Select Committee Hears Testimony From Police Officers Who Defended Capitol During January 6th Riot

How do you feel about the hearing?

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    These hearings are absolutely necessary to understand why/how the Jan. 6 event took place. Also, boo hoo for these people that don't want any mask mandates, vaccines, or restrictions. This is not taking away there "freedom"! It's allowing people to live! They are acting very selfish and obviously don't care about their safety or anyone else!

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    Why aren’t they investigating and prosecuting all the riots against federal property in all the cities in the last two years at the same level they are investigating the DC riots?

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    Whole thing is a sham and this officer Dunn should find another job. I have little patience for people who select a career path and then whine about the environment they chose to work in. Dunn's melodramatic statement, albeit persuaded by politics, is a good example of this. Who does he think sent the protestors to Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Louis, etc.? The answer is none. He believes that those peaceful protest were organic. Then same goes for the January 6th protest Dunn. Stop with the transferring of blame for the lack of preparedness by all those paid to protect and serve.

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    Michael J

    Thanks be to GOD the Democratic Party is moving ahead with this Special Committee in spite of the outrageous lies told by the GOP. GOP politics at its worst. Thanks be to GOD they’re a dying party. The damage done is limited in time and effect. The Texas Three Stooges should be in fear of their Mortal souls. They’re not because their words and actions show them to be nonbelievers. Or worse religious hypocrites. It matters not. God will deal with them in His own time and way. Wish I was a fly on the wall.

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    We have to get to the bottom of the insurrection.

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    The committee needs to subpoena congressmen like Jim Jordan to testify about what happened that day and how much information he knows about how it was orchestrated

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    Pure political grandstanding by democrats. Hearing should be focusing on billions of city destruction by BLM and Antifa.

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    Great. Let’s see if they get the justice they deserve.

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    Trump incited this assault on the capital and he needs to be held accountable!

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    It's past time to start digging into what happened and who was involved.In the end, ALL of those involved must be unmasked and face the consequences for their actions, Up to and including prison time!

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    Shake the sand from your collective underwear, grow up, and worry about shit that actually matters. Sorry, but an unarmed, unorganized bunch of idiots in charge of the capital building is not an insurrection. That happens every day anyway. I call it mob rule and do not condone whatever you want to call what happened in DC on January 6th. It was complete bullshit on the actors' part to storm the capital building without an agenda. Actor as in people committing the act. Not hired actors in a conspiracy or whatever. It was just more chaos and anarchy-lite spilling over into 2021 like we saw throughout damn near all of 2020 in Seattle, Louisiville, Michigan, and across the US, and none of what happened at the capital was as bad as an average day in Chicago on any day in the last 50 years. Just a bunch of idiots with a shared urge to be assholes at the same time. And it worked. And it was NOT A &×$@#*= INSURRECTION. At best it was a riot. How are so many otherwise quasi-intelligent people converted to mouth breathers and window lickers that feel like our country was legitimately attacked and a real attempt was made to overthrow the government in this little shit show? When you stump your toe in the middle of the night while stumbling in the dark, do you believe it was actually a ninja with a hammer that attacked you and hit your toe while concealed by the cover of darkness? Or would you believe it if CNN told you there was a ninja problem in the US? Maybe it's just peer pressure and most people are weaker in character than they are just plain old stupid and will believe whatever the herd tends to believe. Either way, claiming this was an insurrection is an overreaction. Was it a peaceful protest-no. Was it a riot-maybe. Was there a possible conspiracy or organizer involved-possibly. Was it an insurrection-WTF are you even talking about? I think many people heard that word but don't really know what it means. That doesn't stop them from using it incorrectly though. Whatever. I hope the window tasted good. Sheep.

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    This farce of a hearing is just one last witch hunt by the democRATs to destroy President Trump. Will it come out that the real troublemakers present were BLM/ANTIFIA scum? And will it come out why that african policeman shot a White, unarmed protestor to death? Of course not. I am not buying their phony tears, they were in on the whole false flag event probably orchestrated by the FBI>

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    Fake partisan BS. Investigate the real domestic terrorists in BLM and Antifa. Aka the military wing of the DNC.

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    It is vital to our democracy to get to the root cause of this insurrection. The assault was on our democratic process as well as the officers defending the capitol.

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    Kathy N Grant

    It was riveting! Where ARE all the people that claim they back the Blue! 140 Officers injured and some still not able to return to work! And now this former president calls them p*ssies! Guess he likes that word, as that's what he used on the bus in reference to women! Yet some people still voted for him! 😡 We applaud the Republicans that are on this committee and the 2 jokers that were appointed by McCarthy who only wanted to turn this into a political circus., turned down by Speaker Pelosi! Good for her! We hope they get EVERYONE that was involved in the Insurrection on OUR Capitol. Why were the republicans so afraid of the inquiry and why did they vote against it? The fact that the many of the republicans back the BIG LIE is disgusting and DISPICABLE! Why would a person choose to sell their integrity for that low life Con-man? Afraid of his retaliation that he might go against you in reelection?

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    Trump up now along with his butt kissing buddies Marco Rubio Devon Nunez Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell etc. the group of over 100 that voted to let trump off the hook throw them all out of Congress. They are traders to America.

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    Nancy Pelosi MUST BE FIRED OR IMPEACH for mismanagement of Congress If you don’t believe me then you too must go. Get Real and Democrats Stop with your Traitorous Socialist Agendas. Free Speech? Then stop supporting Media’s like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others that control what We express our Views like the TV program THE VIEW; but you don’t take off the air or suspend their Views/Speech!

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    The hearing was an absolute scam. A one party witch hunt that the Dems are very experienced with. The problem is that the Facts Never come out in these Dem witch hunts. It is nothing more than Political Theater. The Facts will come out, and they will not support this Dem embarrassment in any way, as usual.

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    This is Nancy Pelosi's "shit sham clown show" starring AOC with the fake rape fear (she wasn't even in the building), Pelosi herself and fake others. Pelosi herself, set" up this "fake insurrection" idea, paid the players to infiltrate loyal, peaceful Trump Supporters, and then used the FBI and her own Capitol Police to perpetrate this whole fake "insurrection" and "Domestic terrorism." Why are they NOT Investigating BLM and ANTIFA for the riots and damage and terrorism they have caused? It doesn't fit their narrative and agenda, that's why!

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    When will the.committee speak with the BLM and Antifa thugs that attacked and tried to burn the capital down when Trump was in office? How about the $$ Billion Antifa and BLM destruction of Federal property in Oregon? Where is their jail time? The committee is filled with people who chose to impeach Trump and will do anything they can to place the blame on him for a so-called 'insurrection'. The whole thing is a show and everyone with common sense knows this, it is noticeable when watching it.