Congress Reaches Bipartisan Deal to Avoid Government Shutdown

Do you support or oppose the bipartisan deal to avoid a government shutdown?

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    Bipartisan = USA!….right?

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    The oversized United States government should face a shut down all government employees should not be paid but our military and our Social Security seniors should be welfare people maybe they need to go out and look for a job. It’s sickening the programs some of these people are on $1400 a week that’s more than I make as a licensed plumber!! If the government needs money stop sending our tax dollars to foreign countries stop letting illegal aliens into our country. And reduce government spending. That’s where you can get your money from and lots of it.

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    It seems ironic that Republicans would oppose raising the debt limit after they are the major cause - tax cuts. None of us likes taxes, but we need to pay for what we get. That should include the 1% and corporations. (All I know is that my taxes when up with the "cut" even though my income went down. Thanks Republicans.)

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    They do this EVERY year. They completely disregard the rules they are to follow and do as they please. IF the did as they've been instructed, all of this would be finished. Instead they combine everything (unlawful) and wait till the last moment to act. How about just doing the job as it was instructed to be done? Or has government become so incompetent it no longer can?

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    I wish I had Akon the would furlough me allow me to draw unemployment and then pay me all back pay missed

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    Good. But the real problem will be the debt limit. If not adjusted our country will not be able to honor creditors and that would be a disaster financially for our country. Defaulting on the debt obligations accrued from past spending when we have the ability to honor them but cannot because of some arcane rule will surely raise the prices of everything, cause markets to crash and lead us into a deep recession. If it is nasty enough, it may actually be able to cause a world wide depression. … … … Wow, what a wonderful way to stop inflation and generate deflationary pressures- making anybody hoarding lots of cash instantly more wealthy, relatively speaking. Perhaps the Republican Faction sees that their political future is waning and this is their exit tragedy. I do not think this is true but you know, I did not think that much of what the Republican Faction has done and is doing would ever be possible in our country. … … … Putin really got his money’s worth when he unleashed the trump and knew how to appeal to greedy politicians and their Insatiable blinding lust for power.

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    Most Americans have no idea about what the debt ceiling is, and they think funding the government is one in the same. I listen to “news casters” blend the two very different things that adds to the confusion.

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    I oppose Congress always barely getting it done at zero hour and it only lasts til Dec 3. It feels as though y'all want to continue drama and justify your paychecks. Just sick of it. You don't want to fund necessary programs socially. Are you forgetting we are STILL in a pandemic and folks are still hurting?

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    But why Koch the can down the road? Get rid of it forever.

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    In Donald Trump’s latest idiot move he invited Lance Cpl. Hunter Clark to the stage at his nutzo Trump rally to speak, Cpl. Clark implied he was the Marine in a viral video who lifted a child over a wall at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. The problem was just like Donald Trump Corporal Hunter Clark is a liar. He wasn’t the man in the picture. Clark didn’t lift anything or anyone. In fact he is now under investigation for not only lying about this but speaking at a political rally which is illegal for a soldier to do. So what is the say about Trump? That he’s an idiot that he doesn’t know the rules of the military and as always he surrounds himself with people just like himself, lier’s.

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    Are we really supposed to applaud this??? It's the bare minimum they can do. Anything less is malfeasance and dereliction of the duties. I'm so tired of elected official acting worse than bratty little children!

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    I support Congress doing it’s job. So I am neither impressed nor do I “support“ this nonsense. As many have stated, it’s time get grid of BOTH the debt ceiling and the filibuster. WE NEED RESULTS. Not shutting down is not to be commended in the least.

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    I support this bill as a compromise to keep the government in business. I oppose it as a temporary in inadequate action. The correct thing to do is to eliminate the debt cap in the first place and let the government continue to do its job under all circumstances. That is after all what we electe them for!

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    This would be the worst time for a shutdown. We need to abolish the debt limit, (could be bad when republicans in control as they do absolutely nothing for the common people, they only do for the extremely rich.) Foolish common people that actually think they care. We need to abolish the debt limit because of republicans huge spending for the very rich and huge corporations. So now the Democrats have to step up and cover their incompetence. Nothing new in the political world. We also have to pass both infrastructure bills.

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    We, the American people, are tired of being held hostage to this endless political power play between our two self-serving political parties. Once again we wait, with our collective breath held, to see how this latest threat to our economic future will play out. We witness one narrowly-averted disaster after another while we worry about our jobs, our health and future. It’s exhausting. Yes, I’m glad you found a way to once again pull the country back from the brink of economic disaster. It’s your job! You were elected to lead the country and represent the people, not to build a power base and enrich your personal bank accounts. Now all of you stop fighting and work together or you’ll be sent to your rooms!

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    I support a deal, but the need for one was yet another pointless flirtation with financial disaster, and the fact that a debt ceiling increase isn't included as a matter of course should by rights get the republicans run out of town. They keep playing these games, and for what? The debt ceiling has literally no usefulness of any kind.

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    I support pulling this out of the other, larger budget bills, so that we can keep the government open. This is essential and must pass today. I dare the Republicans to vote against it and show us once again that they do not support the Federal workforce.

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    Cruz and Hawley need to be out of the senate they are killer’s they should be locked up for life. They tried to take over this country with that nut Trump. Lock them up

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    Surprise, surprise. Tired of all this self-inflicted drama.

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    This is yet another case for term limits… Work together for the people who elected you… NOT for re election…. Just do your damn job..