Biden Admin Urging OPEC to Increase Oil Production After Constricting U.S. Oil & Gas Development

How do you feel about the Biden admin asking OPEC to increase oil production?

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    Here we go again with the price at the pump being blamed on the person in the White House. I am so over such simplistic thinking, name calling and blaming. But since that’s the way we roll with this issue, I’ll offer this. Stay the fuck home. I think the main reason gas went down in price last year is because Covid made us all slow the fuck down and stay put. We did not produce more oil. And it has nothing to do with who is President. Supply simply exceeded demand. Fast forward: A few people got vaccinated, a lot of people said the hell with it and the party started back up. Gentlemen start your engines and now watch the Delta variant paralyze ICU’s across the country. Record numbers of people are getting infected every day in Florida where I currently live. Yet the party rages on here, encouraged by the cheerleading of DeSantis who wants the country to think Florida is thriving just fine thanks to his anti mask leadership as he eyes a run at the White House. I went to gas up at a decent sized station the other day and they were out of all but the super premium grades of gas. Where are all of these giant pickups and SUV’s in my little area of the world going? Why is there so much damn traffic all day long in an area of working class people and retirees who should be home taking it easy? Is everyone becoming an Uber driver? We live in a car culture. And we drive big ones. And we go nowhere of significance in them. In Florida add the boat culture and on the weekends you see countless Trump flags flying down the rivers as the MAGA crowd anchors their boats at the sand bars and plan the next rally as they also piss and moan over the price at the pump. We simply wander around to different places, to “get out of the house”, out of boredom, using our cars or boats or what have you, instead of our legs or our imaginations. And in doing so we use up all the damn gasoline in our supply chain and have no idea what’s involved in getting that stuff back into the pump at a cheap price so we can drive on down the road to continue erasing our boredom with our self indulgent little lives. Stop the blame game and look in the damn mirror. We need to stay the fuck home.

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    Asking OPEC to make MORE oil available? What about climate change? Gas should get MORE expensive so people use less. Even though it will hurt me too. Here is a novel idea..........RAISE THE GAS TAX. That will pay for allot of infrastructure.

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    The fossil fuel industry is a crime against humanity.

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    We cut our own production and go begging for more from OPEC.

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    Why in the h..l would we want to promote other nations producing oil when our dumb ass President on his first day in office shuts down a pipeline project that would have helped keep us energy independent!!! More stupidity from an administration that has no real regard for the people that it is supposed to represent!!

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    Short term yes long term no!

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    I don't know why 37% of the people here are angry about the ask? Are you liking paying more at the pump? You'd feel better if you were paying $4.00 or more per gallon at the pump? Yes Biden needs to see if OPEC will agree to increase oil production to ease the price per barrel. Hopefully they agree to do so.

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    What asinine idea this is!!!? Before Biden went on his terror of trying to get rid of all things Trump did, this nation was energy independent for the first time ever. Oil produced here is just as good as Arabian or Russian oil except it gives America the profits to American companies and give taxes and jobs to Americans'. What is the Biden Administration trying to do is beyond my understanding, but then I'm not to blame, I did NOT vote for this senile old man who NEEDS to have his head examined!

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    Comrade dear leader Beijing Biden started out on day one to raise the price of gasoline. He has taken us from energy exporter to energy importers. He started this first by stopping the pipeline to stopping drilling on federal lands

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    Less oil not more.

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    Keep it in the ground!!!

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    ideally we should be moving away from fossil fuels completely since there is such a thing as a last drop of oil to be gotten & a last lump of coal in the ground & putting all our eggs in the basket of sustainability since both sun & wind are renewable resources which are inexhaustible for the foreseeable future

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    We need to be sun-setting fossil fuels for more sustainable alternative fuels.

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    We should be expanding our oil production not relying on others. Biden has been putting obstacles in our oil production. It will hurt us in the long run. Restart the Keystone line and ramp up our oil production!

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    If he would stop interfering with the oil industry and now the biofuels from corn, we would not have a shortage and would not need to buy oil from other countries. Biofuels burn clean and corn is a renewable resource. I would think he would like that since it goes along with his climate change agenda.

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    Increase in production will bring prices down. We still have to rely on fossil fuel until we can convert to clean energy.

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    I am a little cautiously optimistic about he Biden plan as it relates to oil. I agree with halting the pipelines because we need to maintain our wild lands and be aware of the impact on drilling as it relates to good drinking water across our country. But I also don’t like paying $5 a gallon for car gas when our income has hardly increased. Yes, nearly $5/gal here in parts of California. Until we get on board with using the FREE energy of the sun, wind, and water we are going to be playing this game with rising prices.

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    Joe Biden is a complete asshole, build the Keystone Pipeline, re-open off-shore drilling and ANWAR, and return America to energy independence and make us an exporter of oil and LNG, instead of enriching other nations that hate America, start the 25th amendment process to rid of this demented buffoon, who even when he did not have dementia was probably one of the stupidest politicians in DC.

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    IF climate change is real, why did Obama buy real estate on the water on Martha’s Vineyard? It’s fake and they know it. They only push climate change because they need to always instill fear into Americans to maintain their control and power. Making the US dependent on foreign oil again is criminal!

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    That's great give money to the middle east. Everyone knows they hate us. Brilliant move, Biden. Maybe Biden hates America?