Senate Returns to Take Up Biden Nominees While House Remains on Recess

How do you feel about this week’s congressional schedule?

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    At least change the filibuster back to the "standing" filibuster. If Tx. Senator cruz wants to filibuster over 60 diplomatic "vital" State Department appointments for countries around the world so he can protest a Russian gas pipe line (note 'fossil' fuel buddies??!!) ... From the article at 'San Antonio CURRENT' (don't know current media bias) ' ' .... .... "Maybe it's your presidential aspirations, I don't know, but you're turning to political purposes," Sen. Bob Menendez, D-New Jersey, angrily told Cruz during a recent confrontation over the holdups. "You held over every nominee. Every nominee! I've never seen that. And Democrats aren't the only ones pissed at Cruz. Republicans in the Senate told CNN that Cruz's fight against the waiver — an effort to improve diplomatic ties with Germany, a key U.S. ally — is "fruitless." Further, Cruz bears "the bulk of the blame" for grinding nominations to a halt, the GOP members said." .... .... FU cruz!!! AT LEAST HAVE TO STAND THERE AND REPEAT YOUR RENDITION OF 'Green Eggs and Ham' AND MAYBE YOU CAN CHOKE ON YOUR OWN BILE!!! Or how good is the air circulation in that OLD Senate chamber around all those non-vaxxed Senate staff and personnel??? Hmmmmmm!!!!

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    It’s about time government is running properly!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!!!

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    Everyone, incl biz, almost have to change and adjust constantly to new demands of various kind but not the senate and congress...Not so much. How about they start working like most of the world. Stay open and focused and produce results. It's not complicated. Why is there not a pic of Mark Kelly?

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    Nooooooooooooooooooo absolutely not agreeing to any NOMINEE from Biden....VOTE NO.....

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    Andy: Colbert has refused to say the word ‘trump’ for at least the last 6 months. He ran a Twitter contest to find alternative names that he could use instead. I think ‘The Turd Reich’ was one of the best so far.

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    Get things done! Quite taking all of these recesses!

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    I’m more concerned about Kevin McCarthy meeting with Donald Trump to kiss his ass as hard as he can before the hearings on trumps insurrection. Even the top generals of this country were afraid Donald Trump was going to order a military take over of the government and he in affect actually did. Donald Trump should be arrested immediately along with all these asshole Republicans who are kissing his butt. The problem here is most of these Republicans are saying enough to know the problem that Donald Trump is but none of them are man enough or woman enough to stand up to this fat stupid orange idiot and see what’s right. Lock Donald Trump up for treason.

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    Why are they even coming back? All the republicans just sit there and do nothing. They have no respect for the American people and what may help them. The republicans just sit there and don’t do what they are being paid to do.

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    [edit] Wow! Probably not only Steve Colbert, but elsewhere is the new trumpublican nickname … “The Turd Reich”!! Love it! [edit … add link]

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    NO NEWS HERE good job????

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    I haven't seen the list yet.

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    House needs to come back and save our voting rights.

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    Good to see them back to work. However, far too many reps and posters to this site are deluded about what and where the crisis is in America. The Constitution is under attack, the southern border is under invasion, lawlessness abounds in big cities under liberal progressive leadership, and what's really truly in jeopardy is our Republic.

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    They take too much time off. They're supposed to see us, the constituents but they don't. And by the way -- since Senator Sinema may see this, please abolish the filibjuster.

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    It is good news that Congress will finally pick up the pace in confirming Biden’s executive and judicial nominees. Most Americans don’t realize this, but the more appointees are confirmed, the faster both laws and cases become since the workload is distributed across more people. Still, it is ridiculous that so many executive roles still require senate confirmation!

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    Frankly, I do not believe Congress should take a recess this year. They have too much work to do regarding citizen's right to vote. All laws should encourage more citizens to vote, NOT LESS! And the Senate needs to remove the ridiculous filibuster. The founding fathers meant for majority rule - not the 60 vote nonsense. I also think term limits for all of Congress is in order. I do think age is a factor in decision making. I'm old, so I can say that. By the average age of Congress, I would be considered young! I retired 10 years ago - what does that say about our lawmakers and their lack of succession plans? Enough already!

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    Sure hope that Biden’s political appointees can get confirmed before the 2024 election. I think Schumer should cancel Senate recesses until Biden’s political appointees are all confirmed. McConnell kept the Senate in session whenever the Federalist Society picked another federal judge for the Republican Faction to rubber stamp, including abandoning the filibuster for his last Supreme Court appointment (which was not part of the original Republican filibuster removal vote). … … … So, why oh why, are a few Democrats opposed to neutering the filibuster. I know that some dark money donors do not want to see the filibuster neutered, including those that contribute to our Senators that oppose doing so. … … … The argument is that dumping the filibuster puts at risk any legislation that is passed until the next election cycle - but this argument is vacuous if the legislation passed is broadly supported by the electorate. The Republican Faction has repeatedly tried to kill the ACA, but have failed in every attempt because they have nothing better to offer. It is true that the ACA is not as effective as it should be due to the Republican Faction’s constant barrage- but the ACA is still the law of the land despite 11 years of their incessant attempts to eliminate it. … … … The ACA experience shows that useful legislation that is broadly supported by the public can survive despite even a majority political faction’s attempt to quash it. Biden’s initiatives are broadly supported by the electorate and will become increasingly popular as ravages of the Climate Crisis continue to unfold. … … … Dump or fix the filibuster, protect Democracy, protect our future - do it now, before it is too late.

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    They won’t accomplish anything worthwhile.

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    Don't leave until all of the President's nominee's are approved. Just do it and get the job done. Stop with all the snail's pace catch up whataboutism, get out the steam rollers and set the pace. What you were elected to do in the first place.