President Biden Delivers Remarks Defending Afghanistan Withdrawal Amid Taliban Takeover, Kabul Evacuation

How do you feel about Biden’s remarks?

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    Check out the new docuseries, “Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror” on Netflix. It is an expansive and detailed historical study about HOW & WHY we got to 9/11, with an almost complete history of WHEN & WHY Afghanistan became a focal point for the American government and the American people. This 5 episode series explains so much and in such detail, afterwards you’ll know EXACTLY WHY we left Afghanistan, and WHY we should have left much sooner than August of 2021! It’s ALL there. And it’s ALL the TRUTH! The main idea I got out of it is this: Never go to war without a clear exit strategy that leaves the invaded country better than you found it. NOT doing so will be catastrophic!

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    Bidens handling of the evacuation in Afghanistan is about the same as with the rest of his actions. A complete shit show. And not just since he's been president. This is his all-time claim to fame: being the wrong person for the job. Doesn't matter what job it is. He's wrong for it and literally anyone else would handle the situation better. I'll give him this though. He is consistent. It is an overused sentiment that gets thrown around anytime a president's approval rating dips for a second. That sentiment being that this POTUS is the worst president of all time. There is some serious competition for the title: Nixon, Hoover, Bush II to name a few. Biden will end in the top three, or bottom three, depending on how you want to describe it. With 81 million people voting for him, I am sad to admit we deserve everything coming to us with him as POTUS. Very little of it will be good. Afghanistan is just the cornerstone in a solid foundation of bad decisions and inept leadership that will define Bidens presidency. I just hope we survive this. Maybe those 81 million voters will learn something from it too and we can keep ineligible people from even being able to run for POTUS.

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    This bumbling dimented buffoon is an absolute disgrace, Biden and his crime family,son hunter and Joey's brother and sister should be in prison not in power.

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    It’s that obvious that Biden is “defending” Afghanistan and their culture, why are people still supporting a president who don’t have their country’s back, how can we stand up and praise the president when he isn’t even defending the county that he is suppose to. Biden is defending the worst people in the world.

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    I upset because no one is blaming the afghans for not fighting for their own country. America left them with all their needs to defend their country and they walked away that is not President Biden’s fault. America can’t save the world.

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    Ha dumb Jeanne … the head of the Taliban was let out of Gitmo under Obama, where they put the worst of the worst, when he traded five of them for trader Birdaugh (sp). Then invited the trader to the White House. Who’s the dumb one. Like a lot of the rest of you. I didn’t like the idea of Trump letting out 5000 prisoners either. But as far as the date for getting out? That was void and null when the Taliban broke the agreement last year. And the plan was NEVER to let things go down the way they did under Biden. Even (I) would never do things the way he did. Who with all there faculties would have your solders get out first before anyone or anything else? How STUPID can you get? How about getting out Americans, interpreters and families for risking there lives or our modern equipment that will now be used against us? How about keeping our allies informed so they’re not left in the lurch as they are. (And this is not setting well in the eyes of the rest of the world). Maybe leaving air support for the Afghan army with the 2500 of our men to keep the country stable like it has been with no servicemen dying in a year and a half. We do it in No. Korea and Germany. How about doing all of this during the winter when fighting is down to a minimum till the Taliban comes back down from the mountains in the spring. And lastly, how about stop blaming everyone else. From blaming Afganies, like there cowards when they lost 55000 while we lost no one, again in the past year an a half. Like blaming Trump without telling the whole story. Like showing our allies that they won’t be able to depend on us. Like handing Afghanistan over to China for there lithium which will seal the deal against our country and leave Taiwan shaking in there boots. I’ll say it again …. Personality Over Policy! The only reason he won! Biden claims he couldn’t do anything because Trump set the date. But he reversed everything else that was working because of such hatred for him. Like the pipeline and stopping other pipelines when we were independent. Or the border when it was down to the lowest number. Like a lot of things. Most of you people are either ignorant, stubborn or just plan stupid. I vote for stupid!

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    I believe that the U.S. Government should aggressively pursue, charge and incarcerate every Insurrection isn't that participated in the attempted Terrorist overthrowing of our free and fair 2020 Presidential Election back on January 6th. The U.S. had no business being in Afghanistan after Osabama Bin Laden was apprehended and killed. The Afghan Government was never going to be able to stand up against the Taliban. We have Terrorists like the the Oath Breakers, the Punk Boys, and other Hate groups to pursue on our own soil.

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    Biden was right to pull U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, but, even though the withdrawal was always going to have dangerous consequences, the execution of it was so horrific that it seems like the administration never had a plan for it at all. Now it’s mere days until the deadline and thousands of people are scrambling to leave the country and have no idea what their fate will be. Rather than blame the Afghan government for its lack of effort, the Biden administration needs to be streamlining the process for providing special visas to Afghan refugees and working with other countries to make sure they’re doing the same.

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    It was past time to get out. Wars are never pretty. Biden did the right thing.

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    He has no clue

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    Ah, jimK, my friend, thank you for the comment. 😊❤️😊❤️ I am a fire sign, so I guess I am so inclined. The TRUTH must be paramount or we have lost our way. I am so angry that we continue to allow the lies, misinformation, whatever one wants to call them, to foment. Do they not care enough to stop this? Do they not comprehend the tragedy that they are bringing on our people and our country, because we allow this? There is no common sense these days. The injustices, the lies, the divisiveness, out there, keeps compounding and I am so angry and so afraid for what our country continues to allow, day after day. The violence in the streets is growing, exponentially. I am afraid more for the violence that is fomenting here, than I am for the Afghanistans right now, even as I pray for their people to survive their terrors. If we keep allowing the lies, the divisiveness, the injustices to continue, there will be a high price to pay. We are already seeing the signs. The boiling point is coming. I pray to God our country survives it.

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    Hard to believe the withdrawal of Americans and Afghani supporters could not have been planned better. However, we have spent 20 years training Afghani's to defend their nation and apparently they didn't want to.

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    Leslie: Thanks for clearly explaining the agreements and commitments made to the UN that clearly tied Biden’s hands from changing those commitments. To not leave Afghanistan would have violated those international agreements. I frankly find it refreshing to once again have a President who honors commitments that our country has made to the UN - in this case with respect to the Taliban which, to this point, has honored the commitments that they have agreed to. I do not expect the Taliban to continue to play nice with Afghans once the US completes their full withdrawal.

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    The images of desperate Afghans passing infants and children bucket style to what they hoped was a safe passage out of the country is a surreal nightmare. Please demand President Biden do something to safely get these people out who have helped US troops the past 20 years. Leaving anyone behind is morally wrong. This country knows better. Images from Vietnam are ingrained in my memory forever. Don't let this happen again. Demand safe passage for these Afghans. Don't let the Taliban torture and kill them and their families. This situation is atrocious and even worse than kids in cages in Texas. As legislators, do something!!!

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    As a veteran of Operation “Enduring Freedom” I am disgusted by the administration’s cowardice and bald political move. Biden’s blame shifting was to be expected, but his refusal to just admit that he sold out the lives of our Afghani allies, ignored military advice, undermined commanders, tucked tail and ran all for a political gamble here at home is despicable. To fall back on “Trump left me with an agreement” is bullshit. He could have torn it up and had a backbone. He could have better understood and implemented what was in the agreement that Trump made. He could have opened his eyes to the fact that the Taliban is a group of zealots; murderers, rapists, and ideologues all; who tell lies to westerners and not worth dealing with. Our brothers- and sisters-in-arms died for nothing so that this administration could attempt to call a win. Gross and reprehensible.

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    To all of the armchair warriors out there please run for office and show us how it's supposed to be done. Most of you are ones who never served in uniform and have little room to talk. Trump and Pompeo negotiated with the Taliban and they planned for their takeover long before this past week. The Afghan Army has been fighting along side us for 20 years. While our people serve a year and go home these fighters continued for 20 years straight. Even though many of our combat veterans served multiple tours the frequently didn't do them in a row. The Afghan army was demoralized by our departure and made arrangements as they were hoping to be able to get out of the country and I sure hope that we can make that happen for them. If anyone thinks war is neat & orderly then you haven't participated. Things get messy, many things don't work out the way you intended and we aren't used to losing and leaving a country in an orderly fashion. We didn't do it in Vietnam and we sure won't be able to do it here. We left several behind in Vietnam and I believe there will be several left behind here as well. I'm sure all you armchair warriors including Pucker FarceCon, Laura Wobegone, and Flim Flamity could do it so much better. The same overpaid entertainers listed above were too cowardly to ever serve in uniform yet continue to act as armchair warriors.

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    We have spent twenty years, and the rapid fall to the Taliban, with 300,000 Afghanistan soldiers just giving up is the best illustration of why we needed to leave!

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    Asleep at the wheel. This man is a waste of good air. This whole administration has there head so far up there ass they will never see daylight. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this would happen. Next time you try nation building take note to destroy all and start over or don't waste our men and women of the militarys lives. General Milly is a waste of 4 stars and I believe a traitor to this nation. This man needs to be relieved of command yesterday already.

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    Glo: I really love your fire. You light me up!

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    While I really hate what Afghan people are going through, I do think our withdrawal was the right thing to do. We've spent enough time and lives in that war and if the Afghan gov. and its military could not or would not protect their own country, then we should not be dragged down by a country that would probably never step up to the plate and ensure the safety of their own citizens/ Furthermore, we have our own problems to deal with in this country-like the traitors who tried to institute a fascist regime with Trump as their leader, the pandemic and the idiots who spread lies and misinformation which fuels the jackasses of this country to not follow public health guidelines, and the elected officials who are doing everything they can to kill off the citizens of their states by refusing to institute appropriate public health measures or even worse outlawing the ability of schools, businesses, local governments to follow public health guidelines. While it is disheartening to see the Taliban take over, I don't think the outcome would have been any different even if we had stayed another 20 years. Additionally, I don't see the international community rushing in to take up arms against the Taliban, as well as the fact we were the last nation to pull out. So, I think we gave it more than our fair share of effort, time, money, and lives and to continue to do so would have been continuing to fall down that black hole that is the Middle East.