House Returns From Recess to Consider Abortion Rights Bill & Stopgap Funding Bill as Gov’t Shutdown Looms

How do you feel about this week’s congressional schedule?

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    Abortion is settled law. It's over. There should be no shut downs unless you don't want to come back to work. You can be replaced for non-attendance.

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    While Congress does not have the power or jurisdiction to legislate marriage or abortion, the Congress can intervene on matters of liberty. This is an issue that I believe federal preemption should exist securing the liberty of an individual to have an abortion.

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    J. Scott

    Good we need to get these things passed and move onward with President Biden’s agenda ASAP.

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    @Glowurm talk about the Pot calling the kettle black

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    Archbishop Cordileone, of San Francisco, just came out saying abortion is “child sacrifice.” I say to the Archbishop Cordileone, keep your freakin’ mouth closed about matters of separation of Church and State, unless YOU WISH TO PAY TAXES ON ALL THE MONEY YOU STEAL FROM THOSE WHO FOLLOW A CHURCH THAT IS FULL OF PEDOPHILES! HOW MANY INNOCENTS HAVE YOU IMPREGNATED, EH? Did she abort it? Or did you prefer young boys? Clean your own house up, you ‘tards, before you interfere in ours. What hypocrisy! Just like a group of our Senators whose mistresses can have abortions, but not anyone else. Because your Churches, and others, now make public and pulpit criticisms an, almost, daily part of life, ALL CHURCHES SHOULD NO LONGER BE TAX EXEMPT! (Same with any political organizations, too! Hell, we could probably balance the budget just having those two pay). Interference in our government MUST STOP! We have freedom of religion. OUR COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON THAT BELIEF! Get yours out of my body! And the only way is to MAKE YOU PAY. Shut your mouth Cardinal Cordileone, or pay the f up! Justice Amy take heed! We’ll be coming for you as soon as we can, you worthless, lying piece of crap! YOU WERE AN, EXCEPTIONALLY, ILLEGAL APPOINTEE. JOINING THE LIKES OF THE OTHER ILLEGALS, GORSUCH and KAVANAUGH! Will someone please prove that their appointments were illegal and get rid of them? HISTORY WILL REMEMBER YOU THREE AS THE JUSTICES WHO BROUGHT DOWN AMERICA! Thanks a pant load!

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    Tennessee was one of several states earlier this year to loosen restrictions on gun purchases. The newest rule, signed by the Republican governor, allows most adults over 21 to carry handguns without going through a state background check. We need more guns! Every man woman & child should be armed. Damn fools.

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    Absolutely, Dorothy! 😊❤️😊❤️

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    The disastrous effects of the last shutdown lasted a long time. Let's not do it again.

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    This is a McConnell maneuver and it is time for him to go!

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    Can’t get more excited because all had to go the the senate where uncertainty rules. The republicans need to revise just say no.

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    Someone needs to explain abortions rights. Roe v wade was won under the rights to privacy. So we have the right to privacy and choice with and abortions but don’t have a right to privacy over covid vaccinations. What is the difference to keep my job I have to get a vaccination shouldn’t I have the right to my privacy on my right to choose if I got the vaccination

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    Do not raise the debt celling. Shut it down

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    I find the Republicans’ approach to raising the debt limit curious. First, they say the Democrats will have to do it alone because Republicans won’t vote for it. Then, the Republicans say they plan to filibuster raising the debt limit efforts by the Democrats. So that means the Republicans say the Democrats have to do it, but they won’t let the Democrats do it thereby imperiling our economic recovery and the global economy.

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    Some people believe it is wrong to eat eggs because they think it is an aborted chicken. (It is not if the egg has not been fertilized.) Those people do, however, have the right not to eat eggs. With chickens, the only people who can legally decide when chickens can reproduce are their owners -- unless the government steps in because of some horrible disease the chickens have. So, now some people want to tell other people when and when not to reproduce. Do they think they own other people or what? Those people need to forget trying to control others and take a look at themselves to find ways to make the world better. If they are judging others, they definitely need improvement!

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    No government shut down bull shit again raise the dept ceiling of which the gop/gqp had no problem doing with djt. My g d it was like the big top circus of crime and grift. So sick of GOP threats or bribing tactics and their faux concern for this country or we the people.

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    Confirming and affirming the degree to which citizens have the right to control the decisions about their own health and body is critical. Government shutdown is unacceptable, and unsupported except by mindless obstructionists in Congress. The people do not want this, no one sane wants this. We will be watching who votes against keeping the USA in business!

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    Lots of activity on fairly meaningless legislation does not equate to resolving pivotal issues of import to our country. … … … It is time for the Democrats to stage a serious intervention with Manchin and Sinema to get them off of their new opiate; The same drug that has kept to Republican Faction thoroughly stoned for years now. It is brewed with a lot of Citizen’s United PAC funding mixed in with the oil and gas industry’s greed for near term profits. Perhaps a public accounting of just how much of this toxic mixture that they are ingesting will help them see the light, along with a little arm twisting to get them to at least admit that the Climate Crisis is truly a Big F@¢kin Deal that must be proactively addressed on many levels and in many ways now, before it is too late. The economic costs and humanitarian costs are far too great to keep pandering to their big money overlords. … … … There are other issues if great import that need legislation and adequate resources now: Voting Rights, Depoliticizing voting, vote counting, voter certification and election certification, gerrymandering, immigration reform, our infrastructure of people and things, responsible gun control, meaningful police reform, systemic racism (which IS NOT THE SAME as systematic racism), truly equal opportunity for everyone to earn a self-gratifying meaningful life, and removing the corrupting influence of big dark money benefactors who find it more cost effective to buy political favor from congresspeople than to actually do things to earn their cash flow. … … … None of these things have been adequately been dealt with since McConnell become the chief disciplinarian of the Republican Faction - and it is easily seen in the inability of our country to keep up with peer industrialized democracies in international metrics that assess the welfare of their people and the effectiveness of their governments. How could our country keep up when the Republican Faction’s sole goal has been to besmirch their arch-enemy in order to gain political advantage, blocking any legislation that might give Democrats some political ‘creds’ while offering nothing at all to help the country instead of their benefactors, the ‘ruling elite’ wealthy that keep them on their payroll. … … … This has to stop, or our country has no future and indeed, the world may go down with us if we do not get serious about dealing with the Climate Crisis. The conservative view of protecting the comfortable ‘what was’ is insignificant to the problem of ‘what is coming’ and the risks of doing too little are far greater than that of possibly doing too much. This ‘can’ has been repeatedly kicked down the road since the Supreme Court awarded the election to Bush instead of Mondale (which I accept as being the most practicable thing to do, no matter how unfair that it was). There are no more places to kick this ‘can’ - it is time to finally pick it up and deal with it.

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    Bicycler: Another great comment. Thanks for being here - I really enjoy reading your comments with such clarity and insight.

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    illegal, Unconstitutional Stopgap spending is increasing Our suicidal deficit spending, and The National Debt that will Surrender Our Sovereignty to Our Debtors. Stop Giving Our exceptional nation to Communist Democrats. Impotent cowards will not get support, or votes.