Senate Confirms First Batch of Biden's Judicial Nominees

How do you feel about the confirmation of Biden’s first batch of judicial nominees?

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    More seats in a Republican administration you people are stupid

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    Michael J

    The Trump Administration is dead and buried with the appointment of qualified Judges. The idiocy of the GOP/ Trump Party continues as federal judges Donny put forth wreck havoc on the justice system ... until they’re gone.

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    Wonderful! More QUALIFIED grownups to balance out Trump’s clusterf#k.

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    Get some Caucasian judges.

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    As long as they are chosen because of their competence

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    I don't trust anyone this incompetent buffoon nominates because it's all coming from the Obama shadow government.

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    It's his right as president to appoint judges. I don't have to like them.

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    McConnell wasn't interested in any kind of legislation that would help people as they don't want government to work for anyone other than the already haves and to ram conservative judges down our throats who will legislate from the bench. He spent the entire term of tRump in packing all of the lower courts with young male judges. Many of them weren't even qualified judges but they were young and the appointments would be a lifetime. They also changed the McConnell rule which justified adding another appointment to the Supreme Court as soon as Ginsburg died. McConnell plays fast and loose with rules when it benefits him yet he wishes Democrats to hold near & dear to the rules so that the minority party can obstruct anything from getting done. I am more than thrilled that Biden has the same opportunity to balance the courts. I especially like that he can put in place young black female judges so that they can serve lifetime positions in the judiciary and work their way up to Supreme Court justices. We need more female judges since males want to control the healthcare decisions of women maybe some of these women will wish to begin to control men's gonads. Let's see how men wish to have their sexual health controlled by women. Hey men, if you wish to be an active partner in the bed then you should put half your money in the game in the case of a pregnancy and take care of the result of your bedroom romps. Anthony Kennedy retired so that they could get another conservative judge on the bench. It was suggested that this was arranged. Breyer should do the same so that we can get a young black female judge on the Supreme Court for life. They also need to change the filibuster back to having to remain on the floor for as long as it takes to debate the bills. Let them give up some weekends and we'll see how long they are willing to obstruct. I bet that crap ceases in short order.

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    I think that is great. I hope this cooperation continues.

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    All over the country we are seeing the results of what liberal justices are doing to Americans. No bail is releasing criminals who rob a bank in the morning and by afternoon he's out to rob another bank in the afternoon. Liberal justices are letting prisoners out years early only to have them reoffend, commit child abuse, rape and murder all in the name of what they're idea of justice. No wonder that so many people who don't feel protecte by the courts are buying record firearms!

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    Tooshey, Mitch! I always believed that Kennedy “was retired” by trumpsters who wanted to replace him with their “play along” judges for eventual total dominance over the rest of us. Their big plan is in trouble, buba.

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    It always amazed me how many empty positions, at every level and in both the executive and judicial branches, Trump just left unfilled.

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    Nice to see it working since the Senate blacked all of Obama's nominations. Maybe some of these judges are actually qualified, unlike many that Trump nominated. Many whom Trump nominated were no more qualified to rule than he was as proven by being such a total loser.

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    Glad Biden is appointing a diverse of judges that are black, Muslim, feminist

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    Every incompetent whack job that Dolt 45 put forth got rubber stamped. So what kind of crack head would block qualified candidates put forth by the president we all voted for? Start doing what’s right for a change. Will do your soul good. It will never wash off the trump stench, but it’s a step toward redemption.

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    Fill every open seat there is with quality judges. Not like the last administration who put young white unqualified men and a hand full of women conservative on the bench. McConnell sat on hundreds pieces of legislation to stack the courts paid for by rich donors. This have been Republicans agenda since the civil rights movement in the 60’s. They would still like things to be as they were prior to that time. White men land owners dictating this country.

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    I’m not comfortable with any decision that Biden makes.

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    The tyrant is adding more jesters to his Puppet show

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    Biden's nominees are, unsurprisingly, highly qualified and diverse. This is what the country needs.

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    I wish Comrade dear leader Beijing Biden had said when he started his administration that he was going to pick for nominees the MOST QUALIFIED person for the job. His qualifications he said for his nominations will be that they are black and have a vagina. He has also tried to pick the first of everything even if it isn’t the real first. When he picked Department of Transportation Secretary he claimed this was the first LBGTQII+ cabinet person ever to hold a cabinet position. Of course that is forgetting President Trump has named Richard Grenell acting director of national intelligence. His pick for Transportation Secretary was totally that he was openly gay. He was the mayor of the 5th largest city in Indiana and he was noted for having the most pot holes in the state. No other qualifications. Comrade Biden also claimed to have the first female Secretary of Treasury. That would be Ms Yellen and if you do a google search for the first woman Secretary of Treasury it will come back that she was the first. That is of course forgetting that Angela Marie "Bay" Buchanan (born December 23, 1948) is a conservative political commentator who served as Treasurer of the United States under President Ronald Reagan. She is the sister of conservative political commentator Pat Buchanan. I am thinking that President Reagan was President before Comrade Biden so President Reagan must of been the first to do it. Comrade dear leader Beijing Biden of course to give us a first has nominated and passed the Senate with the first Muslin District Judge she is not black but she has a vagina, and he got a first finally.