Supreme Court Unanimously Sides With Catholic Foster Family Agency Against Philadelphia in First Amendment Case

How do you feel about the Court’s decision?

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    The adoption agency is providing a great service to these children and should not be forced to violate their faith or mission of helping the orphans.

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    SCOTUS is back doing its job correctly.

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    The Supreme court seems to forget that politics should not be confused with religiosity.

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    By denying same-sex couples, CSS is in fact, violating the rights off others.

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    P Scott

    The potential problem here is that religious groups/churches do a lot and if you force them to do something against their belief then you potentially shut them down when they are not the only group that provide this service. On the flip side this reminds me of years ago when a county clerk refused to give marriage licenses to same sex couples as it was against her belief - in that case she was wrong as if she disagrees then she should resign from her job as her state allows it and her office is where they have to go.

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    The Supreme Court needs to stop discrimination. This is the second time this Court has allowed "christian" religion institutions to discriminate against LGBTQ persons within a matter of a few weeks. Discrimination no matter if based on race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, etc. should should not be upheld or supported by any court. The Constitution states that ALL PEOPLE are created EQUAL. That should supersede any religious, regional, local, state, amendment law. These "christain" churches, schools and other institutions are more than happy to accept federal money and non-tax status. The federal government should stop funding and providing special privileges to businesses and institutions that discriminate. Religious institutions and churches are businesses. This country's government was based on separation of church and state for good reason. The Court rulings have opened a crack that that can widen. If it is ok to discriminate against a person, it opens the door to hate. It separates us and leaves out some at the real expense of all.

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    Are we all not human beings? This is clearly a violation of separation of church and state and goes against Democracy as a whole.

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    On Causes, Michael777 wrote: "While this decision only affects very narrow situations, it is still concerning how the SCOTUS continues to strengthen “religious freedom”..." Read more here: Um... your emotional reaction to the religious freedoms and beliefs of another does not allow you the right to determine what you deem to be “allowed” under their belief systems. Do you have to like it? No. Can you speak out against it, sure. But they don’t have to change. So long as they are not causing physical harm to a person. I only replied to this because I see this all over the place nowadays... and it is a dangerous rhetoric for any hopes of maintaining our rights to all kinds of freedoms in this country. Freedom of religion shall not be infringed. I say this even as I speak as probably one of the Christian’s most hated types of people. They have the right to hate me, they don’t have the right to hurt me. I have the right to be upset and speak my mind about it, but not to attack and infringe on them. Everyone has a different perspective of how the world works ( or “should” work). That doesn’t give you the right to force someone to else to believe what you believe. That’s the beauty of this country. So much freedom that we can manage to exist amongst each other with such varying views on reality and spirituality. Now, in a precious comment I did also indicate that I felt if this group received tax payer funding and state exemptions from taxes, that should be removed from them. They should be allowed the freedom of their religious practices, but it should never ever be state or taxpayer funded (in my opinion). Freedom is freedom, but state regulations and laws related to discrimination exist for a reason as well. If you want to try and use your religion as a means to deny a taxpayer access to something, you don’t get their dollars to fund yourself in doing so. All humans in this country have the rights and means to do research on all groups before choosing to interact with one. Vote with your actions and dollars, and allow people their freedoms / stay in your lane. That’s my opinion. Otherwise we creep into a very scary zone of “which religion is targeted for what ‘social justice cause’ now!?” Am I next? How many witches do we have to bring into the city square to burn for “not assimilating to the majority’s beliefs” before we all realize what we are doing??

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    Philly, from my point of view had a right to not certify any foster care agency that discriminated against any couple, whether gay or not. The only valid reason to not allow a couple to act as foster parents is if they are abusive or would do more harm to the children tha good.

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    I do not, and have not ever, agreed with any religion that has decided their God is against all things related to “same sex” couples... however... that is “my opinion” and doesn’t have any place in someone’s ability to perform their duties within the constructs of their own spiritual path...:. this is a scary little legal dance... does the organization get their religious freedom to run their organization the way their spiritual rules determine are best and most good under their God, or should the state have a right to step in and say “your religion is wrong, and you must allow this because otherwise you’re going to be fined or shut down / canceled”..... Separation of church and state? Agree with another commenter on here - if they receive state funding or tax credits from the government for their group, then that should be removed unless they will follow non-discrimination laws of the US (consider it the “cost” of maintaining religious freedom while not abusing possibly same sex couple’s tax dollars to deny them a family).. otherwise I think the government should keep it’s nosey overreaching fingers out of it.... I certainly do see how this is a situation that deserves much more in depth consideration and discussion from all parties then it has... and possibly ever will... many toes are being stepped on in this, and I don’t believe anyone is left feeling good.

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    Church and state are supposed to be separate!

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    Doris J.

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    A David

    This is an issue when two Constitutional Rights come head to head, there may not actually be a correct answer. At least in this case there are other agencies that are not homophobic.

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    I agree with religious freedom. I question the judgement of an organization that will not place children with same sex couples for that reason only. There are so many children that need good homes and to eliminate same sex couples across the board, eliminates a lot of possibly good homes. Also, this is discrimination, and I don’t believe religious freedom should include the right to discriminate.

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    I do not know the full details behind this decision, but it greatly troubles me that this infringes upon the separation of church and state. If a religious organization is accepting funding as part of a State sponsored program of any kind they should be bound by the rules of the State. If not, then the state has every right to pull funding and state support from that religious organization. No one’s rights should be allowed to infringe on other people’s rights, religious or not. (In fact, any church or religious group that obtains public taxpayer funds for any purpose should lose their tax exempt status. They do not contribute, so why should they benefit from taxpayer resources?) … … … The same is true for masking and social distancing state mandates to control the spread of communicable diseases where certain religious practices would be essentially super spreader events that greatly risk spreading deadly pathogens to others in the community beyond their religious groups. I disagree with the courts ruling, for example, that the State could not enforce disease control mandates for certain religious groups allowing freedom of religion to trump the freedom of others from suffering due to the spread of deadly pathogens to others in their community likely to come from religious group’s lack of following disease control protocols. … … … There are some Muslim sects that would slaughter live lambs in their driveways for family religious holidays. Sikh’s turbines traditionally would include a small knife for self-defense as part of their belief’s - they are probably barred from aircraft if they attempt to follow their religious beliefs. What about practicing Druids and Satan Worshipers - aren’t these all religious beliefs? Should they all be allowed to practice their religions no matter however they may conflict with state regulations and laws - OR IS THE SUPREME COURT PICKING THE ONLY ‘TRUE’ RELIGIONS THAT COUNT? … . … By these SCOTUS rulings alone, are they not violating the constitutional separation of church and state by, in effect, endorsing the religious beliefs that deserve special favor and picking those religious beliefs that the country should honor over other religious beliefs? This, to me, is really a scary proposition which seems to run counter to the principles of inclusion and acceptance of all personal religious beliefs that do not infringe upon the rights of others at all, or to have different beliefs or no religious beliefs whatsoever.

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    The ruling said the city could not bar the Catholic Foster Agency from PARTICIPATING in the foster program because they did not support placement with same sex couples. That is reverse discrimination... The Court made no judgement about the Catholic POSITION on same sex couples, just that the city could not eliminate them from participation because of their position.

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    Discrimination based on marital status. Unwed couples should be able to be designated as foster parents.

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    Some states have laws allowing women to go topless in public but it depends on where she does it. If she does it in a public park where children could be playing, she'll be removed from the park and perhaps charged with a crime. So, whoever is making the rules, I hope that the safety and needs of children are placed first with the courts and churches.

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    Court is biased and out of touch.