Senate Prepares to Start Infrastructure Debate While House Takes Up Visas for Afghan Interpreters

How do you feel about this week’s congressional schedule?

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    Afghan interpreters should be rescued. If we turn our backs on these folks who in their right minds would aid us in this way in the future. Most important is what I’ve seen in the Presidents tv appearances this past week. Is there really anyone out here who truly believes that Biden is competent to lead this country? This guy belongs in a rest home. He is incapable of speaking publicly and it is obvious that he is incapable of calling the shots. The big question is who behind the scenes is in fact running this country. I’m sure that question is discussed daily by our adversaries.

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    We need to look at mcconnels pick of judged. Especially the ones who were not experienced judges.

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    pretty sad that congress has to take up these visas for the afghan interpreters when this is so time sensitive - why not either executive order or just allow temporary while they're vetted? This is slap when we are allowing pretty much anyone who can get to our southern border to come in.

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    The fact that so many responders believe that the bill is really about infrastructure is evidence enough that the public education system in this country is an embarrassing wreck. Buy a dictionary and reference it. Then maybe you'll understand the concept of "pork" in politics. Almost 80% of funds sought are for purposes other than infrastructure. Social benefits aren't infrastructure - but they do buy votes for Dimocrats.

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    I’m hopeful but worried about Republican obstruction instead of working with democrats. I am sick of the obstructing and the obstacles to get things done like the filibuster and the two democrats that don’t work with our party. It’s just ridiculous. Get infrastructure and voting rights done.

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    Those Afghan aides and their families need to get out LAST MONTH! It's the least we can do for those who helped Americans when they needed them. DO NOT ABANDON THEM!!!!

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    We have got to save the Afghan men and women and their loved ones! Please make this a priority - they have done so much for our cause, even though it was awful. Hoping that we can eventually get period products and diapers included under SNAP as well - Illinois is already poised to do so once the feds okay it.

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    Infra-structure really means - Communist funding. I am squarely against anything Democrat ANTI-CUBAN who are ANTI-Communism - propose.

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    Jeez, get in with the infrastructure already. Get your acts together. If Congress moves as slowly to get this done, the Afghans who helped the US will not get out in time.

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    Republicans need to stand strong against the egregious Infrastructure Plan that the Democrats have cooked up. How much of this money will actually be used for “ infrastructure “ and how much will be lining pockets of the most questionable politicians. And please, let’s not hear the rhetoric that Democratic politicians are throwing at us regarding what infrastructure means. Americans are aware of evil strategies the Democrats use, applying this monetary amount will lead to inflation. In less than a year we have seen our country go to hell, gas prices rising each day, pricing of food, lumber and much more rise each day. Meanwhile, Biden and his corrupt administration are sneaking illegals during the dark of night into states and will want to place some idiotic amnesty bill into this erroneous Infrastructure Bill. Republican Senators need to fight against all this, show Americans that we won’t abide by Schumer’s evil ideas that in the end will not benefit the American people.

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    Would you all please get something done that the majority of the countries citizens want! It’s not about you!

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    They need 60 to start the debate so hopefully nothing will happen this week. Sometimes it is a good thing when Congress gets nothing done.

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    We voted for joe. You are killing your followers by lying to them. So you don’t even care about your own. You want to prove you are not one of the terrorists? Then stop behaving like one! Start doing the right thing. Let joe sink or swim. You are not saving your soul by throwing the people under the bus to bow down to a deviant false idol. We are in horrible times. If you truly believe joe is doing the wrong thing, let him sink or swim. Stop sandbagging him. Let him be right or wrong. We chose him. The more you oppose that, the more you turn us against YOU. I wish I could make you understand that. Stop lying. Start doing the right thing. Period.

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    A smile for the Afghanistan workers but the infrastructure vote and republicans, again them, are largely against it. Do they know they work fir the betterment of the country?

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    We need to help those that helped us!

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    As long as infrastructure is limited to bridges, roads, buildings, etc. Healthcare et al are not infrastructure.

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    Really is the money going for real infrastructure projects!

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    Get….something done!

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    Representatives, We need to debate the ability of powerful media channels, most notably FOXNews, to spread misinformation, particularly about the Corona Virus Vaccine. There seems to be enough room under the First Amendment to stop the misinformation about COVID vaccines. We would use the same line of reasoning that makes it a crime to yell "Fire" in a movie theater baselessly. If we do not take aggressive action, we cannot hope to wipe out COVID and get back to some semblance of normal. See, for example, "Fox News' alarming vaccine disinformation is a danger to America" Highlight (This is horrifying given the message going out to a high number of senior citizens.) "(CNN) "Do you think we could've eradicated polio or defeated the measles if you had Fox News night after night warning people about these vaccine issues that are just bunk?" CNN's Jim Acosta asked Saturday of Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser. "Fauci response was jaw-dropping: "If we had had the pushback for vaccines the way we're seeing on certain media, I don't think it would have been possible at all to not only eradicate smallpox, we probably would still have smallpox and we probably would still have polio in this country." The nation's premier infectious disease specialist added, "If we had the kind of false information that's being spread now if we had that back decades ago, I would be certain that we'd still have polio in this country." "There's no dispute that Fox News has been delivering to its audience, of which almost 60% is in the high-risk over-65 age group, dangerously misleading information about the Covid vaccine and its rollout by the Biden administration. A report released Friday by the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters documents that the majority of vaccine-related segments that Fox News aired over the past two weeks "repeatedly fearmongered about and downplayed the need for continued vaccination campaigns." Also, see 
"Fox News’s dismissive vaccine coverage is particularly dangerous for its relatively old audience 
"But it’s tricky to blame the network for Republican skepticism" Highlight "In 2019, the median age of a Fox News viewer was 65. In other words, a member of the group most at risk from the coronavirus. 
"Month after month, the vast majority of those who die of covid-19 are 65 or older, as data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate." The article did not explicitly point out that these seniors were unvaccinated. We can quibble over the age of the data. But the point is the unscientific misinformation that results in sickness, suffering, hospitalization in a quarantined intensive care unit, and even death.