Supreme Court Declines to Block Texas Abortion Law While Procedural Issues Are Considered by Lower Courts

How do you feel about the Court’s decision?

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    The Supreme Court on Wednesday night declined to block Texas’s “heartbeat law” that seeks to ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is usually around six to eight weeks into pregnancy, while lower courts address some of the novel constitutional questions raised by the law. Texas’s law would empower individuals ― not the state government or law enforcement ― to bring a civil action against a person who performs an abortion without checking for a fetal heartbeat, or who aids or abets or reimburses the cost of an abortion. Through such civil actions, the courts could then block parties that performed abortions after a heartbeat was detected and award damages to the person who brought the action. Abortions would be prohibited after a heartbeat is detected except in cases where the pregnant woman’s life is endangered.

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    Of course the failure of the Supreme Court is precisely what the Republican wackos wanted, so Coney-Barret and Kavanaugh stated long ago in public that they believe in the Bible over law and order. What did anyone expect?

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    Texas' Just Pro Life law must be made federal law. End the murder of unborn people.

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    The supremely right-wing group of moronic judges will ruin democracy and especially a woman’s absolute right to make her own health care decisions! Get your perverted hands off American women, republican tyrants and beer-swigging justices!

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    Michael J

    21st C bounty hunters empowered by the State of Texas. Seems the worthless GOP/Trump Party sees themselves as Progressives. The bounty hunter qualifications = zero, nada, none. The same qualifications the Texas Three Stooges have. Now we know the truth about Texas. Vote out theses bums. Turn Texas Blue!🇺🇸

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    The refusal of the US Supreme Court to put a hold on the Texas SB8 is continued evidence of the lengths Republican backed judges will go to enslave women, deny them Constitutional rights and exercise cruelty. There is little difference between you as a supporter of the Judges that failed to protect rights of women and the extremist Muslims.

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    While long standing anti-abortion laws have ended in Mexico and Ireland, the GOP is supporting this draconian law in Texas. This is more than disturbing, It is akin to Taliban rule, with a Christian flavor. The spying is a cheap trick and will not stand. A woman’s body will always be her own, and nothing a bunch of men, trying to gain political favor with evangelicals, will change that. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, in ANY way.

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    Federal vs state the president who is the stupidest lawyer then George W bush

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    There is no price for a human life. I find it difficult to believe a bounty was intended. In either event the effect implies a nominal value. Human life is priceless and must be recognized as such.

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    Women should have the right to choose whether they want to keep a baby, give it up for adoption or have an abortion. It is their body and thus their decision. It smacks of communism to pay neighbors and/or strangers to spy on each other and sue someone for even thinking about an abortion or helping someone get an abortion. A fetus isn't a viable human being until it's taken it's first breath after it's born. My daughter was stillborn at 9 months. She died when I went into labor. I wonder under Texas law whether someone would consider that an abortion (it wasn't) or what about someone miscarries would that be considered an abortion. People might sue doctors and nurses in those cases claiming that because the fetus didn't survive that obviously there was an abortion performed even though there wasn't. Boycott Texas and anything that is made ion Texas!

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    This legalizes vigilantism, using the courts as a weapon. It also is medically stupid, and it infringes severely on women's bodily autonomy, not to mention upending half a century of legal precedent. I'm pretty sure that the two males (Representative and Senator) from my state won't be bothered by that, being Republicans, but I'm not sure if the one female Senator, Lisa Murkowski, will stand by her party or her sex. Human rights are important, and Lisa has surprised me before.

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    Texas needs a new governor!

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    This is a great bill be great to stop all abortions!

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    It seems to me that the Republican Party consists of the cruelest people. Anti-American, anti woman, anti immigrant, anti anything except old white(republican) men. This group of people have become a dangerous cancer to society and we need to severely limit their threat to our country in every way possible. One day I hope they wake from their haze and see the world as it is again. Until then we are cursed to to live with these zombies. Dumb. Empty brains. Consuming misinformation at all meals.

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    Article I of the U.S. Constitution makes it clear that all legislative authority is vested in Congress. Likewise, the powers delegated to the Supreme Court are defined in Article III. Nowhere in the Constitution was the right to define life granted to the Federal Government. In declaring our independence from England, governments were instituted among men deriving their just powers with the consent of the governed. Chief among these is the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The government has a duty to protect these Rights. Life begins at conception. That's actual science for you liberally inclined individuals. It seems that liberally-minded individuals are not very responsible. Rather than taking precautions before engaging in sex, a liberal's idea of personal responsibility is to murder the life they created. This is not about your body, nor is this about your choice. It is about preserving the life you created. I often hear the liberally-minded saying that conservatives should care for the child you created because we will not let you murder them. It's all about personal responsibility.

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    People are up in arms because it’s “their choice” to NOT wear a mask, and NOT get vaccinated, and we LET THEM, but telling women how to live their life and CONTROL THEIR BODIES is ok? What the hell? We’re starting a new chapter in The Handmaid’s Tale. - an angry, liberal Texan

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    I knew a little girl that took her own life because she was forced to give birth to her rapists baby. The baby died a short time later. Nothing at all was done to the little girls rapist. Even though his face, name & where he lived was known.

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    This was done behind close door with out public review or input by the people. The Republicans are only interested in political points by the red neck white supremacy wackos.

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    I have been against increasing the number of justices until now. The current action (inaction?) by the Supreme Court shows just how out of step it has become as it has been stocked with regressive justices. The concepts of precedent and majority rule have been jettisoned in reverence to some outmoded extremist hope to return to the past and protect the unfair advantages of a misogynist white male ruling class. It is time for Biden and Congress (including Senators Manchin and Sinema) to side with democracy over special interests.