House Joins Senate on Fourth of July Recess

How do you feel about this week’s congressional schedule (or lack thereof)?

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    Yes plz. Take a break and come back fresh..

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    Everyone needs a vacation but we need Congress back to work to pass infrastructure and voting rights. Like now please.

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    Bipartisan laziness. Also, let's stop calling it "recess". Us regular people who have jobs where production is required for a paycheck call what Congress does: paid vacation after producing ZERO - not a "recess". Its insulting.

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    Tired of paying them to spend time on vacation , traveling and campaigning .

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    Recess…? From ….what did they do for us constituents, let alone our Country?

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    This isn’t just a vacation. Senators and Representatives need time away from Washington to be in their states and districts. Of course, they also need time off to recharge. When they get back, a few suggestions: 1. Pass the Green New Deal. 2. Provide Medicare for all. 3. Cancel ALL student loan debt. 4. Ban all guns. 5. Tax millionaires and corporations.

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    Enjoy the holiday Congress! Please come back ready to pass infrastructure legislation. We’re counting on you!!!

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    When Congress is in recess our Liberty is protected

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    Since it’s a holiday this week, I’m okay with Congress on recess. But Congress should cancel it’s month-long August recess to make up the time Republicans stole by dragging on infrastructure talks.

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    I think the republicans should stay after school and not be able to go to recess!

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    The Mitch McConnell senate recess a week before Nancy Pelosi House of Representatives and Mitch McConnell senators comes back a week after the Nancy Pelosi house representatives, looks like Mitch McConnell take about a three week break to Nancy Pelosi one week. I think the senate need to stay after school and have no recess! No wonder Mitch McConnell can’t get anything done with all the bills setting on his desk! One other thing the house, the senate and the president are not federal employees, they are elected officials! Federal employees got one day off! You’re giving federal employees a bad name, they might get off the same days your kids get off.

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    All well and good that they have this week off but August is a Hell No from me and should be from all of us. There's too much that needs to be done so our country can move forward. Taking time off is not how things get done! Must be nice to get a fat salary to take time off because we all know they are not having town hall meetings like they're supposed to. It's more of a vacation and not working! If they truly did care about their constituents and the mess we have to clean up...then maybe they won't take August off? What do you think? Too much work needs doing! Very important work needs to be done! The problem is that so much time has been WASTED with the bickering about extremely important issues that certain ones don't give a rat's ass about. This country cannot possibly move forward until the problems are solved. Until everyone acts like mature adults instead of whinny spoiled bratts...scared minions throwing hissyfits only to look good to protect themselves from the trumplican regime attacking them...then NO TIME OFF for anyone! I am ashamed of the fact that a certain party will not work for their constituents or the oath of office that they swore to the constitution. Seems that is was just BS. The 4th meant nothing because this country got f***ed for 4 years and it still is thanks to the 'you know who's' that still walk the halls of the Capital. Because of THEM...everything's at a standstill. If they don't like to work then get the f*** out! Our democracy is percarriously hanging on the edge of a crumbling ledge and with every tick of the clock another piece falls. Is that what you want? Not me!!!

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    No more vacations Work Just like the rest of us-get to work

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    No Work No Pay like the rest of us Americans. I like it !

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    All politicians are nothing more then Useless Slugs that are only out to line their very own deep pockets!

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    Ridiculous! They (Republicans), don’t do anything to take a break from

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    Come back ready to investigate the terrorist attack on the Capitol and pass the infrastructure bill. If you hear someone say they are against the investigation, you know what they are…

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    I think the reason they take so many breaks is because they really can’t fucking stand the sight of each other at this point.

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    Let’s see what the June apprehended numbers are on the southern border. Hear its record breaking again. Congress should be working towards solutions. VP and secretary of homeland security aren’t getting any better control of the situation.

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    Is this a real question. How do I feel about their schedule. What schedule? They are off again.