Biden Admin Reiterates Call for OPEC to Increase Oil Production as Gas Prices Rise

How do you feel about the Biden admin asking OPEC to increase oil production?

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    REPOST: … … … People have got to think strategically of the longer term consequences and not just the shorter term. Something that may be painful today, like an operation can increase the probability that you will survive for at least another twenty years. In that context, Biden’s energy policies, all of them, are rational and consistent and I support them all, including encouraging OPEC to produce enough oil to meet the world’s nearer term needs while shutting down our processing of much dirtier, sulphur-laden shale oil. … … … The world will need cleaner burning fossil fuels until greener energy solutions can be fully realized. We can begin to focus on this, knowing that there will still be established suppliers of fossil fuels needed for the near term that do not require further exploitation. If you look at these from the longer term strategic perspective, they are quite brilliantly synergistic and intertwined with the rest of his initiatives. We, as a country, need to start looking at things in the longer and more strategic context. This year or next year’s ROI, means very little if you are sacrificing the future to attain this. Put another way, it means little if you sacrifice your troops to win a particular battle and can no longer muster the resources needed to win the war. Sacrificing the viability of the future to the greed of the ‘now’ is just plain bad policy.

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    Once again politicians you're not doing your job we do not need a wall from Saudi Arabia or from any other country we have more enough oil here in the United States and take care of ourselves in the Sellitti Europe we have enough gas and oil could help you up for the next 200 years. We must reinstate and complete the pipeline and become independent we must release the funds that are already been in place to complete the wall and the finished at now

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    Go Joe!

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    This guy is an absolute idiot! The day he took office, he stopped the construction of XL pipeline. THIS IS ALL THIS ADMINISTRATION’S fault. Period. Everyone who helped these people take office are partially to blame as well. And to think, purely because they hated President Trump and for good reason. Pathetic!

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    Makes no sense. Let supply and demand correct the market. We were bragging about being oil independent not long ago.

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    I prefer we go with less polluting solutions than oil.

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    Let’s produce our own oil and learn how to produce our own batteries for cars. Our supply chain should be more US based for everything.

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    It would been better if dementia joe hadn’t stopped the xl pipeline or curtailed domestic drilling but these are the unintended consequences of shortsighted policies

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    Enough with the oil already!!!! We wouldn't have to worry about conflicts in the middle East if we weren't so hard up for oil!

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    We should have kept our own production and reserves so we as a nation would not be dependent on any one else.

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    Biden cuts our production and then begs for foreign oil. America is back baby!

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    You cannot continue to have run away inflation, print money and out of control spending and mandate other countries bail you out. Remember when on day 1 when Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline? Even if you support alternate fuel options, you do not make that decision until you are energy independent.

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    We really need to stop our use of fossil fuels in general, however, i recognize the reality that oil will be needed in the future for certain things ( medical plastics ect.) and we, in the U.S. have very little oil left, only about 5 years worth at current consumption levels. To me, this is another reason we need to invest in sustainable energy, like wind, solar and hydro electricity. We have had the technology to do so for decades,but the oil producers have profits to make, politicians to buy, and planets to destroy.All for the glory of capitalism.

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    President Trump had us energy independent for the first time in 72 years and in just a few months, Biden took us all the way back, disastrously.

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    This is a statement from Senator Lankford (OK); “Why is the President of the United States reaching out to the President of Russia and the leadership of OPEC to ask for more oil production? Americans are absolutely capable of producing the oil needed to lower the cost at the pump. The President should return to energy-focused policies that promote American jobs, instead of relying on foreign jobs and foreign production for our energy.” My sentiments. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, FIX THIS SHIT. “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.” Gustave Le Bon! Its as though congress and the white house knows what to do and because of some irrational and disempowering reasoning NOTHING HAPPENS FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL. Dear Lawmakers: This is dumb and you know it. STOP IT. We're in a pickle (with this so called pandemic) and We're tired of it. Were not buying it. PLEASE GO BACK TO POLICIES THAT BENEFIT US. BTW, Texas lawmakers, please don't put up with this crap and be sure and please stop voting on legislation that you haven't read.

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    It was needed right now, until we can get clean energy.

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    Let's see...the US opened up and gas prices went up. The US is partly shutting down again and gas prices are softening. Anyone seeing a trend? I'm pretty sure supply and demand are economics 101. I'm fairly certain Covid-19 is not influenced by US oil policy.

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    We went from an export leader to a major importer of oil under this admin... Once again, how bad does it have to get before he resigns.

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    There are parents, teachers, leaders, musicians, etc., etc., etc. And i ask all of them today, these self-aggrandizing, self-absorbed humans, when, are you going to be that parent, teacher, leader, musician, etc., etc. etc.? When?

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    The United States under Donald Trump was self sufficient in oil. In 6 months the Biden Administration has reduced us to beggers. He canceled the XL Pipeline, canceled drilling exploration in Alaska and off east coast. Stop leases on Federal lands Biden has shot us in the foot, laming the country.

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    Why would you hand over our oil supply to such foreign powers? We are still the largest producer of oil in the world. WHY? Why? Why? We produce oil cleaner and more environmentally safe than any nation on earth. Why feed the governments of the worst places on earth? Especially ones that are racist and sexist and openly practice slavery? What the hell?