Economy Adds 943K Jobs in July, Unemployment Rate Drops to 5.4%

How do you feel about the state of the job market?

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    What government doesn’t understand is it’s not that people don’t want to work. It’s people don’t want to catch this disease and die! With people not wanting to get vaccinated like myself the pandemic isn’t going to END!

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    John R

    It is WAY PAST time that workers had some leverage to counter the stagnation of wages over the last 50 years (in the face of huge productivity gains) and continuously rising costs of living. AND childcare, paid leave and universal medical care are necessary infrastructure to keep the economy ( and our society) thriving.

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    Economy will continue to improve if more get vaccinated, wear masks and socially distance. Places that require these measures are the only ones I want to do business with!

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    I am confused as to why there are so many job openings that cannot be filled. No one seems to work in service jobs anymore. We have so many openings but I guess the people who used to work these jobs figure it is better to just collect straight unemployment than to work. I realize these are not the best paying jobs but if you are not working some other better paying job, I would settle for any job at this point. Guess I would be one that would rather work than sit around and twiddle my thumbs.

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    I do not care.

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    If you are able-bodied and unemployed, get back to work. There are help wanted signs everywhere and the economy needs you. No more unemployment insurance payments so you can sit this one out.

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    Much of this is seasonal with the reopening and lets not kid ourselves, these aren't new jobs but mostly people returning to work. Biden hasn't created any jobs but has caused job losses (see oil and gas industry) and inflated our fuel prices. If I thought illegit Joe could read beyond a sentence on the teleprompter I might also think he was consulting a book by Jimmy Carter on how to implode what was once a growing economy.

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    Its all B/S got a JOB

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    It all depends on where you live.

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    We are headed for another national shutdown because Comrade dear leader Beijing Biden leaves the border wide open with thousands of illegal aliens crossing daily with no quarantine or testing just catch and release withe the new delta virus virus running rampant. Here are figures since January 20th at noontime to present 201 days. Cases 11,695,859 new cases yesterday 138,786. Deaths 352,520 new deaths yesterday 438. President Trump had with one full year of the epidemic with no vaccines until 38 days before leaving office Cases 24,717,808 Deaths 274,761.

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    In my opinion ending the benefits check encouraged people to return to work. There are many many businesses hiring, if you want a job you can get one. :)

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    Pay people what they are worth!!

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    The Biden Admin is FAILING and neither side of USA Politics is showing nearly enough concern for the USA. It is just plain disgusting. Has Everyone forgotten World War II? And why it was so Important? People died for what you are doing in Congress these days? Sickening, just plain Sickening!!!!

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    There are jobs everywhere. From places like McD's to some very well paying factory jobs. Everyone needs to get back to work. That'll help keep prices down.

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    I believe these numbers are misleading. Much of this so-called recovery is due to many people going back to their previous jobs making more than what government unemployment was paying. Once these jobs are fully counted the real effect of unemployment benefits will be fully felt. You can only find this reporting on a handful of sources and none of it in the mainstream sources. Unemployment benefits and the coming increase in inflation vis-a-vis the massive spending Bills, will doom whatever recovery everyone is so now giddy about.

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    again, these are slave wage jobs. They keep people in poverty, and the tax payer subsidizes the corporation so they can keep wages low. This is not new, its been getting worse however. Capitalism's stick and carrot game is on full display, and the carrot is smaller and the stick is bigger. Choosing between a poverty wage, and homelessness, is not freedom, its coercion. We need housing and healthcare, free collage and an end to endless wars. We need living wages, not more toil work.

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    Republicans are so greedy that they'd steal the watch from their father's casket. They want to keep middle class Americans uneducated and poor. That small subsidy helped millions of people stay afloat a little longer. Remember Jan 5th and 16th. They tried to overthrow the government and put a dictator in charge.

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    To all those who claimed that ending unemployment benefits early is driving the jobs increase, can you not read? "employment fell 0.9% in states that cut benefits between mid-June and mid-July--but rose 2.3% in states that kept them." Just more conservatives ignoring facts, I guess.

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    This is a good thing as long as inflation does not start spiraling. It provides lots of opportunity for people to improve their lot. Hopefully, the Fed will not misstep or fall asleep at the wheel. I lived through a 15.4% mortgage and 17.5% auto loan in the 80s and have no desire to return to that ever again.

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    I don't think people are back to where they were pre-pandemic. They're still hurting, behind in finances and uncertain about their futures. Here in Utah, the State is not doing nearly enough to help out.