Texas Enacts Permitless Carry Law for Handguns - What Does It Do?

Should states adopt “permitless carry” or “constitutional carry” laws for handguns?

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    So Republicans demand ID for voting, but no identification when carrying a gun? Does that mean guns are more important than voting? How sad.

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    I think we need all the protection we can get in this country and not as many guns or less not more guns for sure.  Makes no sense to get rid of policies and laws that we've already enacted. For the safety of people. If one party is able to influence the judges that sit on the bench and then influence them to distract instead of create more safeguards that's not right. Honesty matters, truth matters, decency matters. This issue is a no-brainer. It's the Republican Party trying to instill its will  to the whole rest of the country. And they don't matter that much.as far as decency and honor they've shown lately that they've gone completely crazy.  Stop the insanity








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    Hey America an it’s elected officials have been making bad decisions for a 100 yrs now but each new law everyone acts shocked where your memory at it’s been like this since 1908 the laws they enact are all about there personal agenda look at bitch McConnell a bill bar recorded convo saying they know trumps fraud claim is bullshit but McConnell tells bar to not to tell trump his fraud claim is not true till after the gop retained the 2 seats in the runoff so McConnell in his own words is telling Barr it’s more important to retain McConnell majority the maintaining the integrity of the election I mean if that don’t wake you up to what’s happening then there no helping you ur naive an a retard shave your ass n walk backwards into traffic there no hope for idiots

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    Well maybe being at right time and place when a American citizen can foil a perpetrator attack big win

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    There should be no means to disarm the proletariat, and any means to disarm them should be met by force. Conservatives believe that us communists want to take their guns. We do not want to take their guns, as we believe that the capitalist state should not have a monopoly on force. It is bourgeois professional class liberals that want to disarm the public, as they have little to no desire to answer for the economic conditions which underwrite the economic anxiety behind mass shootings. Liberals should do better to stop selling our country out with free trade deals that outsource our industrial capacity — and drive the impoverished to do manic and horrible things. Gun control is a reactionary position adopted by liberals who refuse to fix the social problem that neoliberalism causes.

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    Insanity. Sell a gun to a nut, but don’t require back ground checks or registration. In Japan, you have to pass a test to own a firearm. In England you may only own a legitimate hunting gun. If we can’t do anything about the proliferation of Guns in our society, maybe we should make ammunition illegal. Might slow down the slaughter.

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    Everything is big in Texas, especially the assholes who you elected. Weeks of 100+ degrees with no AC and extra guns. What could go wrong?

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    Absolutely. I’d love to see this happen in my state of Florida also. I should have every right to carry and protect myself without limitations. In the areas that I live in - in South Florida, it would truly make me feel much safer doing my laundry at night in what is a very bad neighborhood if I was able to legally carry. At the very least, I’d like to see the FL legislature work with the Feds on the concealed carry issues when also having a medical card. Ridiculous federal loophole that prevents people who take legal medications from also having a concealed weapon. Currently I carry a knife for these same tasks, but I never truly feel like that will protect me against the many drug dealers / addicts wandering around. There are rules and regulations enough for purchasing a firearm. I fully believe that what Texas has done is the ultimate representation of our constitutional rights. Right on Texas. Thanks for proving time and again what it really looks like to be FOR THE PEOPLE. Let’s go Florida!

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    On Causes, Leslie wrote: "Two studies (CDC, FBI) done by Boston University analyzed 25 years of national data to examine the relationship between 10 different types..." Read more here: https://www.causes.com/comments/1470622 FYI - it says the regulations and rules related to background checks and screenings that exist for firearm purchases are NOT BEING CHANGED. The only thing changing is that the government isn’t going to require an extra bit of nonsense for you to carry said purchased firearm that the government would have already told you that you could purchase after passing a background check... I’ve read many times that it has been proven in other states that the more people who are able to carry in an area, the less crime. Because? There are less defenseless victims for criminals to prey on. An unarmed populace is ripe for the picking - fish in a barrel. As a female living in south Florida in bad neighborhoods full of drugs, homelessness, crime and violence, I am of the opinion that everyone arguing against this has had a blessed life being protected by the police they hate so much.... I am also of the opinion that while I fully respect people’s ability to choose whether they think guns are necessary or not, I also do not support limiting other citizen’s abilities to make that choice for themselves out of ignorance or fear or whatever the reason is this month. And honestly? With the way people are trying to abolish police and defund and attack / burn cities down? I’d like to be able to protect myself now, in case this violence spreads to my home town. No one cares as much about protecting me as I will, and the constitution clearly lays out our rights to do so. So, if guns are scary to you, it’s understandable - but it would behoove anyone feeling that way to go educate themselves on the subject fully, maybe even go to the range and fire different guns - or watch the range master or another person do so, research the actual laws and regulations.... then make an informed decision in one’s own life... stop trying to make other people conform to your world view while INFRINGING on constitutional “God-given” rights. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    On Causes, Brian wrote: "So Republicans demand ID for voting, but no identification when carrying a gun? Does that mean guns are more important than voting? How sa..." Read more here: https://www.causes.com/comments/1470502 What? Where does it say you don’t have to have an ID or go through the usual background checks that exist in order to purchase said firearm that you’ll then be able to carry without needless / pointless limitations that don’t restrict anyone but law-abiding citizens? 🤔🤔

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    Not just no, but HELL NO. We have enough idiots "packing heat" as it is, we sure the hell don't need to add more. What the f--- are we thinking? Actually, the answer to that is we're not, we're just using the 2nd amendment to justify our stupidity. Just like idiots use the 1st amendment to justify their not wearing mask in the mist of the worst public health crisis this country has seen in over a 100 years. The mentality, or lack thereof of the right wing nuts is amazing and goes not just to the bone, but to the marrow.

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    A week or so ago......some id-jet with a gun......shot his own son when a neighbors dog wandered into their yard........A day or so ago....another id-jet with a gun "felt threatened" on the highway so, he pulled his gun. When he reached his destination, he got out of the car, went to re-holster his gun and SOMEHOW pulled the freakin' trigger and shot his son in the stomach as he sat, strapped into his little car seat. Mass shootings are ON THE RISE and this freakin' idiot (Abbot sp?) wants to let MORE people have guns......the MADNESS is MOUNTING........and not just with guns......in Florida a person was killed while struck by a vehicle while marching in a parade.....Intentional?....I have not heard , but incidents of this nature are on the rise and the GOP is passing laws to protect the DRIVERS of these vehicles....and just traffic in general is getting crazier and crazier ........the DB behavior I have witnessed....passing on a double yellow line....passing up hill.....tailgating....dodging in and out of traffic/cutting others off etc.,has increased around my neck of the woods, as have the accidents that have closed down the main highways. It appears that a goodly number of people act like their "freedom" involves infringing on the freedom (the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness) of others. ENOUGH!

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    Are you out of your freakin’ minds? SEEMS SO! Don’t we kill enough people already?

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    Free thinker, what about all the capital police officers that were Beaten by Republicans do care about that and as has been said here numerous times before what is it say about a state that makes it easier to shoot someone then to vote! What it says to most Americans is it the Republicans a little longer in a race to the bottom they are at the bottom. Also if you haven’t been paying attention for the last 50 years the more guns America has the more people get killed that’s just a statistical fact. The time for proving or disapproving this is well over. America has more guns than any other place in the entire world and more than any other place in the tire world use this one on itself.

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    I think with all the people who suffer from mental health issues, giving them a gun is crazy. I think anyone getting a gun should under go psychological evaluation to make sure they are sane & responsible for there actions.

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    This is precisely the opposite that should be happening now. We had a gun law and policy but it sunset Ted(all of your effort) . It’s time to limit the activity of gun owners Now and in the future

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    This is such a dangerous and reckless way of addressing gun violence. More guns won’t make things better.

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    Ahhh Texas a state founded on a myth on land stolen from Mexico on a race to the bottom.

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    With Crime on the rise in almost every state and the push to Defund the Police, you have no alternative but to DEFEND YOURSELF!

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    It’s a constitutional right to carry a firearm to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. And considering the way most of them are acting now up in Washington we are under a tyrannical government we need to be able to defend ourselves