Southern Border Apprehensions Hit an All-Time High Over the Last Year

Are you concerned about the rate of illegal border crossings?

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    No vaccine test, in person instruction for children - you have to be an illegal to enjoy a life of freedom in the us now. Go Brandon

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    Yes, I am concerned about the rate of illegal border crossings. Everyone who lives in the USA is paying to support the enormous costs of people coming into the USA illegally. The illegals are causing strains on law enforcement, security, health systems, housing, schools, etc. As we know, the only source of funds for national, states, county, and city governments to pay for these expenses come from individuals who pay direct taxes (income, sales, etc.) and indirect taxes (costs of purchased goods passed on from businesses). Elected officials are learning and will know we are fed up with the lack of security on all borders but especially out south border.

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    These people are in desperate need, and we are their newborns. We should act like it!

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    Immigration should be a thing anyone is free to do without any government telling them otherwise. That being said, until then welfare state is dismantled, there should be no way an illegal immigrant can benefit from American Taxpayers.

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    As a staunch Republican I am proud to say that the wife and I got our moderna booster today. I choose also since it was October-November timeframe that I normally get my annual flu shot to get it in the other arm. I had read that the normal flu shot with the coronavirus vaccines might help so if that is true maybe a little more protection. I haven’t missed my regular flu shot since January 1970 when I went in the Army and I’m 71 now. My son and daughter are both married and they got their booster yesterday. They are both republicans also. I have several Republican friends that since Monday have got their booster shot and at least five more couples are getting them this week. It came out under President Trump and he said we should get the vaccines. It like a republican thing to do. It was Comrade dear leader Beijing Biden and Comrade Kamala that suggested that it was not to be presumed safe and they were not going to get the vaccines until completely tested. Of course before that happened they got vaccinated in December.

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    Uncontrolled borders means new Democrat voters. It’s really that simple. The underlying causes are leftist activists supporting this strategy funded by people like George Soros and other radical groups including China who would like to collapse the United States of America.

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    Deport them all.

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    A lot of these people are entering our country because of situations we created in the first place if we look at history correctly so we need to deal with the consequences.

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    The democRATs are trying to eradicate the European culture this country was founded on and to dumb down the population. The US currently ranks 26 out of 97 countries in the IQ category. And it goes to show what a hoax the covid nonsense is. They are not concerned about what diseases are crossing into this country but American citizens are expected to take dangerous vaccines and wear unhealthy masks. Their karma is going to be swift and harsh. Liberalism should be a crime!

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    Seems to me that we should be sending our military troops to protect OUR borders, especially now that we’re bringing them back home from foreign wars. If we had been doing that all along, I suspect that the illegals would have gotten the message by now and the issue would be much more manageable. The only reason they’re coming through is because they can.

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    There should be more ways to get across Legally! We should be allowing anybody who comes from countries that the US have, by our past policies torn up. Abolish I.C.E. !!!!!!!!!!

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    Create a no man’s land like Hungary when they tire of staying they can walk back home and use legal methods for citizenship.

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    I am not concerned about the border crossings. Many apprehensions are people, who were previously apprehended. I believe the United States should spend money on hiring the people needed to process all those immigrants seeking asylum in a timely manner. Forget funds for a wall. That is wasted money. America needs immigrants. They are and have always been an important part of the fabric of our country.

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    It is clear that citizens are not the concern of elected officials when they fail to protect our borders. They have failed the oath of office to rightly represent the American people.

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    These people need to go home and apply , be vetted for criminal record's and diseases. Most of these people come here to sponge off government programs and work for cash under the table so they do not pay taxes. If you really looked at the people coming, I question how they walked so far in flip flops, pushed a stroller or carried a baby or walked being pregnant and looked so fresh, not dirty and tired looking, dressed in brand name clothes and all seemed to have working cell phones. So who is paying them to come and overwhelm America, or how did they really get here? By ship? By Airplane into Mexico? Lots of RED FLAGS if you truly look at the crowds in these video's. They have lost children and are not vetting the sponsor's or checking for diseases. Why are there so many children and young men coming and where are they truly being sent. No transparency at all. This President and VP are turning a blind eye. Is this to Destroy America? Because We have no money to support all these people coming here. We need to build the wall and cut off any support for those coming here illegally. These are Questions this Administration refuses to answer and when they do answer it is with lies.

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    I believe the question asked was what can be done about this terrible mess at our Borders, simple answer is: IMPEACH BIDEN. He has brought this on by himself from his very first day in office! “ come! All come to our Border and you will be allowed in, no questions asked! “ He took an oath to protect Americans which clearly his addled brain doesn’t want to comprehend. Have we not seen the danger path he is leading us down each and every day?

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    Send them back. No, amnesty for anyone. If they want to come to this country, apply like everyone. I consider this an attack on our border. We need to stop it whatever way we can.

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    Can we please take politics out of this amd deal with the problem

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    You know what I'm worried about about the illegals that work for people and then when immigration comes in they get hauled off but the employers don't and they should be fine and jailed I am sick of it hard-working people and they get jailed but not the employers and we have a lot of them here in Idaho.

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    Leslie G: Exceptional comment regarding the facts behind the CNP and organizers of the Jan 6th insurrection. Thank you. Very, very informative.