McConnell Warns Biden That Republicans Won't Help Democrats Raise the Debt Limit Again

Should Democrats use reconciliation to pass a long-term debt limit hike without Republican support?

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    Republican refusal to resolve the debt limit is irresponsible. It is led by those that do not consider the interest of citizens and business. The power they have to do this revels that they as individual elected officials are not strong enough to stand up to corrupt interests and that they are violating their oath of office..

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    Democraps unwillingness to include the minority in negotiations means they have to go it alone.

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    stop counting on the Republicans theyre stalling and playing the clock out you idiots they're waiting for the Midterms and you know it an have ur hand so far up ur *** ur playing shadow puppets do something as a Texan if i don't see results i don't find it difficult to vote Republican we're very fluid at least i am

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    Please encourage your colleagues that this constant childishness politics that calls itself the Republican Party is starting to get very old. Those who don’t remember the free range credit card given to Trump do not deserve to control they have to repress the current spending that would actually make a change to the lives of average Americans.

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    Pass a balanced budget

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    Absolutely not. More and more what fact apparent to people. People not putting up with it..

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    McConnell is full of it. This is the Republicans' mess, built up over several administrations and knocked back by Democratic ones. And besides, the federal government is not like your household budget. The government can mint money to pay down the debt or use Modern Monetary Theory as an economic tool to zero out debt. This Build Back Better bill is completely paid for.

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    Democrats should raise the next debt limit alone if they have to and then explain that they are cleaning up the spending mess left by the Trump regime.

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    The republicans did nothing to pass this bill. Moscow Mitch can get over himself.

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    The Republicans need to take responsibility!!!! The Republicans have already spent this money, why are they now saying they will not pay it? Me, as a regular person, could not do that with my credit card bills....why should they be able to do that??? Take some responsibility for your actions and your spending of the American taxpayers money.

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    Republicans can’t govern, they just lie and take credit for the good economies the Dems create after fixing their messes

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    The Democrats should go ahead and get their legislation done by any means possible. It’s a new day and time to move forward

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    I am sick and tired of Congressmen standing up to say "I refuse to do my job and there is nothing you can do about it!"! I want to just say "Then you are FIRED!", and that is what I plan to say to every obstructionist Republican and obstructionist Democrat that I can vote AGAINST in the next dozen elections.

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    These petty games are unbelievable. They were hired to. represent all of the citizens of our country, not political parties. They had to take an oath when they were sworn in, as well as uphold the Constitution. Mr McConnell refusing to do his job, instead saying he would not vote for the democrats is absurd. It seems Me. McConnell has been in his job too long, as he can no longer uphold his oath. This is not a democrat vs republican deal. This is for the American people. It seems a good number of Congress have forgotten what they were hired to do! Either do your jobs or get out

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    It’s a proven fact that the gop destroys the economy and the dems have to fix it. Every damned time. Please stop negotiating with terrorists. They only try to f things up while lining their own pockets. The Reagan legacy. Dumb the people down and pick their pockets.

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    P Scott

    Look in the past to find the party not in power generally obstructing the party in power. Then look to find both flip depending how it benefits the party vs the nation. Go back to see Sen Biden voted against raising debt ceiling a number of times. Or Sen Obama state raising it was criminal but then as president it was needed. At least some of the times we compromised by raising it while showing an effort to curb spending or reduce the debt down the road. But no matter which party in office each president has left with the debt higher than when they came in - even if they had a budget surplus. Estimates never work as there is always an unforeseen crisis. The value of the dollar goes down as we keep creating more money or try other means to stimulate the economy whether by tax cuts or QE measures. Then you have the invisible tax done by inflation. Look at the value of an ounce of gold through our nation's history to see the value of our dollar go down. There is no easy solution. You could tax the rich 100% and still not balance the budget. We keep doing feel good measure more to win votes toward the next election than to truly solve problems. One might ask if this or that new spending measure would realistically have passed in the original Congress when the country really worried about debts.

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    You gotta do what you gotta do.

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    No one can ignore the growing problems with our economy and fueling inflation with wasteful government spending that will mean higher taxes is not any an option. Stop and tell States and Municipalities to stop because there are no Federal bail outs.

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    Republicans supported raising the debt ceiling under EVERY Republican President, then they want to grandstand and threaten the livelihood of seniors, federal workers, department of defense educators, screw up the movement of our troops. They are hypocrites and empty if compassion and ignorant of our economy. They are traitors to the American public putting their threats and politics against the good of our country. They are TRAITORS to our country and to their constituents. VOTE these Republican self serving pieces out.

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    The people in office took an oath to the Constitution of the United States. Not to the Republican or the Democratic parties. It’s “We The People” that should be their concern.