Gov. Abbott Signs Controversial Texas Election Reform Bill Into Law

Do you support or oppose Texas's reforms to its election laws?

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    Michael J

    Gov Adolph Abbott thinks his tough stance will help the GOP/Trump Party. It won’t. It’ll also help take down radicalized right wingnuts like the Texas Three Stooges (Louie, John, & Eduardo). It’ll just speed up the process of turning Texas Blue.

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    There’s no other way to put this Greg Abbott is a complete idiot and asshole just like the majority of the leaders of the republican party. It’s byzantine, it’s full of lies, crazy beliefs and living in the 18th century. Let’s stick a fork in the republican party get rid of it let them build something better let them build something that actually works for people instead of trying to make people constantly frightened and eight other Americans.

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    Although this does not go nearly far enough and requires an employer to subsidize your rights (I look forward to the day that my employer is required to buy me a gun in support of my 2nd amendment rights); I will support any action against mail in ballots. Early voting should be further restricted but I’ll take a win where I find it.

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    To vote: 1) Be a US citizen 2) Show valid photo ID

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    Bravo to the Governor for his help in preventing the democRATs from stealing another election.

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    we need to make voting EASIER in All States. Our Elections Should ENCOURAGE more people to vote not less. This law makes it harder to vote. i oppose this law and am glad i don’t live in Texas. that Governor needs to be removed from office.

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    Just another disgusting and disgraceful ideas signed into law by the Racist’s sycophant Gov Abott. It is obvious Abott does not care about victims of rape and incest or that women in general should be able to make decisions for their health. The world truly is in a worse place because of bigots like Abott making decisions for the Proles. Welcome to Gilead . . .

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    I don’t know how he got into office but Abbott certainly should not win another term!

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    Stop the States assault on voters rights. Pass "For the People Act" now!!

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    Where do you get the idea there was very limited cheating during the past elections? Senator Kloboucher and others were very concerned a few years ago by voting machines. There are also thousands of sworn affidavits from poll workers, poll judges, poll observers, and others who observed cheating and mismanagement during the 2020 elections. The Constitution of the United States gives the sole duty of election laws to state legislatures so any changes done by courts or administrative officials violated the Constitution. None of these have been heard in court as judges and justices were more afraid of BLM/Antifa riots than were concerned about justice.

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    Between gerrymandered districts and assholes like this gop pos this country is going downhill on the fast track.

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    Another fine example of just how low Republican’s have sunk just like Kelly Anne Conway mooching of the government. A race to the bottom.

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    I truly hate to comment on people with severe disabilities. However, the State Republican Faction legislatures, the Federal Republican Faction legislature, the RNC all collectively seem to suffering from some sort of massive stroke. They have all seem to have lost any sense of responsibility, ethics, morals, honor, or decency and have forgotten their oath to to protect the people of this country and our Constitution. Sad. It appears that their lust to stay in power has taken over their brains and also increased their desire to control a broad cross section of America, women. I suggest that they all need to be completely medically and politically excised from governance until they complete medical treatment to cure their disorder. … … … Let’s say a group of political operatives for the RNC conspires with Russians to effect elections, acts as dark money brokers to silently pay off people who might effect a politician’s future, lies about clandestine meetings with an adversarial government and admits under oath that they did so, or actively insights a violent insurrection at the seat of our legislative processes. Many have had no accountability at all for what they have done. Some have admitted their mistakes and were sentenced or served minimal prison sentences. Seems like a minor penalty for some pretty major ‘mistakes’. … … … Now take a young women and a young man who make the mistake of engaging in unprotected sex without the financial resources to escape Texas vigilantes. The Texas law essentially gives only less wealthy women a life sentence at great cost, enduring hardship and a life-long commitment to care for a child. It would seem that young men should also be held accountable. It would seem that people who sell out our country for their own self-interests should be much more accountable. … … … They may not say it out loud, but forcing people without options into poverty without access to abortion services assures that there will be an expanding disenfranchised work force with no choice but to do the work that the wealthy elite need but are unwilling to do for themselves. This propagates the wealth gap and assures that lower ‘classes’ are kept under control to provide the labor the elite need. That is why they want to erode selected people’s right to vote in addition to their lust for power. … … … There have been studies that shows that the wealth gap fractures societies into ‘us versus them’ groups. There was exceptional correlation between wealth gap and the inability to control the Covid pandemic and in getting people to even get vaccinated at no cost and no risk. Our country was finally a leader in our people’s unwillingness and inability to take simple health measures which could have prevented most of the 640,000 Covid deaths to date based on a variety of ‘us versus them’ standoffs. … … … This collapse of constitutional rights, in this case for the defining right of a person to vote and have their vote count and be counted, is part of this class struggle and also a side effect of the Bain Dramaged Republican Faction’s deluded belief that most non-elite people cannot see exactly what it is that they are actually doing.

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    …………And the entire reason is that Republicans realize they no longer have the support of the majority of Americans so in a Taliban like in end run they’re trying to bring democracy to its knees.

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    I vehemently oppose any law making it more difficult for people to vote, especially when those laws are only to aid and abet keeping Republicans in office. America is not yet a third world country, but Republicans are quickly reversing all the growth, enlightenment and freedoms that a democracy allows. We seem to be falling back into the dark ages. Perhaps those of us who value truth, honor and decency will have to move to Europe or Finland. America is going downhill!!!

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    I agree with others that there is no voter fraud, just frauds who lie about voter fraud! When will lying politicians be held accountable for their blattant lies???? Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Florida have become outlaws to Democracy, and right now, white Supremesists are threatening people who dont comply with their sick ideals. People are being threatening everywhere! Just stand your ground! Right now in California, the Republican recall is just another blatant attempt to take control from our very Blue State. They offer nothing but the same old reteric… cuts, taking away enviromental protections, hate, and greed. Newsom is doing the best he could with all our troubles. And it seems our fearful minority leader, McCarthey, could give a schitt about helping anyone but his trumplican agenda. Why cant we recall this jerk? To me, every Republican must be asked…..”do you represent Democracy or Facism?? Make them answer!

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    There has been no evidence of widespread election fraud. None. "People are concerned about it" should not be a reason to make it harder for people to vote. If Trump had spent 4 years questioning whether rubber-soled shoes are best for running, these schmucks would be passing laws against sneakers right now.

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    We must ensure the integrity of our voting system(s).

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    Governor Abbot always looks like a scared little man. I wonder if one of those large, red neck, exposed weapon carrying, mean good ol' boys turned him into a sissy. Maybe he is just a scared little man. "Now we'll go out and get those rapists"! Really? Why now?

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    A Solution in search of a problem. Ever since Roberts run away court Southern states have resumed Jim Crow style policies to keep the wrong voters away from the polls. These include the disabled, people of color, senior citizens and young college students. In other words, people who typically don't vote Republican. Must be rough when your ideas are so abhorrent that you need to resort to wiping out the electors so that you win by default as only people who vote for you in the first place can make it to the polls. I am totally disgusted by the blatant authoritarian power grab in the country by a minority party who's demographics and archaic ideas don't appeal to the majority of Americans in this country. I am hoping that people come out in droves to vote during this next election the way we did to keep the tRump from staining the Oval Office again in the 2020 election where he was soundly defeated.