Senate Republicans Block Bill to Establish Commission to Investigate January 6th Attack

Do you support or oppose a commission to investigate the January 6th attack?

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    Yes, I support who in the hell wouldn't. Perhaps they'd prefer to waste our taxpayer dollars on more of the bogus Benghazi investigations that produced nothing and admittedly were being used as a political ploy. We have a terrorist inserection from within on our own soil, capital and all these spineless cowardly do nothings will do is try to cover up and deflect. I personally cannot even fathom why anyone would even consider casting a vote for any of these gop/gqp, that is if one is still allowed to vote. The crescendo of the capital terrorist attack did not happen by supposed coincidence, it is the culmination of years with ineffective, anti democratic, anti American policies and greedy self interests. As the former mango Mussolini once stated "what the hell do you have to lose" well, we are living it now with the help of each and everyone that supported and went along with the charade, I pray they all rot in it.

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    Why are Republicans afraid of this commission?

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    This insurrection was more serious than Pearl Harbor and 9/11. The people deserve to know the whole story and the GOP resistance can only mean they have something to hide. If the GOP continues to confound the pursuit providing for and listening to the people, they should be swept aside in landslide elections for however it takes to be replaced by a new party to advance Conservative principles while remaining loyal to the people and their country.

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    Michael J

    If y’all didn’t greet the Jan 6th Capital Hill “guests” then you should be voting for the bipartisan commission. That the Three Stooges did neither shows their cowardice. You are your party and the 30% who lack a moral compass.

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    Yes it should be fully investigated to clear President Trump of any wrongdoing. And for the people that invaded our capital be punished severely. But our representatives must give us the citizens a reason to believe in which they have been falling short for many years. Most American citizens think our government representatives are taking advantage of us and living high on the hog doing it

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    Totally support a thorough investigation re. the insurrection. Of course, the damn Republicans would block such a commission-they know that they contributed to this act of treason and don't want the American people to have it confirmed. Such cowards-they have no sense of honor or loyality to this country.

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    Because of the filibuster and block voting by Republicans, our Democracy has become a farce. And because of Senators like Sinema and Munching it will remain so. Republicans have been totally uninterested in bipartisan efforts for at least 12 years. They ignore the wishes of the American people. They are now a cult of one of the most horrible persons in history - for political reasons. We can’t change this behavior overnight, and we will lose our country if we don’t stop this attempted takeover. We can’t do that if we don’t have a better understand of who, what, when and where and DO SOMETHING about it. I am disgusted with everyone who voted against the commission, those who didn’t bother to vote. We need to change the filibuster rules back to what they were before Mitch McConnell, otherwise we are letting minority rule take over by manipulation of Senate processes, and subsequent voting. The filibuster and strong arm voting are the problems - along with Democrats who appear to be Republicans.

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    On the face of it, everyone KNOWS why and how this insurrection riot came about and who was primarily responsible for it. And NASTY McC and the whole GOP know that truth full well, and that's why they voted it down. They continue to try to convince the greater voting public that they stand for something positive when it's evident that all they stand for is selfish power grabbing, and holding on to that in any means they can imagine, and their motive is NOT FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY whom they are elected to represent.

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    The country has spent too much money on these phony, rigged commissions. JFK, 911 was a farce and now they want to spend countless millions on this ridiculous commission.

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    a commission to investigate Jan 6 attack is needed to clarify the responsible parties. But it needs to be limited in a time frame so we have answers before the next election cycle.

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    There are already two. We do NOT need a third.

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    Leslie: I am sure the X-president is aware and knowingly admits that he is breaking our laws. He simply does not care.

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    "Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself" Franklin D. Roosevelt The X-President tries to "manage" people like he has learned in management school. Most managers abuse, scare and intimidate their employees so they can make them feel they are unable to find a better job. Unfortunately, they only do that to people who actually CAN DO BETTER but the psychological side effects take hold and those people hang on to basically nothing. Their dreams are gone, their lives get ruined and the fat cats at the top buy another yacht! What happens in the end is that the country becomes bankrupt because nothing is being produced in a cost efficient manner. While the X-President seems "insane", he's actually not. His actions are clearly intentional and are common of the current management style in our country. All his actions are examples of what is taught in management schools but his have been twisted to be used in unethical ways to get things he does not deserve. It's easy to figure out his next move when you realize that fear is an extremely good motivator.

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    This is just another partisan hit job. If 1-6 was and interruption of Congress worthy of prosecution then Ms. Leslie Daugs of Bremerton WA City Council should also be charged and convicted of the same for disrupting the Sessions hearings held by Congress. If she gets a pass so should the January 6th protestors.

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    Unless they are going to be investigation BLM and Antifa being pushed by Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi I have no faith in their commissions. Those two named, along with many others pushing Antifa and BLM to cause havoc, should be in jail!

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    This should be investigated the same as any other attack; not supporting this type of investigation makes it appear that republicans are trying to hid something.

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    I warned my Government students far in advance that a historical event would occur on January 6th. I am a teacher, not a fortune teller, but the warning signs were abundantly apparent. The American people need to know why Washington didn't read the warning signs.

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    I don’t understand why anyone would oppose the establishment of a commission to investigate the break-in of Congress. We certainly need to know why our security (Capital Police, National Guard and others) failed so miserably in protecting our Congress. We need assurances this will never happen again. Act NOW to give us answers. That’s your responsibility as our elected representatives!

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    Senators Cindy Hyde-Smith, & Roger Wicker, Mississippi will not forget your traitorous stance. The people’s house was attacked, The VP was sought for attack, & the former president sought to overturn the people’s vote with an insurrection, & you have no objection to that😱