Senate Joins House on Recess

How do you feel about this week’s congressional schedule (or lack thereof)?

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    Do not "gut" Roe vs. Wade. Texas is wrong to make an abortion illegal. My Mother, 2 Grandmothers, and one Great-Grandmother were diabetics. Each pregnancy caused them to lose five years off the end of their lives. I miss them. Understand that Roe vs. Wade has saved many women's lives. Please honor the law. Do not allow a separate state (Texas) to downplay an existing Federal law. Women will go to dangerous places to end an unwanted pregnancy. My Grandmother on my Dad's side had 14 unwanted pregnancies. My mother had 6. They died way to young and did not get to see their Grand-Children and Great-Grandchildren at all. Please understand that some women lose their lives due to pregnancy and the rest of us lose too. Roe vs. Wade must be honored! DB

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    The reconciliation package is imperative. This bill addresses the decades of deferred maintenance of our infrastructure of things and people. It is a critical step to prepare our country to effectively deal with the Climate Crisis which anyone with eyes and ears can see - with broad increasingly intense wildfires around the world, record setting high temperatures everywhere, and the increased severity of storms with record flooding and increasing frequency. … … … This will be a test to see if the ‘moderate’ Democrats are willing to give up a little of their benefactor funding and perks to come together for the benefit of our people and our country’s future. If this reconciliation fails due to any of the potentially likely bull crap excuses from Democrats, many of us will campaign to see that these congresspeople will never again be re-elected - it would be a cause that I most certainly would donate to. You see, I want my grandchildren and their children to have a secure future - and refuse to see their future sacrificed to the greed of the few who choose to sacrifice their future for their own near term benefit.

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    They still get paid so this isn't a recess. It's called PTO. Sounds nice and I wish every worker received this benefit.

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    Time to limit time off for public servants How do we get this on a November ballot?

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    Stop with all the recesses already! Get to work! Pass the Infrastructure reconciliation bill & the so-called bipartisan one. Then pass voting rights!! The For The People Act! DO YOUR FRICKING JOBS!

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    The whole business of Congressional recesses really comes to the congresspeople avoiding the transparency and accountability that they demand of others. You see, they have a very valid argument that they have responsibilities and duties that go beyond just sitting at their desk on a 9 to 5 schedule. Supposedly the recesses are to due to the need to research issues, coordinate with colleagues, and close ranks with their constituents. I am sure that many do just that as much as I am sure that many do not. They feel no need to account for how they spend their time during recesses nor any clear transparency into what they are doing and for whom. Of course, that leads to mistrust. … … … There are many executive and senior positions in business where the nature of the business requires these folks to work irregular hours or to handle urgent matters whenever they arise. The judgement regarding how well they have done comes mainly from the things that others can identify as their accomplishments. That judgement comes mainly from the people they work for be it their bosses, their clients or their subordinates. … … … As one of the many people to whom our congresspeople essentially ‘report’, there are many hard working congresspeople who are delivering meaningful results for the good of the country and I have no problem with their recesses, because their accomplishments tell me that they are using their time productivity in the way it is supposed to be used. I am sure that some others may be using recess periods productively as well, as I am sure that some others are not. … … … The problem is that there is no good way to tell the difference because they feel no obligation to transparently reveal just how they actually use their recess periods, so they can be held to account by their bosses - all of us. … … … Without transparency there cannot be accountability, and congresspeople need to accountable to the country that they are elected to serve, once again that is the all of us. … … … Oh, just a little reminder: Our congresspeople’s duties and their oath’s of office are to serve our country first - not their constituents, not their benefactors, not their party and not themselves.

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    I would like to see a detailed account of public employees’ work, including Congress. My boss knows when I’m on vacation, remotely doing company business, out sick, in the office working or on a business trip. I have only a certain number of days for sick leave and vacation that have to be earned with time spent working & I am one of the lucky working Americans! I suggest that Congress’ time look more like the people they represent and that there should be a level of accountability to their constituents for how their time is spent. If this ever becomes a bill (ha ha), I would support it!!

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    What will my representatives be doing during this recess? Will Senator Toomey be listening to public transportation advocates about how this historic level of funding will lift people out of poverty and increase opportunity to communities of color? Will Senator Toomey meet with Black leaders about how to protect voting rights, reform policing and the justice system, and improve healthcare outcomes for Black populations? Will Senator Toomey meet with immigration advocates about how to fix our broken immigration system? Will any of my representatives hold Town Halls and invite members of all registration status to intend well in advance?

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    It’s no loss if the Republicans go on vacation or recess, all they do is give themselves, wealthy and corporations a tax cut driving up the deficit, blocking everything and then want to blame the democrats for everything!

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    Let’s come back with less Republicans in a more sane country. And speaking of crazy Rudy Giuliani is now pandering on the app cameo where he will say anything you want for $200. What a pathetic man. Hey Rudy how about saying this for $200 that you’re a worthless ass for supporting a would-be dictator named Donald Trump.

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    I understand that they go on vacation, but we need representators who understand how to prioritize and get things done prior to leaving. Considering their past and present actions, it is obvious that most of them have lost the drive and urgency to do their jobs. This is not a one off occasion, but rather has become the norm. There is a need to clean house by setting term limits.

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    When congress is not in session it's good news for taxpayers.

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    We are in trouble. The climate isn’t taking a vacation, the pandemic isn’t taking a vacation, healthcare workers aren’t taking a vacation, poverty isn’t taking a vacation, the homeless aren’t taking a vacation. Need I go on?! Apparently, only Congress is taking a vacation.

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    Absolutely, Larubia! Our country is falling apart, extremely divided, and they continue to take “vacations.” Vote them all out in 2022. Let’s elect those who REALLY CARE about the issues we face - climate change, Covid, poverty, homelessness, being fed a slew of lies, money corrupting our government, etc. Things are getting so dire, I am wondering if we are now living the end of our time here on earth.

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    I am upset that nothing was done to protect our voting rights, that SB 1 wasn't passed. Also upset that people in the House are blocking the passage of the infrastructure bill.

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    I see @jimK's opinion* is not too far off from mine. I think that the American people aren't really that demanding of transparency. Instead they focus on results, or the lack thereof. So-called transparency is too often some form of self reporting; something that no one is keen on except to use as spin. From Congressman X's log. "8/15 Spent morning thinking about a good solution to the mess in Afghanistan. Haven't a clue. After lunch thought about passing Voting Rights. Rather pet a mountain lion than deal with the DINOs. Tomorrow will focus on eliminating the filibuster." In reality in terms of results the best we can do is look at voting records. Perhaps we need to study and contemplate the true nature and the actual processes of our political system rather than working off some unfounded ideas of it. *@jimK wrote: "The whole business of Congressional recesses really comes to the congresspeople avoiding the transparency and accountability ...." Read the rest here:

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    A month-long recess? Really, Congress? While the debt-ceiling still has not been raised, while hundreds of nominees have not been confirmed, and while the pandemic and the climate crisis still rage on across America? Insane how Congress is allowed to go on vacation a lot more than the average American worker, yet get paid so much more! This needs to change!

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    Take a vacation for the rest of the year. If the government and Biden would have done nothing the country would be better off.

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    I'm sorry but no time off! That's BS! There's too much at stake here! We're nose diving into catastrophe if things don't get fixed! So much conspiracy theories which have divided this country! There doesn't seem to be any priorities set! Life is being stripped away from us due to ignorance, selfishness and of course big time greed! W! T! F! Food insecurities...why? Let's see...droughts...soil nutrient deficiency due to over planting...creating insect and drought resistant food crops...which mind you is not meant to be in our bodies. There so so much shit going on but hell...let's leave it till tomorrow. The list goes on and on! There is no longer any time to waist on petty shit because there's no time to put off anything that means the survival of humans. Mother Nature doesn't give a rat's ass because man has not given life priority...only greed! Everything is taken for granted instead of looking at the big picture which is the future. As it stands we are NOT leaving a future for the children! So every Democrat and every Republican needs to just just grow the f***up! You all have a job to do! There is no time for time off...period!