Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects NCAA’s Limits on Student-Athletes’ Educational Benefits

How do you feel about the Court’s decision?

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    Like most things, there are pros and cons. One can see how it doesn't seem fair the couch makes a ton of bucks while the athlete doesn't. But on the flip side, where will the money come from? Currently those sports make money that the school can use to support less profitable things. So the money to pay them may mean less money to other things at a school.

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    College should be a fortress of higher learning not a minor league farm system for pro sports. If these athletes want to be compensated, they are free to leave school to pursue their ambitions and they should do so. You cannot have your cake and eat it too no matter how many people are watching on TV.

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    It’s about time the NCAA has been ripping those students athletes off for decades. Most of these college sports have become year round for the student athletes. It’s like having a job and they should be compensated for that..

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    give the little guy half a shake for a change.

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    Slavery is over. It's time to pay the student athletes.

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    How important are sports in reality - not much. At best they are an distraction and fleeting in ones life. Glorifying them is to forgo what education is really all about. That lovings one country and being a productive American .

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    That is why they are there for education not money we pay athletes enough they need to focus on there studies not lame sports! WHAT A WAIST; college is for learning not playing games!

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    While I support improving the education system, it should be for all people, not just athletes. I firmly believe that paying young athletes is not a wise decision because research has been done that shows when you pay someone to do something they enjoy over time it causes them to enjoy the activity less as they do it for the money rather than for the enjoyment of it. (,motivation%20to%20perform%20that%20action.&text=In%20psychology%2C%20this%20is%20known,on%20your%20motivations%20and%20behaviors.) College sports should be done for the enjoyment of the sport, not as way to make more money. Athletes also usually tend to get a lot of scholarships that help them pay for the materials they need, so they don't need the money. I would suggest that colleges should offer athletes the option to pay them and give them the option to turn down the pay offer throughout their whole time as a college student in the event that they change their minds instead of colleges just automatically paying the athletes.

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    Tuition, room , board, uniforms and equip for 4 years at a college paid for seems like compensation to me. I would have been MOST appreciative of that had my daughter received that! Instead we paid for college through parents and student loans!

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    To my understanding, there is a huge inequity between student athletes and regular students. If allowed to promote their personal "brand" for their personal benefits, then student athletes should not have any public subsidy such as scholarships, free room and board, etc. They should totally pay their way with their new personal revenue stream. Many a regular student would deeply appreciate having the scholarship opportunities and open doors that a student athlete has access to.

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    Now we know what we always knew, football, basketball, etc. rule and to hell with awarding science, technology, the arts, etc.! Students who go to universities and colleges to learn are strapped with enormous debt, while jocks are paid and given outrageous perks to play a game!

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    The purpose of higher education is just that: education. Student tuitions have skyrocket over the past decades, which in turn has caused record debt on student loans. A quasi-professional sports program that parasitically eats away at that should be cut off. Perhaps the schools and the athletic departments should go their separate ways. Use the school's name under a license: that would reverse the cash flow, and it would stop this prostitution of colleges and universities.

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    College sports has become just another professional league, although till now the owners have gotten all the spoils. The players are putting their bodies on the line. They deserve compensation too.

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    CAUSES ASKS: "How do you feel about the Court’s decision [regarding the NCAA}? ME: Rather neutral. I remember the days when college sports were both college and amateur sports; however, those days are clearly past. I suggest that college athletics be eliminated entirely (other than mandatory physical education classes which over-fed American youth most definitely needs), and a "semi-pro" or "minor league" league be created that requires no college affiliation whatsoever on the part of its athletes in order to accommodate those of college age who want to play sports in the hopes of a pro contract rather than study in academia.

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    I rather the perks went to "qualified" students in science /engineering., mathematics, etc. We have enough college graduates with worthless degrees

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    We're in the process of destroying everything else. Why should college sports be exempt?

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    This isn't about "educational benefits." They're already on full scholarships. This is about a piece of the pie. At least a share of the profits from the use of pictures of them, and such. Penn State supports their entire athletic program (including intramural sports) from the profits generated by football. Surely, if allowed, they could find that some of the money could be better spent on the players. So many pro-quality basketball players at elite schools are now "one and done" because they risk their future pro careers every time they step onto a college court. A career-ending injury could happen at any moment.

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    Torn on this one. Yes they need help! But what is appropriate?

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    I see no reason for student athletes to not make some money while playing on a team. Why should the NCAA reap all the financial rewards on the backs of successful athletes? It's all about money for the NCAA.

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    It appears the sparkle has left of obtaining a free college education for athletic students who are recruited for their athletic acuity. It now isn’t enough to be granted that “ free ride” for a formal educational degree, many want monetary rewards also! How sad is it that these chosen students are now asking for more, definitely not satisfied with what they have been gifted. A paycheck for attending college( free) and participating in a sport is egregious. These students should also focus their attention on receiving that education in order to better themselves going forward, not raking in dollars for their athletic ability. That should come after the degree has been obtained. Professional athletes salaries are over the top, no man or woman should be paid the millions they are, but it continues. And now this idea has trickled down to college students. We all know that many of these professionals athletes end up broke, in trouble with the law, etc. because they are too immature to handle the salaries given to them. We see it almost everyday in the media of an athlete arrested for some crime whether it is abuse or some violent crime. So now a monetary amount should be given to college students, I think not. With this ruling the only money spent will be to strengthen their course of studies which is a positive one.