Southern Border Apprehensions Remained at Historic Levels in May - Are You Concerned About Border Security?

Are you concerned about border security and rising numbers of illegal crossings?

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    my only concerns about illegal border crossings are the children, and if we are taking care of them PROPERLY, not like that last asshole did. ALSO, TAKE THE FUCKING FENCE DOWN. See, it has made no difference in the number of people crossing, but has destroyed our public lands.

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    To NOT be concerned is both ignorant and pathetically partisan. See - exhibit A: Kamala Harris.

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    This shouldn't even be a question! OF COURSE we should protect our borders. Immigrants need to come into our country through legal means. They should go through all the protective measures in place to protect American citizens.

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    We need to not put children in over crowded “interment” facilities & ABOLISH ICE

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    This is a disaster for America!! When interviewing people coming across the Border for weeks, Sara A. Carter(.com) discovered people coming from 146 different countries. She's talked to Border Patrol agents who said they are so busy with migrants there is no interdiction of drugs and that should scare anyone. The drugs are NOT marijuana but fentanyl and meth that no law enforcement agency will say are being brought to every city and county in America! Biden's policies are making the Cartel's rich beyond belief. It is allowing the cartel's to then put migrants into servitude to them.

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    We need to close the border too many are coming across!

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    Absolutely.....concerned...Biden created this crisis....THANKS BIDEN VOTERS. YOUR AT FAULT ALSO....YOU WERE WARNED....

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    I live in Texas and I is no worse than any other year. Besides, the we have lost over 600,000 people surly we have room for a few thousand.

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    These people coming from South America are afraid for their lives and the lives of their children! They need to be given a chance to save their lives. Most of the criminals, and drug smugglers are coming from underground tunnels, boat, and plane, not across the southern boarder. We need to try and figure out a way of processing these people crossing the boarder in a fair way. How do you think we all got here? Our ancestors came here to be free. Now we want to pick and choose. Did the Native Americans have a choice who came to this country?

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    It's almost like we need a border wall in southwestern states to help keep immigration into our country legal and orderly. I have zero issues with immigrants that are trying to better themselves by coming here, when our immigration laws are followed and requirements are met. When our borders are illegally crossed, that's an actual problem. Does any other country on earth not want immigrants to enter legally according to their laws and requirements? But we should be different, because...I have no idea. The "build bridges not walls" people should all be required to live and raise their children on our Southern border. Without locks on their doors and windows, or without windows or doors at all. I mean you wouldn't want to keep anyone out of your home if they wanted to come in. Whether you agreed with it or not.

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    White supremacists who caused the insurrection on 1/6/21 must be held accountable

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    this needs to stop all those drugs coming into this country ,now WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM they know the proper way to come into this country

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    Beef up the systems that process applications for asylum and look at the reasons why so many people risk everything to come here. The strength of our country is inclusion, not demonization.

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    No. I’m concerned about how horrendous the conditions are in the countries these people are fleeing. It is so bad they are willing to give up everything and travel for hundreds of miles at great risk. What we should do is try to help them in their countries sothey don’t need to risk their lives in order do save them.

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    People seeking asylum are not a threat to the US. We need immigrants to fill so many jobs right now. We need to make it easier for them to come in and fill all the help wanted positions I am seeing as I travel around the country this summer.

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    We need to be mindful of the fact the we, as a nation, caused and/or contributed to the conditions that these folks are fleeing. We need to help their situation at home, not just close the border and say "don't come"!

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    Not any more than any other time. If the U.S. keeps polluting and robbing these countries of natural resources. Putting in governments ruled by the U.S. which kill their people. Keep allowing drugs into the country. It is a big money operation.

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    It’s always concerning when our laws are ignored. Asylum seekers should have access to applications and timely action on those applications. We must continue to stress that our borders are closed; illegal entry will result in deportation. Workers VISAs should be on hold until those with expired VISAs return home. Congress should end Birthright Citizenship. Families with a citizen child reap benefits available for citizens. Building walls is not the solution. Enforcing our laws are needed. .

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    I am concerned for the lives of people attempting entry into the US. Congress must work to pass immigration reform. Also, investigation into why people are risking their lives to leave their country of origin is needed. Aid must be given to stop the criminality , aid must given for health care and family planning, and aid given for economic development and trade. Republican claim of the sanctity of life is another lie. They allow the death to continue without working to solve the problems.

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    I am more concerned as to the root cause of their fleeing their countries. Lets see how the VP's new project develops. Lets treat all at the boarder humanly. THE BIGGEST ARE CONCERN I VOTER SUPPESSION , INVESTIGATING THE INSURECTION AND HOLDING ALL RESPONSIBLE ACCOUNTABLE, and MOST OF THE GOP IN CONGRESS FAILING TO WORK FOR THE PEOPLEWHO ELECTED THEM!!!,