What's the Status of the Evacuation From Kabul, Afghanistan?

How do you feel about the Kabul evacuation?

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    I’ve been listening to the hearings, with the generals that work for the president Joe Biden. They admit the disaster that he created in Afghanistan. But they are still trying to cover for him. These decisions were made by Joe Biden. Everything he did was backwards. Also that’s so much military equipment to the enemy. Joe Biden has left our country wide open. For terrorist attacks. He did not listen to what the military was advising. When Democrats asked questions they bring it back to what happened in Afghanistan 20 years ago. Which has nothing to do with the decisions that Joe Biden made in 2021. And try to remember that Obama was president for eight years, and Joe Biden was vice president. Take that off the 20 years. What the Democrats are doing by following Joe Biden is putting our country in grave danger. Our southern border is overwhelmed with people coming from other countries illegally, they are wearing Joe Biden and Carmella Harris T-shirts, where do they got them.? The disaster that we are having at our border is just as bad as what he did in Afghanistan. Joe Biden and his administration and everybody that is working for him. That he is put in office. It’s not working for the American people. They are forgetting about America. They want to mandate laws to the American people. But they are not mandating them for people who are coming into our country. They do not have to take the shot for the virus. A lot of them have come into our country and they are sick. Yeah Joe Biden’s administration is bringing them to all our states. I thought he cared about the American people.? This proves that he does not. When Joe Biden is on television and he’s talking to the American people. He’s reading a script. Barely answers even one question. This man is the worst president this country has ever had. Him and his administration along with his vice president needs to resign. And we need to have another election. In order to save our country. The American people are terrified, by the Democratic Party and some Republicans and to let you know I am not a democrat or a republican. I am an independent. And I did vote for Obama twice big mistake. He didn’t live up to anything he said. And now he is defending Joe Biden. Obama is not that stupid. What are we going to do politicians Democrat and Republican to save our country? The American people feel abandoned they are politicians. And you better get Nancy Pelosi,Under control. That is a woman who only cares about her agenda. I have watched her several times on television the woman is a nutcase she’s been there way too long she needs to retire or go home and be a grandmother or something else. That is one woman I definitely would never trust with anything.

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    Check out the new docuseries, “Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror” on Netflix. It is an expansive and detailed historical study about HOW & WHY we got to 9/11, with an almost complete history of WHEN & WHY Afghanistan became a focal point for the American government and the American people. This 5 episode series explains so much and in such detail, afterwards you’ll know EXACTLY WHY we left Afghanistan, and WHY we should have left much sooner than August of 2021! It’s ALL there. And it’s ALL the TRUTH! The main idea I got out of it is this: Never go to war without a clear exit strategy that leaves the invaded country better than you found it. NOT doing so will be catastrophic!

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    Get our Americans and Afghan allies HOME and out of harm’s way NOW! It was a travesty to leave them behind. Then, bomb and destroy all equipment left behind, to keep them from being used against us later. Only a fool would do what was done; impeach or court martial the entire cabinet, including president to pentagon. We have lost face in the world because of them. Close the borders and vet all immigrants. Kick out all not willing to pledge allegiance to USA. We have a huge crisis here and will suffer consequences. I blame Marxists for our situation. We must speedily close borders, and bring our Americans home. Then inquest.

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    Here are the latest figure for the Coronavirus since January 20th at noontime to present 226 days. Cases 15,697,673 new cases yesterday 190,001. Deaths 383,610 new deaths yesterday 1,985. Yet Comrade dear leader Beijing Biden leaves our southern border with 1.8 million illegal aliens being caught and released since January 20th at noontime and believed to be 750,000 illegals from 48 countries that didn’t get caught. Shut the border down and build the wall.

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    SHAME on our leaders!!

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    Complete, utter, unmitigated failure staining America's honor and disrespecting the sacrifices of so many. Hope those voting these inept, deluded fools into office have learned something so we can correct this next Fall.

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    I am actually quite surprised that we didn’t lose more lives in the evacuation. If any of the former presidents (republican or democrat ) could’ve done a better job they should’ve done it. Now they’re armchair quarterbacks.

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    Recovery from a losing war never goes this well. No one in history has rescued half as many people on the way out! I hate this, but it has never been done better.

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    To our governors senators around the United States you need to figure out how to get Biden out of office along with Harris before he humiliates the United States any further and causes more harm to the citizens and military. By leaving trillions of dollars of weapons of mass destruction and our militaries top secrets left behind in Afghanistan .we cannot stand his lies anymore the idiot cannot even speak for himself the only time he can speak a sentence is when it’s read from the Teleprompter. And he also needs to stop embarrassing us throughout the world with his decisions or the people to tell him what to do and their decisions. Also please protect our Second Amendment rights to protect ourselves against tyrants like him and his associates

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    I’m sick of all our propaganda News Biden Lies non stop and should be impeached immediately. Whoever is watching these propaganda news channels better turn it off the brainwashing is getting to a critical level. Social media and our news media is ruining America with their lies Why don’t they ask Biden what he had for lunch? We see he don’t know what is going on and all his questions are given ahead of time so someone else can answer it. SAVE the American Hostages in Kabul Tracey

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    30 Aug 2021 Rockets fired at Kabul airport in waning hours of US pullout KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Islamic State militants fired a volley of rockets at Kabul’s rapidly emptying international airport on Monday, with just hours left before a deadline for U.S. forces to withdraw at the end of America’s longest war. … “All day Monday, U.S. military cargo jets came and went despite the rocket attack, which did not hurt anyone. The Taliban released a video shot from the airport’s grounds, saying the Americans had removed or destroyed most of their equipment and that troop numbers were far lower. “It looks like today will be the last day,” one of the unidentified fighters said.”

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    I would like to believe that no American would intentionally left behind. That’s disturbing.

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    Davidf: Great comment on how well the airlift has been managed with minimal troops and the POS the that POS presidential apprentice left behind. Really nice summary.

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    Mess, humiliation, and we'll be back to get our people. To keep the extremists under control we needed a presence. Unfortunately we will have to sacrifice a bunch to get that control..

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    Of of the frying pan and and into the fire (of Sharia Law)? Qatar lauded for its role in Afghanistan evacuations | Taliban News | Al Jazeera https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/8/30/qatar-emerges-as-key-player-in-afghanistan-after-us-pullout "Qatar has played an outsized role in US efforts to evacuate tens of thousands of people from Afghanistan. "Now it is being asked to help shape what comes next for Afghanistan because of its ties with both Washington and the Taliban, which is in charge in Kabul." Politics of Qatar - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Politics_of_Qatar “The political system of Qatar is a de facto absolute monarchy with the Emir of Qatar as head of state and head of government. Under the 2003 constitutional referendum it should be a constitutional monarchy with an elected legislature, although elections have been consistently pushed back since 2013. Sharia law is a main source of Qatari legislation." "The hereditary emir of Qatar (currently, Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani) holds all executive and legislative authority, as well as controls the judiciary. He appoints the prime minister and cabinet. According to Freedom House, political rights are limited.”

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    Updates: wow! Just heard on npr that we have left behind on the order of 200 AMERICANS THAT WANTED TO LEAVE Afghanistan. I shouldn’t be surprised by anything are evil government does, but this is low even for America. I would expect us to leave our allies in the lurch, but to leave our own behind? Wow… And I have to say especially low for Biden. I would expect this from Trump – any Republican really, but good old Joe? Yeah… He’s a real shit bag. On this point America should never forgive and we should never forget.Our president is An enemy of the people.

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    Kabul families say children killed in US drone attack | Asia News | Al Jazeera https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/8/30/an-afghan-family-killed-by-a-us-airstrike-in-kabul “The Sunday afternoon drone attack, which the US claimed was conducted on an Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP, or ISIS-K) target, killed 10 members of the families, ranging from two to 40 years old.”

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    We have to get all allies who already totally vetted out NOW & welcome them!!! Not feat monger that people who risk everything to help us!!! the level of xenophobia that we are exhibiting at this time

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    The fact that we decided to pull our troops out before our US citizens is just irresponsible! This demonstrates the selfishness and incompetence of this current administration who needs to be held accountable and removed from office.