Senate Republicans Block Democrats' 'Paycheck Fairness Act'

Do you support or oppose Democrats’ Paycheck Fairness Act?

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    There is nothing I support more than equal pay for equal work, and I really can’t think of anything more American than rewarding people for what they do rather than who they are or where they come from.

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    I never believed this was common until 2002. New supervisor positions were created in two different departments at my company. Of the 2 people to fill these positions, one a woman the other a man. A little background: the man would be supervising a dept that ran 6 machines that did high-end printing for orders that were 1,000+ piece orders. His responsibilities centered around just the 6 presses. The man had no prior experience as a supervisor or any support capacity of such. The woman would be supervising the dept that filled all customer orders with the material required to be printed. Her oversight included receiving, shipping, industrial cutters, warehousing, customer service support, and order location. She had prior supervisory experience in the military and a large chain department store. He had 6 employees to supervise, she had 18 she directly supervised, and another 123 she supervised indirectly as supporting plant manager whenever the plant manager was absent. The man was given a 50 cent per hour raise, with $1 for every over time and $2 for double time. The woman didn’t at first receive any raise. She went to the president to request a raise, which she received 5 cents an hr. On average men ran the presses, which didn’t require constant attention, the women set up the order, which required constant attention throughout the shift. The man quit after 6 months, of which his pay was not reduced. She stayed on until 2012. I was the woman and was so angry and close to quitting. The disrespect was crushing, but they continued to place me in vital areas that kept the company running smoothly. I was doing the work of 4 people. I decided I would get my degree, so I continued to work full time while going to school part time. I quit when the company had forced the 2nd shift plant manager to retire and decided they wanted me to fill that position... without the pay or benefits package plant managers received. I decided school was a better option. After I left I learned my quitting caused the company to have to hire 4 more people just to cover my areas of responsibility. Paycheck fairness should be a no-brainer. On average, women do work harder, longer and more. People should be paid for that, and less lackluster employees should be paid for what they do or don’t. Paycheck fairness would bring in higher quality employees to companies that need hard workers.

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    Repugnantcans always block legislation that doesn’t give corporations and themselves a huge pocket full of cash. Dissolve the GOP and create a really responsible centrist Conservative party like the GOP during Ike’s time.

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    The only employers who seriously oppose this law are those who are discriminating and would receive its comeuppance. Not only should legal recourse be given to protect discriminated against employees, all income data should be public and accessible. Employees are part of the team that makes a company successful and should have clear access to all the information they need to protect themselves.

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    GOP keeping the archaic status quo in place. Avoiding accountability while exclaiming their opponents must be held accountable . SMH No honor as a human.

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    This is not a bill for Democrats or Republicans, it is a bill for WORKERS! Something on the order of 80% of the population would be positively affected with no significant negative results. Did those people run on the platform that they would help keep the country as poor and unfair as possible?

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    It’s time for equal pay

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    I oppose the Paycheck Fairness Act. Please Vote no.

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    Get tougher and advertise in these Red States!

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    What is the GOP afraid of? That women might actually make a fair wage? Oh, the HORROR! Before long, they’ll think they have better ideas! Time to vote the old, misogynistic men out of office. Bring in the election cycle.

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    Support working Americans! End the political posturing and R blocking if everything D.

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    There are already mechanisms available to address this issue. The only winners if this passes would be attorneys.

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    Not only do I support it but I would go further. Make all salary public to all other employees. Salary shouldn't be hidden away, enabling envy by other who assume you make more than them. It also allows for this practice of gender discrimination to occur.

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    Our country can’t continue to prosper as long as huge wage inequalities exist across American society and while the Middle Class continues to shrink.

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    First off, the republican party has ceased to exist since the tea party revolution. This was the first step to what they are now, the murdering insurrectionist party. Of course, they retain obstructionist values. Still the party of NO. Chairman Mao McConnell does not care about America, just cares about keeping his absolute corrupt power. NO to paycheck Fairness, NO to independent commission on the insurrection. NO, NO, NO, that is all you hear. They are a waste on taxpayers money.

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    “As long as legislators value a win for their tribe over a win for the majority, they will continue to get dangerously creative on Election Day. “ Jon Grinspan

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    Gop and their ignorant ilk, supporters think that rank & file make too much and receive too many benefits. The significant and sudden increases in cost of basics has more than offset everything received let alone catching up with arrears.

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    WTF?!!? Why is anyone still listening to Mcconnal!?!! End the filibuster!!!

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    Of course the f------ Republicans are blocking this bill. They don't want to do anything that helps the average American, but man, let's not do anything that requires the wealthy and big corporations to pay their fair share or to provide a liveable salary. Heaven forbid we inconvenience the rich and big business.

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    There is nothing 'fair' about this legislation. It fails to help anyone other than trial lawyers and should be rejected