Terror Attack Rocks Kabul Amid Afghanistan Evacuation: 13 U.S. Troops, Dozens of Afghan Civilians Killed

How do you feel about the terror attacks in Kabul amid the Afghanistan evacuation?

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    Check out the new docuseries, “Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror” on Netflix. It is an expansive and detailed historical study about HOW & WHY we got to 9/11, with an almost complete history of WHEN & WHY Afghanistan became a focal point for the American government and the American people. This 5 episode series explains so much and in such detail, afterwards you’ll know EXACTLY WHY we left Afghanistan, and WHY we should have left much sooner than August of 2021! It’s ALL there. And it’s ALL the TRUTH! The main idea I got out of it is this: Never go to war without a clear exit strategy that leaves the invaded country better than you found it. NOT doing so will be catastrophic!

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    The whole country should be nuked

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    Where’s our retaliation? Swift and decisive!

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    Was it necessary to lose Troops after they agreed to let them go and be in Peace??

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    It is very sad but not unexpected. When Isis is around life ends. They are friends with no one.

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    Biden has blood on his hands from the screw-up that caused our soldier's and civilian's death. And any Democrat that supports Biden on his decisions of this matter shares that blood. He needs to be impeached.

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    squarely the shoulders of ISIS K

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    My expectations for this administration where low but Jesus... this is pathetic. What a shit show we have on our hands

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    The dead marines were brought back home & no one from the FAKE Biden/Harris 4th Reich were there to greet them.

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    The trump left as many political land mines and flaming bags of crap in Biden’s path during his last year in office because polls told him he was not going to win re-election. He screwed up agencies by planting unqualified people at almost every position whose only qualifications were abject loyalty to the trump. The trump’s agreement with the Taliban was as close to a complete surrender as possible; requiring a very minimal troop presence until leaving and ignoring the Afghan government altogether. The fact that the agreement was presented to the UN Security Council and sanctioned makes it difficult to change without due cause. The trump also intentionally screwed up the Afghan SIV process and dismantled the US support for relocating and settling SIV immigrants - as was discovered when Biden begin to count the actual SIV’s actually awarded. The trump also made an additional effort to cancel other long standing treaties and international agreements. The fact that the trump knew that he was unlikely to win re-election caused him to plant as many obstacles to the incoming administration and the Republican Faction supported all of the trump’s tactics and to begin a variety of tactics to steal the upcoming election. … … … Abandoning Bagram was a military decision, most likely because of it’s size and difficulty securing all of it’s perimeter and ability to secure the departure of the final US military presence. The reduced US military presence was something that the trump agreed to in trump’s surrender agreement. … … … The fact that the Afghan government and military collapsed as soon as it did was not anticipated and that was the ‘stumble’ that occurred in the evacuation plan. Military planners should have been prepared for this with a worst case scenario. … … … At least we have a President that follows international law and doesn’t cover problems up by doing something else so outrageous that what he did originally gets overlooked - lost in the noise. … … … I think that Biden overall has been doing a great job, especially with the Republican Faction working so hard to discredit him and block legislation that most Republicans actually support. … … … And yes, we should open our minds to accept new FACTS, wherever they come from. Right wing bullshit comments that comes from fantasy land or some sort of alternate reality are not factual. I do have to congratulate the Russians; their strategy of providing a ‘firehose of alternate facts’ has been remarkably effective with the right wing entertainment news media and has ‘opened’ the minds of so many trump cultists to their intentional disinformation. You know, they are actually supporting the Russian program to sow dissent in what’s left of functional democracies. I guess that means that the trump cultists are all communists! Who would have thunk it?

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    Read a few comments here from lefty idiot Trump hating morons who are hell bent on doing what the left do best (blaming Trump for the lefts and Biden’s disaster). Trump and Pompeo had a clear deal with the Taliban and yes they made a deal with monsters as there was nobody else to deal with and the result of that deal was that no U.S has been killed this year until now! Nobody is suggesting that the US should not leave Afghanistan but the way the senile old decrepit moron did it is borderline treason. hey let’s leave a 20 year war and $1 billion worth of weapons for monsters to use and let’s evacuate all the military before we evacuate the citizens and allies who helped us. What an absolute moron and you idiots on here pointing the finger at Trump just goes to show you people are completely insane. I wish it were you idiots who were killed in the blast

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    If we have to retaliate to get everyone out, so be it. We have no idea what trump gave the taliban. We have to get everyone out and leave nothing behind. Papers, uniforms, computers, vehicles, nothing.

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    This is all on Biden. 50 Years in D.C. and what did he learn? Kill and Abuse his own USA Citizens. What a STUPID SOB!!! Impeachment must happen and that is too good for the Most Stupid POTUS in the History of the USA. And When will all these Illegal Aliens be sent back to, at least Mexico? Remain in Mexico, but, will this Clown honor it?

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    Why must the good die young and leave the world filled with the hateful and vengeful? I don't know but we must not let them die in vain. who cares about Afghanistan what do they have how can we help are all pointless questions if you are not willing to address the problem a lack of willingness to do what we must and that is to rout the Taliban out of the woodworks like the carpenter bees they are in their mountains. we should end this now!

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    A major screwup that shouldn't ever have occurred. Clearly, our lives are of no consequence of o you and that will be the same sentiment returning to you in treason trials. You have armed enemies, enriched enemies and then worry about the Afghanistans first. AMERICA FIRST. Retirement will not save you criminals. All the woke idiots can go to China!! I am sure they will role out the "RED" carpet for you just before they harvest your organs.

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    To those placing the blame solely on President Biden, here is part of the Doha Agreement between the Taliban and Trump: A. The United States, its allies, and the Coalition will take the following measures in the first one hundred thirty-five (135) days: 1) They will reduce the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan to eight thousand six hundred (8,600) and proportionally bring reduction in the number of its allies and Coalition forces. 2) The United States, its allies, and the Coalition will withdraw all their forces from five (5) military bases. B. With the commitment and action on the obligations of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which is not recognized by the United States as a state and is known as the Taliban in Part Two of this agreement, the United States, its allies, and the Coalition will execute the following: 1) The United States, its allies, and the Coalition will complete withdrawal of all remaining forces from Afghanistan within the remaining nine and a half (9.5) months. 2) The United States, its allies, and the Coalition will withdraw all their forces from remaining bases. The full text can be found here: https://www.state.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Agreement-For-Bringing-Peace-to-Afghanistan-02.29.20.pdf

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    Thousands of Americans, and many thousands of human beings, have died in the war in Afghanistan. Yesterday we lost thirteen more heroic Marines. I'm feeling the weight and horror of 9-11 yet again.

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    Frank-001: I am doubtful that Dick Cheney nor Donald Rumsfeld felt any guilt over the damage done or the lives lost in Iraq & Afghanistan. Since Donald is now dead & gone now we will never know with him. As you always say; follow the money. Haliburton made money hand over fist over there. Dick's net worth is about $100 million dollars. There were countless killed in both countries over the past twenty years and contractors got rich and we lost people with little gain.

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    The U>S. is responsible for all these deaths. The Founding Fathers warned about foreign entanglements, interference. Our military should be on the streets of this country dealing with the criminal activities of BLM/ANTIFA, leaving their dead bodies strewn through the country as domestic terrorists. White America is gone, thanks to democRATs/liberals.