Afghans Who Aided U.S. Military Against the Taliban Begin to Arrive in America as Evacuation Ramps Up

How do you feel about the Afghan evacuation process?

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    Check out the new docuseries, “Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror” on Netflix. It is an expansive and detailed historical study about HOW & WHY we got to 9/11, with an almost complete history of WHEN & WHY Afghanistan became a focal point for the American government and the American people. This 5 episode series explains so much and in such detail, afterwards you’ll know EXACTLY WHY we left Afghanistan, and WHY we should have left much sooner than August of 2021! It’s ALL there. And it’s ALL the TRUTH! The main idea I got out of it is this: Never go to war without a clear exit strategy that leaves the invaded country better than you found it. NOT doing so will be catastrophic!

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    This should have happened fifteen years ago and would have saved the lives of many Afghan allies it it had. Ramp it up! Speed it up! Bring more allies here to safety!

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    What kind of planning? This should have been in place even before the US announced its withdrawal plans. I just hope these people are able to get out with their families before the whole country is taken over! Their lives and their families are in great danger.

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    U do not do turn about to the people who helped you in war

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    They helped us we should be protecting them

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    Illegit Joe's handlers need to get ahold of a calendar. What a pack of fools. Announce a withdrawal date to the world, then move it up, but don't have a plan in place to help friendly locals. What a dope.

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    I’m glad we honored our side and took care of those who aided us and not leave them behind, I would prefer if we stayed and not let Afghanistan fall right back into a stateless region but it’s better than nothing

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    Better late than never, more than 200 Afghans who worked with the American-led military coalition as interpreters or in other roles in the fight against the Taliban and al Qaeda touched down in the U.S. on Friday morning. They are the first of thousands who will be evacuated from war-torn Afghanistan amid death threats from the resurgent Taliban as the U.S. aims to complete the military withdrawal by the end of August. Numerous interpreters have been killed this year, including one who the Taliban reportedly beheaded in May. As many as possible need to be granted asylum. Post Haste. SneakyPete 👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻 8. 3. 21.

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    This is bitter sweet. It’s great that steps are finally being taken to fulfill our obligations and commitments to the people who helped us, but at the same time, why has it taken so long. Why was there not a plan, before we started pulling troops out of Afghanistan?

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    Should have been done when we were still there. What a F——up! Shows how really we didn’t give damn. Sooooo now lets ‘get the lead’ out and completely rescue these faithful compatriots and families.

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    I'm old enough to remember the desperate Vietnamese trying to get a flight out after the US pulled out of the country. My late husband's translator was one of those left behind. If the US military goes into a country and leaves without WINNING the war, then they have absolute duty to bring those who helped them and their families to the United States.

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    We should have gotten them out BEFORE we left

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    Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free -- your treasured friends and allies who should never be abandoned to the Taliban!

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    We must protect all those that helped us while we were there!!! Give them & their families automatic citizenship!!!

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    The US needs to kick it in high gear before these people start getting murdered. Don't betray them because of bureaucracy.

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    Too slow. Thousands of Afghans and their families who supported and helped the U.S. are at grave risk of death at the hands of the Taliban and need to be gotten out immediately. We have a moral obligation to help and protect those helped us.

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    These people helped our troops and now we need to help them to stay safe from the Taliban by brining them to the U.S.

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    Should have been started earlier. Thus is the least we could do.

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    530 East Hunt Highway

    Take care of those that took care of us

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    It is essential that we provide refuge for those who helped us in the Afghan war effort. These allies, threatened by the Taliban, are every bit as deserving of refugee status as anyone at the southern border. May be more deserving.