AG Garland Announces DOJ Will Sue Georgia Over Election Law

Do you support or oppose the DOJ suing Georgia over its new election law?

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    Jim Crow 2.0 cloaked in the cover of “fighting voter fraud”, of which there is simply NO EVIDENCE! I hope he sues each and every state implementing racist voting laws!!!

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    Why this is turned into a race issue is baffling. Are you implying blacks are incapable of getting a legitimate id? Because THAT is a very racist statement. If anything it is a citizen vs non-citizen issue which is without a doubt obvious and has a clear response. Only citizens can vote. If it's important enough to you and you value the right to vote, you will move your ass to get an id. You are a capable adult. You don't need a nanny state to facilitate everything in your life. 

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    I can't say it any better than Georgia's governor:

    This lawsuit is born out of the lies and misinformation the Biden administration has pushed against Georgia’s Election Integrity Act from the start. Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, and their allies tried to force an unconstitutional elections power grab through Congress - and failed. Now, they are weaponizing the U.S. Department of Justice to carry out their far-left agenda that undermines election integrity and empowers federal government overreach in our democracy. As Secretary of State, I fought the Obama Justice Department twice to protect the security of our elections - and won. I look forward to going three for three to ensure it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat in Georgia.”

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    I oppose this lawsuit out of respect for the minority community. How can that be? I do NOT automatically assume that ANYONE is too mentally deficient to follow simple rules and regulations today in the 21st Century. Confusing communication, laws, rules, and regulations have allowed those with ulterior motives to be allowed to subjugate portions of the country's population to be subject to their authority. This has NEVER served this country well. Don't agree? Then you must have been in some barren, desolate, place with absolutely no communication to, from, or with anyone anywhere on the face of the earth!

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    This an any other laws designed to create a problem in our rights to vote with ease, should be stopped. The Republicans are trying to dismantle our democracy.

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    It’s the DOJ’s job to put a stop to Republicans overstepping the boundaries and trying to take away the rights of people in Georgia. Before other states try to do the same thing. Shut it down now keep our democracy in tact.

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    It’s about time the law is enforced! Thank you!

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    Some people in here have obviously not read the law and have not looked at other states the laws that are implemented in Georgia I’m not near as bad as laws in New York Delaware New Jersey Oregon Georgia has 17 days of early voting to include Sundays and Sundays are open 7 AM till 9 PM the state of our president only has nine early voting days it requires identification that you have to have to do literally everything that involves the government but for some reason the Democrats do not want people to have to prove who they are to vote but they have to prove who they are to get any kind of assistance programs cash a check get on the airplane enter a federal building go see their senators while they’re in town so I find Criticism of this law very hypocritical and ignorant

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    I support the DOJ suing Georgia over their election suppression laws. We have the same thing going on here in Arizona. It is going to make it harder for us older white people to vote, even though the focus is to make it harder for MINORITIES to vote, the usual republican strategy when they lose an election. And unfortunately, this works for them. But bad for democracy. Every state that has done this needs to be sued. And that damn supreme court needs to bring back the checks on these states that take our voting rights away from us!!! And what is going on with this fake count by the "cyber ninjas"??? ballots going to MONTANA? can't you stop this? Or have the DOJ sue over THIS??? The ballots will come back completely different that the way they went out, I am sure.

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    About time!!

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    Why? Because there trying to safeguard the election process? This would prevent his boss from stealing a second term. I forgot the true boss is Kamaaala!

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    You need only read the 10th amendment to realize what an asshole thing this is.

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    If Georgia wins, it could set precedent to protect other state rights.

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    This falls under State sovereignty. We need to ensure the integrity of our elections! We need voter id at the polls and for mail in ballots. We do not need the mess we had with 2016's Russian collusion allegation and 2020's voter fraud allegation.

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    Kathy N Grant

    VOTER SUPPRESSION is against the Constitution! How about getting out there to help people being able to to do their Constitutional right and not make it more difficult! Many died for that right! Take time and watch the movie Selma.. revisit what has happened in this, OUR Country for the right to VOTE! SHAME on Florida for passing this bill plus those that backed out! It's REALLY DISGUSTING and makes us EMBARRASSED to be Floridian's!

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    Too many Republicans are trying to take us back in time to re- live the past with unfair, blatantly racist policies. We can’t let that happen. We must fight for, and stand firm for doing what is right for all people, creating just laws for all and enforcing the rule of law, at all times for EVERYONE.

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    We need federal laws to banish Jim Crow laws. We need them badly and before the next election. Get rid of the filibuster so we can get something done. And Manchin and Sinema -- get out of the way of democrats. If you keep this up, you wont get re-elected.

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    It is just another form of racism.

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    Bicycler: Nice examples! It still amazes me that any of our people actually support these a$$wipe politicians. I really cannot fathom how politicians who openly lie, cheat and steal ever get elected. To quote an erstwhile Tweeter, SAD.

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