was an attack on the transfer of power as voted by the people's of this country. To allow these individuals to retain their positions invites continued attacks.

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    And you know it was the dems in cahoots with the FBI or CIA that did it. And for gods sake release the poor bastards you tried to frame for this - and lock up that DC wannabe cop!!

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    Traitors and insurrectionist should have no place in our government.

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    Not until you remove the ones who let the cities burn and who also encouraged it I.e AOC, Maxine Waters, Harris etc…

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    This is what happens when tyrants start to run our country. Our lawmakers work for us they do not create the rules we have a constitution for that they work for us. And now 11 months into the year look where the Biden Paris regime has taken us. They both should be in prison for being traders to the United States of America and its constituents .The people that stormed the White House did the wrong thing in the wrong way. But government needs to know they cannot be criminals and screw the constituents of this country that was just a handful of people. It only took 3% of the population to throw the British out. Either of representatives start doing what the country needs and wants or the 3% may rise again. In no way was this comment meant to be threatening or endangering. Just used to comment as a reminder from history. But keep taking our statues down and changing our children’s school books. And teaching racial problems. Children don’t have a problem playing with each other no matter what color they are. Unless they are influenced by adults and what they’re taught in school. and the United States may not have history.

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    The attacks on our Capitol on January 6th were no different than the attacks on September 11, they were planned, they were funded, and they were intentional. International and Domestic Terrorism, and acts to destroy out Democracy should be dealt with severely, and quickly, no matter who is behind them and supported them.

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    Yes, but only if it can be shown that they were instrumental in the planning on the violence and vandalism or encouraged or facilitated it in some way.

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    And charged with first degree murder because planning is premeditated.

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    If you do then expel all the democrats that aided the BLM riots. You know, the ones that posted the bail for people destroying their own cities.

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    Should members of Congress involved in the Capitol riots be expelled? Yes. A resounding YES. Are You Joking. Daines, you were part of the whole deal as well. This is called treason. This was a coup attempt. This was consciously attempting to negate the votes of millions of Americans. You already did it in the election in 2016 by playing the Electoral College trick (AGAIN) and this time you actually decided you have the moral authority to toss out 81,202,903 votes and insult and denigrate election officials who have worked years in the field to assure that their elections are safe, fair and honest. You are a disgrace to America and the members of Congress who actively encouraged rioters to destroy MY property, to threaten MY elected officials, to completely disregard MY vote are not representatives appropriate to Congress. They should be removed. They should never be allowed to hold office again. This is what happens when you insist on following a rabble rouser. This is what happens when you support an agenda that negates the belief system of millions of human beings and forces them to accept YOUR theory of the world.

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    Absolutely, traitors they are!

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    They are traitors. They should all be locked up.

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    I am less than thrilled that Causes is listing Republicans without actual evidence showing that they planned a violent insurrection. They have the right to protest their government like any other American citizen. Those who actually entered and broke into the Capital building should be punished. They should be charged and allowed to post bail, NOT be held without bail, NOT be in 23 hour solitude and fed less than is standard for prisoners'. Also for those who have been charged, none of them have been charged with insurrection? Why?

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    That includes you, Josh Hawley, for supporting the attempted coup.