U.S. Birth Rates Dropped in 2020 to Lowest Level Since 1979

Are you concerned about trends in U.S. birth rates?

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    Same sex marriages don’t make babies. To increase birth rates we should be taking Pride away and helping people who are in the sinful spirits of Lust, Pride, Shame and Witchcraft to Repent and to get to know the Lord Jesus Christ

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    we are way over populated and need declining birth rates. this is only a good thing.

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    We are overpopulated, open borders, stop family incentives, make world equal.

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    The sustainable population of homo sapients would be 2-3 billions.

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    All highly vaccinated countries struggle with fertility. America is no different, the only reason we aren’t swiftly shrinking is because of the millions upon millions of legal and illegal immigrants that flood into this country every year.

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    So what are we bringing children into a world of intolerance, hate, fear?? Not to mention it’s so expensive and so scary to raise a child for fear they get gunned down at school- until we can start turning this all around it will continue.

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    Every problem faced today by the world can be reduced to overpopulation. Poverty, hunger, disease, war, pollution, terror, climate change...you name it, the basis is there are just too many people. The U.S. is doing what needs to be done and we need to encourage the rest of the world to follow our lead.

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    People are living longer and will be working longer because it is expensive to live in the US. Nope not worried.

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    My concern is White people are the ones having less babies while the blacks and hispanics continue to have babies they cannot afford to feed and rely on the government to feed their kids. The black population is a very unproductive race and a burden to this country. Deportation/segregation is the only solution to return this country to the White Christian nation it was founded as.,

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    Who can responsibly afford children? Very few. Ergo. It’s economics stupid. You get what you pay for.

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    Can’t afford kids. It’s straight forward economics.

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    With all due respect, this is no longer the ‘50’s! Women are not defined by their families! Women are not required nor obligated to have children. They can actually live full lives without children. Personally, I think it’s damn straight of those who have no maternal feelings, to not to have children just because society thinks they should. And to not have to feel they need to explain themselves! While I’m sure there is some truth to people not having children because they can’t afford it, if that were overall true, all Americana’s kids would be fed!

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    The US birth rate has been dropping anyway since our younger generation has not been able to afford starting families. They, as so many others, are effected by the ever increasing wealth gap brought about by Republican practices of transferring our country’s wealth to the few at the top and at the expense of those at the bottom. Our countries populous boomed economically from the bottom up as we had very progressive tax rates on the wealthiest, took on the responsibility of repairing the economies of defeated World War II enemies and found good paying jobs for our returning GI’s. This is another reason why Biden’s generational investments in our country’s people in the strategically coordinated and synergistic deliverables of his initiatives are a must pass. … … … Make our country healthy from the bottom up and the middle out and prosperity for all will become a reality. … … … Increase immigration quotas and improve the paths for immigrants to earn citizenship. These things together can bring our country back to becoming the preferred home of the best and brightest in the world and help to increased acceptance and tolerance of views of ‘others’ to learn better practices and procedures - which had been a traditional strength of our American experiment. Short term losses pale into insignificance when compared to the long term gains and our ability to not only resolve the consequential long-term and extremity costly issues that we face, but to also profit by resolving these issues. … … … For a quick reference point on our country’s ability to focus on the climate crisis issues for example: our most significant economic competitor, China, has just installed in the past month, more electrical vehicle charging stations than are even proposed in Biden’s multi-year initiative overall - yet the Insurrection Obstructionist Party of ‘NO’ cannot bring themselves to support this part of his infrastructure plan. This and other dumb-ass, chicken-shit, tiny-step and cheapskate Republican legislation with no strategic or forward looking content is why we are on the verge of sacrificing our country’s erstwhile earned status as a global leader to China; losing our country’s globally default currency and accepted legal principles to other countries that can plan ahead and anticipate change strategically instead of reactively.

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    I see this as a good thing so long as it is dealt with responsibly.

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    Honestly, I’m more happy than worried there this trend is happening. To me, this shows how my generation is more focused on living their own best lives than having children as soon as they can. It also shows how it’s now too expensive to have children. Maybe if the numbers keep falling we will get better help from the government to have kids and still live above the poverty line.

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    This can be blamed on the pandemic. Besides, the entire world is over populated as it is. We are slowly losing land to grow crops and raise other food sources. It is nothing more than the cycle of life. Let Nature (or God if you prefer) run its course. Every one of us is born, live an undetermined length of time, and eventually die. Then our souls return to the creation of the Universe. The hands of whatever God you choose to follow.

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    The decline in population is because women want more in their life other than to be a baby factory and a sex object. They are waiting in life to fine out what they want, not outside influences. I want women to decide what is best for them and what works for themselves. Life is to short,

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    No birth rates will go back up. We're in the middle of a pandemic. It should be expected that they would drop. We were in a lock down. As more people get vaccinated the rates will go back up.

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    It’s sad that the GOP frets about a lowered birth rate while simultaneously forging policies that make it impossible for people to afford raising a family. They are idiots. People are smart and know that the world is overpopulated. We are having fewer babies in an effort to try to preserve the environment for future generations and because we know that it would be unfair to bring a child into the chaotic and dangerous world that is being worsened by short sighted legislators.