Sanders Drops Bid to Block Arms Sale to Israel

Should the sale of precision-guided weapons to Israel be blocked?

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    How many Kees have to die to make a self defense claim? Israel has never, not ever, broken a peace or cease fire with any of its neighboring states. Israel has never broken a cease fire agreement with Hamas or the PA. Yet they’re the entity singled out? Leftists don’t even understand how Anti-Semitic they are in their souls.

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    No more unconditional money sent to a recognized apartheid state

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    bernie knows best, always

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    Israel has been a strong ally do United States from the beginning and the sale should go ahead as planned if any money should be blocked no money should go to the Palestinians because that money is going to the pockets of the government the Palestinians and into Hamas his hands.

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    Michael J

    Military sales to Israel under its present regime should be reviewed. Any sales in the pipeline should be put on hiatus until the review is complete. Israel needs to learn who’s in the driver’s seat. F Bibi

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    Honestly, after reading the question I can guess with deadly accuracy how people will vote and what their reasons are based on political affiliation (group think at its finest). We should not block the sales of arms to Israel as it is a long standing ally of ours. While we can put pressure on Israel to change some of its policies, we should not even infer that Israel is the same as Hamas ( funded and armed by Iran) as that is outrageous. Israel is far from perfect in this matter but to say they are the aggressors tells me you don’t know much of the history of Israel or why and how they got to this place, hint: it’s because they had to endure many assaults by various countries in its region and they had to fight for their existence as a country. they ended up being the victors and in the past pushed for peace by giving up the land they acquired through war and was rebuffed. The reason why they will now not give up land for peace is due to their past and also due to the terrain as it is way easier to defend their land given their borders now than it would be if they give back the land for the sake of peace, historically speaking has never been accepted by their adversaries and their current adversary (Iran) still openly promoting the destruction of Israel.

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    Why exactly are we still propping them up and helping them kill Palestinian children?

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    Palestinians are getting arms, resources and funds from Iran, Russia and China. We should make sure Israel has what they need to not lose in this conflict

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    Israel is our only ally

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    Yes they have shown they aren’t responsible with them and kill innocent civilians

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    Isn’t the very existence of a standing military highly illegal aka unconstitutional? If we want a militarized national, then we need to amend the federal constitution. Failing to do so and continuing to operate as a lawless government results in the constitution becoming meaningless, something that all evil dictators seek. Why would anyone want America turn into Communist China where they currently have millions in concentration camps?

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    If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword.

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    Just for the record, the Palestinian population includes Jews' Arabs, and Muslims. History correctly records that the greatest protagonist in Palestine are the Muslims supported by the neighboring predominantly Muslims countries. And what neighboring countries supports Israel? Answer: NONE! Unlike Vietnam, is asking for 'materials' and NOT anything else! So if Palestinian Israelis are deliberately attacked by rockets, do they just sit and hope their defense system protects them while more rockets are prepared to target more Israelies? Would ANYONE let their neighbors, geographically located near them, believe that they wouldn't do anything to deny that neighbor that, without provocation, continually bombard them? Would you?

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    This deal should be cancelled as Israel is killing innocent in the name of self defense

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    Until Israel stops encroaching on the land of Palestinians and encourages peaceful coexistence, no military or financial support should be provided

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    Get rid of Netinyahoo, and maybe we can see some peace. He is worse than trump as he is a racist Jew.

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    A peaceful resolution to the issues surrounding the creation and the existence of Israel must be found. However the state of Israel as a nation providing sanctuary to Jews all over the world is a required part of that solution. Israel must be supported by other nations so that it is able to continue to exist until that peaceful resolution is a reality. Pressure must be exerted on ALL entities that are part of this conflict to find a peaceful resolution.

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    The question is should Bernie Sanders black the sale of weapons to Israel. Underneath that it says should Bernie Sanders stop the weapons I’m going to Israel. The answer is no he should not be stopping it not yes he should be stopping it. Bernie Sanders needs to retire go home sit in the rocking chair . He’s a communist socialist has been for years he’s also Jewish and he hates his own people.

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    No Bernie Sanders has no right to try to protect stop weapons going to Israel to protect themselves. Why would anybody think anything else. Bernie Sanders only cares about being a communist and having a communist country. Just try to remember people in America nothing is for free. Someone has to pay and it will be you., it’s amazing to me that the American people have their Eyes and ears were they cannot see and cannot hear what is really happening in our country even across the border. People have a rude awakening coming and it won’t be long before it stops them right in the face. The debt that Joe Biden and his entourage of Nancy Pelosi will destroy our economy. Watch it because it’s going to happen

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    If we supply weaponry to israHELL, we have just as much blood on our hands as the Children of Satan who stole Palestine. I do not blame Muslims/Arabs for hating the U.S., they absolutely should.