Biden Admin Freezes Sale of Lethal Arms to Ukraine Amid Russian Military Buildup

How do you feel about the Biden administration freezing a lethal arms sale to Ukraine amid Russia’s military buildup?

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    Biden’s foreign policies are a joke! No one, no one is afraid of him. He shut down the keystone pipeline and allowed Russia to open the pipeline to Germany. Which led the US to become more reliant on OPEC for fuel. This administration is destroying America.

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    It is a deal comrade Biden made with Putin. Why did Biden give his approval of the Russian Pipeline and shutdown our pipeline. And all you guys thought it was Trump and Putin.

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    Putin aggressive nature yes arm them

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    If you're going to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. Mr. Putin needs to be aware of his real position in the world and strength is the only thing he understands.

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    Biden is covering up a set of corrupt dealings by throwing a whole country under the bus.

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    If Trump would of done this, he would be impeached. This is being utilized as a bargaining chip. Shame on you Biden for playing these games.

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    Are the Dems ready to concede more of the Ukraine to Russia's land grab?

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    Ukraine surrendered one of the largest nuclear arsenals, if not THE largest on the planet. They could’ve been used it to bring the US to the negotiating table in an aggressive manner. Think North Korea but hundreds of times worse. They could’ve used it to leverage their way onto the world stage a provide one of the biggest threats to world peace since the Cold War. But they didn’t. They surrendered one of the deadliest assets of mankind. They did this largely in part because major nations such as the US promised to defend its sovereignty. And now here we are. Russia is putting more military personnel at the border than ever before and the President picks this moment to freeze the little help we’ve been giving them. If this is what “tough on Russia” looks like than we certainly have problems.

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    Well Joe does what Vlad tells Joe to do. Hunter has new job in Russian oil.

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    Yeah yeah violence and war is no good but the Russian war machine needs to be dealt with and we have no place dealing with other countries crap we only need to deal with own - we have done enough

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    I think we should help the Ukrainian people ! We should sale lethal arms to Ukraine so it can protect them from the Russian s .

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    Why are we not freezing sales to Israel??

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    Ukraine needs arms to defend themselves from Russian take over! ARM Ukraine!

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    Michael R

    What's going on here? I need more info.

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    Seems to me that Ukraine has been struggling hard to be a democracy and I believe that the US and nato need to support their efforts. Have no trust in anything that Russia claims!!

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    How nice that Russia withdrew a few troops! There is still a huge force on that border capable of quickly sweeping the country and bringing democracy there to a bitter and painful end. Keep in mind as well, that a huge portion of the country is still occupied by Russia's invading forces! We need to help this democratic country defend itself in the face of these Russian threats!

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    The career tough-talking dimwit in charge is likely withholding the aid as he's done in the past for the same reason - his son or brother are in need of a paycheck. Old illegit Joe is fading fast despite being propped-up by handlers. Sorry libs but your decision to vote for him is going to end badly.

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    Reminds me of Trump's abandonment of the Kurds. Shame on POTUS Biden. Don't believe Putin. Help Ukraine.

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    Sell them everything they want. Keep Americans employed and money coming into the country not going out of the country. Like the Biden regime seems to like to happen. Other than that stay out of foreign affairs with US military personnel or US spending. Until the United States government can provide free healthcare for all of its citizens. Take care of your family and feed your family before do you feed and take care of others