Senate Republicans Block Democrats' Debt Limit Hike, Call for Clean Bill to Avoid Gov’t Shutdown

Should Democrats bring up a standalone debt limit hike they can pass without GOP support?

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    I am extremely tired of our Florida GOP who have the desire to prevent many voters their access to vote. As far as I am concerned, you will all be voted out! Leave the right to vote to the people. db

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    Speaking of blocking things....the 4 dangerous clowns that are threatening to thumb their noses at the subpoenas they were given (Steve Bannon and 3 others) should hit right smack between the eyes with criminal charges if they do. Anyone if us out here, if we ignored a subpoena could be hauled into MUST it be for ANYONE who ignores these subpoenas put out be the committee looking into the Jan 6th insurrection. Our country depends on it.

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    Republicans do not want America to thrive. They want to take our democracy down while lining there own pockets. They are. spreading misinformation about everything from the election, January 6th and Covid. They must be voted out of office.

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    Without a doubt republican party is it disaster. He’s just a small example of why after Donald Trump‘s terracing loss in Arizona in which his own voter count showed by he lost by an even larger margin than fight before; Trump has now moved onto taxes for a recount in a state that he won! It’s ludicrous it’s insane it’s the Republican party off the rails. Mitch McConnell Devon Nunez Lindsey Graham Marco Rubio Ted Cruz are dinosaurs that are ruining their own party I don’t know why they put up with it.

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    The Dems need to forget their massive spending bills and perhaps do something about immigration and the border. What is going on in the Biden gov't is crazy. I am an Independant

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    Yes, let it be know who wants to destroy the country for party political gain by destroying our standing in the world.

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    Yes they should and that way they may pass something that does not include PORK.

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    Any republicans that vote with the Democratic Party might as well join them

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    No time like the present!

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    The only reasonable solution.

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    Bi-partanship doesnt work anymore with McConnell and his minions.

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    Time to say bye-bye to the filibuster and get stuff done. … … … Sinema is soon to host a fund raiser for donors opposed to the Build Back Better Infrastructure Plan. This would seem to be a clear ethics violation in the middle of negotiations for this bill by saying essentially: ‘If you want me to stop the Biden Infrastructure Bill then pay me up front’. … … … I know that there are a few principled Republicans in the Republic Political Faction. I guess it is reasonable to expect a few highly unprincipled Democrats as well. … … … This act by Sinema should be political suicide, but it does offer an opportunity to leverage her stupidity by agreeing to not unseat her in return for her vote for the Build Back Better Infrastructure Bill.

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    The Democrats want to spend the U.S. Government into bankruptcy. The Cloward & Piven Strategy would be helped along in achieving such a feat. Americans would see their purchasing power degraded significantly. Stagflation would return after almost 50 years. The U.S. economy would be in a downward spiral, enough so that American consumers would have their heads spinning like a top. But as long as the Conservatives and true Republicans do not have a hand in this fiscal foolishness, Americans would see who "did this to them". The Republicans and moderate Democrats should have a coalition to save America from the spend-thrift Democrats who don't care about the value of the Dollar becoming worth less. If the debt limit is raised in order to pay for all of the illegal border crossers that have invaded this Country this year, let them pay for it. Trouble is, it will be paid for with OTHER PEOPLES' MONEY! The United States could really use a balanced budget amendment right now to stem the spending lunacy in Congress. We need to have fiscally responsible elected officials in Congress who will spend money as if it were their own money. But we don't...HANG 'EM HIGH. You cannot spend your way out of bankruptcy!

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    Let the country and the world know that republicans will go the distance to destroy our country just to damage the political standing of the other parties and to not give a win to our country or the other side.

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    It is truly an embarrassment

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    Democrats need to sench in, cut their spending fat. Enough is enough!!

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    Pass the debt ceiling legislation! The U.S. (country and individual citizens), plus the rest of the world can ill-afford to have the U.S. default on its financial obligations. Many of the payments are to pay what has already been spent. Individuals cannot refuse to pay their credit card obligations--neither can the country.

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    Can you think of a better campaign slogan than, "If you or a loved on received their Social Security check, thank a Democrat!"

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    On another note why don’t we take good old Republican Klete Kelley’s Gold medals away from him as he tried to overthrow the American government. Screw him that he’s sorry now along with all these other jerks. There’s sorry because they got caught. They’re sorry because they are sorry jerks. Just like trump sorry Adolescent jerk. The only reason Trump even remotely engages these people is because he’s looking for some kind of sick approval that he never got from his mother or his dad because Trump is a loser and has always been a loser and will always be a loser. That’s why he’s so sick that’s why he’s an adolescent man boy.