IT: 🏥 Senate Dems agree on $3.5 trillion infrastructure plan, and... Do you support Biden's energy policy?

Join us and tell your reps how you feel!

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    I support President Biden’s energy plan. Climate change is real. We must prepare for the future we are facing.

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    I think the plan is shortsighted and political

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    Here we go again $3.5 trillion going into the Furnace burning it up as fast as it is made . What is the percentage of that is going to help families childcare immigration reform that needs to be put on hold immigration reform send money to finish and complete the wall more money to border security for the men and women or law-enforcement we need to send a video to these countries in central America tell them to people there not to come or you will be turned away. Come here legally if you’re being prosecuted in your country go to an America embassy or our other asylums from other countries and apply for the Asylum .

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    ARE THEY EFING NUTS!!? No… they are irresponsible vote seekers. They are going to crash and burn in the next elections. Assuming that we insure the elections are legitimate this time!

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    Unrelated but good breaking news.. Biden starts evacuation flights for Afghans who helped the US military.

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    If you’re going to say that clean energy doesn’t work in Texas, please take a second to look up some actual data. You’ll notice that wind energy only makes up about 12% of the infrastructure and that oil/gas pipe line frost heave and nuclear power sensor failure were responsible for a large majority of the energy failure in Texas. I’d like to also point out, I did my undergrad in Ames, Iowa where temperatures can reach -40 degrees F. We had windmills that worked year round. If you think anyone in Texas was prepared for last winter, you’re wrong. Green energy is the best investment we can be making until nuclear fusion becomes viable (which we should also be investing in heavily)

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    This should have been done many years ago before the republicans lost their minds

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    We would not be in this position, if Republicans were proactive in stead of reactive, with power grids, clean water, Healthcare, bridges, roads, internet, transportation, energy, space, airplane, social justice, social support and many others, Republican attitude is leave it all up to the private sector, they do a better job. Pass history shows they don’t and it is wishful thinking, just like trickle down economic !!!!! The American public is impress with two billionaires building spacecraft, well I am not, just like all technology and infrastructure, it was started by the government and your taxpayers money. If it was not started by the government (we the people) and funded by the government (we the people), you would still be in a cave! They are using technology built and based on history that were support on grants, government capital and federal funding. I am impress with what the United state and some other countries that have given the world in technology, healthcare, democracy and many opportunities to be and do better.

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    Do I support Democrats energy plan?!? No! Not a snowballs chance in Hades!! No, I don’t support the Democrats energy plan!! After windmills and solar panels were a MAJOR FAIL freezing up during the snowstorm in February then to top it, Biden gives China access to the United States power grid, our power troubles will just be beginning!! Windmills and solar panels have proven to not be efficient or reliable. In Texas, windmills and solar panels only provides 1/4 of the energy. Unfortunately, the power grids in the majority of US states are antiquated and have been in need of updating and needed maintenance for a long time, but money is spent on something else and the maintenance and updates ‘can’ has been kicked down the road for decades. And, now we have inflation which will make it more difficult to take care of the power grids. The United States is $30 trillion in debt, American taxpayers will be paying for this debt for many generations to come—no, I don’t support the energy plan of Democrats which would put Americans into crippling debt for generations to come to infinity!!

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    Yes support Biden energy plan tired of Republicans stop all progress efforts especially Jim Crow #2

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    Yes I agree and I agree to pat for it with taxing the rich who have received just as much in tax cuts the past 40+ years under GOP giveaways which forced the tax burden down to the other 99% in various ways.

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    The US already has the highest corporate tax rate in the world and the top 10% of income earners already pay over 80% of the federal taxes collected while the lower 50% pay 2%. The Democrats are playing the Marxist game of divide and conquer by pitting “poor” against rich, black against white, etc! Don’t fall for their “make the rich pay their fare share” lie!

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    Vote out GOP

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    Yes to the plan to uplift needs of Americans. Yes to payment equalization made by corporate taxes and taxes.

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    8 years under the Obama and Biden Administration did nothing to prepare us for the future of what they knew was coming and Biden will make the same mistakes you are seeing it in real-time the world is watching us, to see our weakness...

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    No! Hell No! We need the keystone pipeline built. Let’s cancel our pipeline but let Putin(Russia) build there’s. Then, let China and India pollute the world while we suffer with high energy prices and inflation. The green deal will not work. Texas is a perfect example

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    Absolutely I support Biden’s energy plan. It’s far better than anything the repukes have come up with

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    YES! ABSOLUTELY!!! We need a new infrastructure for the future. A new, forward thinking, energy infrastructure for the future. Pulling poison out of the ground has never been the answer. We’ve known that now for at least 50 years.

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    I DO NOT support the Reconciliation Bill attached to this that includes 1.2 Trillion with 600 Billion new spending WHERE IS THIS MONEY COMING FROM??? Do you all understand how much taxes will have to increase to support this spending? Hooray to the 47% of you that pay NO TAXES but the rest of us will end up with a net less than any of you which means in reality I’m making less than you and you pay nothing and receive free stuff - There is already SERIOUS inflation utilities raising rates (just add that on the outrageous cost of the required EV) - crime is out of control and the border is letting people in by the thousands who somehow also receive free stuff - WOW WHAT AN IDEA

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    3.5 TRILLION. Enough said.