Moderate Dems Strike Deal With Pelosi on Timing of Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Vote

How do you feel about the deal?

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    this is a start. we still need to approve the anger infrastructure bill

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    I don’t think any reconciliation bill can pass based on all the crap that’s in there, nor should it. If people in Congress actually want to do what’s best for this country and people, they will squash both bills and start over with more reasonable and necessary legislation, and stop spending trillions of unnecessary dollars. These bills are horrible for our economy, inflation, and debt load. We need to vote these progressive fascist Democrats out in 2022 and 2024!

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    @jimk, I don’t know what part of the country you live in, but your statement about home sales is completely inaccurate. I work in national real estate sales and development, and even properties with extensive deferred maintenance will sell for market value that is higher than when they purchased the home. There is such a shortage in housing supply that the demand is high enough to warrant this. This is also why we are in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. This legislation will further the negative impact on affordable housing as the rate of inflation will continue to soar which will continue to not only inflate the price of real estate, but the cost of living as prices continue to rise, and incomes don’t. All the actions that the Democrats propose will have mass negative outcomes on our economic security and the ability for the poor and middle class to continue to make ends meet, much less build wealth for their future. Inflation is the hidden tax on the poor and middle class, but you won’t hear Democrats talking about that. No, they only provide the rhetoric and talking points of trying to sell something to the public without the fine print. Think of the long term consequences of our future generations being saddled with this debt and the devaluing of the dollar. They will never escape it if we don’t put a stop to the madness now before it’s really too late and the people lose control of the tyrannical federal government under the Democrats.

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    Both of these items need to be passed ASAP. We need to invest in our country.

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    If you own a house and cannot keep up with maintenance, the only way you can sell it at a comparable market price is to take care of the deferred maintenance. This legislation does just that for the people of this country. The people are suffering in a variety of ways due to decades of deferred maintenance as reflected in any of the international metrics measuring the welfare of a county’s people. I would like our country to become better able to compete internationally, and being better able to compete is the only way to assure our country’s standing and ability to meet significant problems on the horizon. Our infrastructure of people is just as important as our infrastructure of things. … … … Unlike the tax cuts for the wealthiest, these investments in our country’s future have significant long term economic returns. The tax cuts afforded our wealthiest went straight to their bank accounts or non-taxed equity. If you want to worry about being able to immediately pay for the reconciliation package, just remove the tax cuts for our wealthiest for two and a half years; Easy-Peasy. … … … I would be remiss to not address the looming climate crisis which can easily culminate in major changes to human life as we now know it and can easily place a huge burden on our grandchildren and future progeny. There is little time left to fix this problem and there are no currently known ways to recover from whatever degraded climate exists whenever the world reaches net-zero. If we cross a global average temperature increase of 1.2 C, there are no known ways to stop the accelerating climate change no matter how much mankind cuts emissions. … … … The only way to limit the damage is by educating our people, developing needed skills, investing in ways to reduce emissions and possibly expedite methods useful at scale to take excess CO2 out of the atmosphere, mobilizing an empowered skilled workforce to provide solutions, and being prepared to deal with all of the complex geo-political issues that will arise from changing watersheds and rising temperatures which will force mass displacements and migrations. It will be much more expensive in terms of economic losses and human suffering if our country does not do all of the things possible to prepare our populace to take-on and resolve the climate crisis issues while there is still an opportunity to thwart it. … … … The biggest mistake we can make is to not invest enough to be able to take on this very real existential threat.

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    We need more environmental protections! NOW!

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    The country has not seen any infrastructure bills of any importance since the 1960’s when Congress worked in a bi-partisan manner to make America a better country. These Bills will create a new America that will compete better in the world and reduce greenhouse gases all at once. We should do this before the wrecking ball that is the Republican Party gains control of Congress

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    Please also invest in the human infrastructure by providing Medicare for all and canceling all student loan debt. Tax the rich.

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    Can you say bankruptcy? Can you also say irresponsible spending of others hard earned money. Real infrastructure I can get behind. Not any of the extra pork thrown in, which makes up 90% of the whole. Government has failed time and again with proposals such as this…SAD!

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    Again, this should NOT be be viewed as a spending bill but as a long overdue INVESTMENT in our country and people. The so called conservatives, or more accurately hypocrites, will piss and moan and complain like hell but will also be the first ones in line to receive the benefits once the upgrades to our human infrastructure are realized.

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    We need to start investing in America, America infrastructure and it’s future!

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    Read it first page 508 on how we are all going to pay a yearly tax on our mileage we drive. The same tax that they tried to hit people in California with! The push electric cars and now realized they lost the tax money on gas sales. The bill has a lot of pork fat as Democrats bills all have in it and needs to be trimmed.

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    What is a moderate democrat? What kind of pay off…yes, pay off did they get for their vote? Or what did Pelosi threaten them with. Just goes to prove if the pay off is high enough, the democrats will bow down and kiss the feet of socialism. That’s all those in power want anyway.

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    I knew that Pelosi would smack them back in line. Too much quid pro quo crap going on rather than doing the right thing.

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    Time to govern for the people and not the corporate special interests. Full steam ahead!

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    The Infrastructure bill needs to be passed. For those republicans worried about the price tag, take away the tax cuts of the rich given from the trump administration and stay out of needless trillions of dollars wars and you could end up with a surplus. It’s odd that we always have money for a huge military budget, but mention health care, education and anything else to benefit the American public, and we can’t afford it.

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    Spending tons of money that we don’t have is going do drive up inflation tremendously. If it passes, our dollar will lose 7 to 10% of its current value every year. Very bad decision. Stick to your constitutional jurisdiction! Your bill is out of line!

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    Hey Biden voters - How much debt are you going to stack on the backs of your children and grandchildren? The borders are wide open to those who can't possibly pay the taxes needed to pay just the interest on the debt. The house of cards will collapse just as your children reach adulthood.