Texas Democrats Break Quorum, Flee Austin to Stop Republicans’ Election Bill

Do you agree with Texas Democrats breaking quorum to stop GOP bills?

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    This is what I sent to ALL my congressman Pass the John Lewis Voting bill and For The People bill to protect voting right! If we truly believe in democracy, then it’s a no brained to pass these bills into law. All citizens should have easy access to voting! 1. ID for voting is good, but if you require that it be a drivers license or state issued ID, then you MUST first make getting an ID easy and accessible to all citizens. My mom was born at home. She never had a real birth certificate. Her birth was registered with the state, but she never saw her birth certificate. Poor, elderly, those without access to internet need help obtaining these official papers. 2. Taking away voting places in neighborhoods of color is horrid. Making people stand in line for hours upon hours to vote is cruel! Have YOU ever had to do that? I did! I wanted to vote in a democratic primary. I live in Coppell. My husband and I had to stand in line for over 4 hours in Valley Ranch. We were lucky to have money to pay for a sitter for our 3 children, but most people can’t do that! We drove passed 3 Republican polling places that had no lines in our small town. That is discrimination! It was the year Cruz won the primary for republicans. That wasn’t long ago! 3. Registered voters should ALL be allowed to vote by mail and/ or drop off ballots at secure locations because of family or job obligations many can’t stand in lines. Even as a teacher with 3 children at home and my teaching job, it was difficult to stand in line in the evenings to vote. Why should it be difficult to vote in the USA? 4. Making it easy to overturn an election or throw out votes because someone claims fraud without real proof is 3rd world country tyranny! This is against all we stand for as a country! One last classic question! Would YOU and your family be willing to be treated like a person of color? Answer that in your heart and soul and before God truthfully? What is your real motivation? I believe that the GOP has turned to an authoritarianism to keep people of color and woman from flexing their intelligence and their demand for equal justice and rights under the law! I’m not ASKING for equal rights! I’m DEMANDING to recognize my equal rights! Equal rights/human rights are not owned by you! They are not yours to give…but you are stealing them and I want them back!

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    Voting rights by any means necessary!

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    People don’t vote for people who don’t do their jobs. Democrat reps need to do their jobs and return to Texas. They are abandoning their constituents because they don’t want to do the work they were supposedly elected to do.

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    Take away their pay and lock them up for being cowards

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    I am grateful to the Texas Democrats for standing up for Voting Rights. They have brought attention to the threat to our democracy and they have bravely taken a risk as the attention seeking governor of Texas says he will arrest them when they return home.

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    The FLEEbags took the jab and STILL caught the Virus. 😂 Would love to see them perp walked when they step foot back in Texas. Such cowards.

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    Michael J

    The Texas Democrats take their cue from Oregon Republicans. Any Republican who supported the Oregon walkout yet speaks out against the Texas Democrats is a lying hypocrite-Texas Three Stooges I’m looking at you. Free Country Free Choice right Stooges. If their constituents support them you keep your noses out of their business and your mouths shut. 🇺🇸 God Bless America 🇺🇸 God Bless the Biden Administration 🇺🇸

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    The GOP continues its decades-long assault on voting rights instead of choosing to actually represent the American people.

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    we all need to fight voter restriction laws aimed, the right to vote is more important than the right to bear arms.

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    Proud to be a Texan, but just need them to keep up the pressure. This isn’t over and the fact that it’s taken Texas Dems until now to grow a spine is an issue. ALL Democrats should realize the voters put them in office to stop the incursion against our democracy through restrictive voter laws and discriminatory practices designed to limit the body politic. Do your job! This is the BARE minimum of what’s necessary to preserve our democratic norms.

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    Texas Republicans are trying to suppress voting and working against democracy. They should be voted out of office. They have lost their way and stand for nothing constructive for our country. They continue to lie and cheat their way to power and will do anything to keep it.

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    To all the people saying that these representatives should be fired for not doing their job: I voted for one of these Texas dems and their actions today reflect my values. I think they did a great job. I hope they keep it up!

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    Tell the Democrats to get back to work!

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    Governor Abbot has called the legislature back for a second special session for an agenda that most Texans do not agree with when it comes to restricting voting rights. This proposed legislation is based on the big lie that the election was stolen from Trump and the lie that there is any substantial voter fraud. Republicans need to start telling the public the truth that this legislation is designed to strip the vote from likely Democratic voters in order for the Republicans to maintain power and win elections that they would not otherwise win.

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    Our President gave one heck of a speech yesterday regarding protecting the Right to Vote.....Our biggest and loudest method of Freedom of Speech....and I do not see that Causes has addressed this at all today. I also heard Mitch McConnell's reply to our President's speech.....Wow.....SO loud......using SO many powerful words to speak against Pres. Biden......Where, I wonder was all this thunder when Trump called Ashley Babbit a martyr?.......or said that the Insurrection attempt was really some kind of Love Fest. A "love fest" where 140 Capitol police were injured and 6 people subsequently died and the "love festers" were chanting "Hang Mike Pence".....or at Trump's continual pushing of "Voter Fraud" and The Big Lie......Or missing opportunity after opportunity to announce that Joe Biden is indeed President......or when Trump added the bubble on the Weather Map to make it agree with HIS asinine prediction of where a hurricane was going.......Or when Trump said "there was good people on BOTH sides" after the tiki torch white supremist get together which killed Heather..or when Trump suggested we use Bleach or UV light somehow internally to kill the virus that has now killed over 600,000 of us.....etc., etc. Where was your "passion" then Mitch?

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    Texas Democrats are doing everything they can to prevent these voter suppression laws from becoming law. Democratic senators need to help them by reforming or eliminating the filibuster so that the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act can finally pass and democracy can be saved.

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    It is only fair that if Republicans in Washington D.C. abuse the filibuster to obstruct Democratic voting rights legislation that Texas Democrats counter Republicans by utilizing quorum to obstruct Republican voter-suppression laws! If Republicans are waging war against Democracy, then of course Democrats are going to fight back!

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    They did more than break the quorum. Acting like little children, they fled their state and did not uphold their responsibilities to vote as they should…. and as such they should be arrested.

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    "SO THAT ALL MAY BE HEARD" Here is hoping all other states do the same!