Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signs ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban Into Law - What Does It Do?

Do you support or oppose a ban on abortions in most cases after a fetal heartbeat is detected?

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    This is a decision ONLY a woman and her doctor or medical advisor should make. This is extreme over reach. So tired of continually fighting for the rights of women from the we only care about a fetus , but not child care, paid maternity care, expanded health and financial support for those who get pregnant and are forced to put their whole life at stake.

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    Having an abortion does not affect anyone but the mother and father of the embryo. The time frame is ridiculous as most women aren’t aware they are pregnant this early in pregnancy. There are quite a few supporters of this bill are also anti vaccination, siting “my body my choice” Well, abortion is also a “my body my choice”

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    There is no doubt that a heart beat signifies a life! No denying that fact. While I’m convinced life begins at conception, a heartbeat of a baby is an undeniable fact that a life exists! A life has absolute rights to life! Something so simple yet the so called elites can’t see this! Pretty cowardly and pathetically sad!

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    This law is unconstitutional and denies women the right to make decisions about their own body. This is NOT about the fetus, it is about controlling women and always has been.What makes it worse is the empowerment of vigilantes to turn women in if they circumvent the law. This is turning women into objects, just like what was done to African Americans and Native Americans. All these groups are considered less than men. Another assault by the white, male christian nationalists and white supremacy groups who want total control over women and think falsely that this country is christian based. They do not want to lose the white male power they have held for hundreds of years in this country. They want to be the American Christian Taliban enforcing Sharia law on women. It is time to make women’s rights a law that can’t be changed and struck down by SCOTUS. As a woman who has been fighting for the equality of women my own life, I am utterly disgusted with these people and the GOP who use it as a political tool to keep their rabid base supporters voting for them. Why are only women punished? Maybe there should be a law that any man who gets a woman pregnant and wants her to have an abortion or demands she keeps a baby she does not want must shoulder all the costs from the time of inception. They should then be forced to raise that child on their own once it is born. This should apply to all pregnancies caused by rape and especially incest. Men are NEVER held accountable for their actions in the unwanted pregnancy. ONLY the woman should have the final say when it comes to an abortion. I find it really ironic that the same people against abortions are screaming about control of their own bodies when it comes to the vaccine, but think they have the right to control other people’s bodies when it is a pregnancy.

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    First, the fetal heartbeat doesn't occur until at least 10 weeks of a pregnancy. Secondly, no man should be telling any woman what she can or can't do with her body during a pregnancy until that man has given birth, and fully knows what a woman goes through during pregnancy and the birth process. Men can watch a woman give birth, but they can't feel what she does. Until a man passes a bowling ball through his penis, he has no right to tell any woman about abortion. It must solely be her CHOICE! Most women don't really know they're pregnant until at least 8 weeks. When I read about the birth process, every text said the fetal heartbeat doesn't occur until 10 weeks, so the information Texas is giving is incorrect!

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    The Governor and elected officials of Texas are best described as hypocritical, ecclesiastical pandering, south bound end of north bound horses. They speak out of both sides of their ass! One side declaring mask mandates as an infringement on their freedom while the other side is imposing draconian restrictions on a woman’s right to control her own body and destiny. Worse still, SCOTUS, the trump appointed butt heads, actually supported this bull crap! No exemption for rape or incest and money making law suit potential FOR ANYONE! All I can say is I hope that the victim of an impregnating rape or incest is a direct relative of the governor, the legislators that voted for this bill, and any Supreme Court judge who resides in Texas, Mississippi and other draconian states that feel woman have no right of self determination. As a man, I can only say I am sorry that such assholes exist. I can only hope that any woman that wants an cannot get an abortion should take the child to those legislators and justices home and drop them at the front door. They may be able to force you to carry and deliver but they cannot force you to provide care, food, shelter and clothing to the issue of rape and invest!

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    "I'm pregnant and I don't want to be!" ought, in a truly free society, to be the only reason any woman needs for seeking abortion. Only she understands her ability to provide for another human life. The cost to society and to the individual woman of unintended pregnancy is almost incalculable. It is not my place or yours to tell anyone she must risk her life and health and future to carry a pregnancy to term. That is pro-life. Anything else is stupidly pro-birth and stupidly anti-freedom. What is it that Texas nut-case political grandstanders and those on the SCOTUS bench fail to understand about the Constitutional guarantee of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

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    I agree with the new law. Women have been using abortion as a form of birth control for years now. The left acts like killing babies is a good thing and women should be able to choose to do it. It’s barbaric. We have so many forms of birth control available and many are available for free. There is just no excuse or reason for an abortion unless it’s to save a woman’s life.

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    If there’s a heartbeat, it’s a baby! Abortion then, it’s murder!

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    The murder of unborn children has got to stop I am so grateful for the heartbeat law in Texas it needs to be incorporated throughout the United States and around the world.

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    HELL NO I don't support Abbott's law that violates the Constitutional right of a woman to obtain an abortion up until the fetus is viable. I wish these "stick your damn nose in everyone's business" would learn to keep their nose out of women's business. I also wish the F------ Republicans would uphold the Constitution, instead of violating it at every chance, except when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. Then it's a different story. And even their upholding the 2nd Amendment violates the Constitution's guarantee of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How the hell can anyone be happy when idiots are allowed to own and carry around assault rifles? It is amazing how Republicans are hell bent on destroying this country, but they are doing a great job of it with the help of the jackasses that vote for them.

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    Are we going back to caveman times, President Biden should do something like an executive action to send federal lawyers to protect privacy rights of women, at least that could possibly stop from regular persons to sue.

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    Before the embryo even differentiates its cells, while they're still all the same, while they're connected only as much as a Volvox is, the collection of cells starts to pulsate so as to pump nutrient-bearing fluid through the temporary structure. The sound of this pulsation can be detected by really sensitive instruments -- but it's *not* a heartbeat. The embryo doesn't yet have a heart to beat. Calling this a "heartbeat" is naïve at best, and partisan cheating at worst.

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    A woman should make her own body decisions with her physician and politicians should NOT be involved! If men had babies, it would be a much different scenario! That is NOT fair or legal!

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    So disturbing! So sick of republicans trying to control women’s bodies. Men need to be held to the same standard or they should shut up.

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    Heartbeat does not equal viability. Who’s going to pay for the medical care of these preemies need?

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    Women should have rights to their own bodies

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    we should be putting way more time and energy into children lives that are already here. some people just cant take care of kids and it leads to them having a lifetime of problems. every person should have the choice to be parents or not.

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    People should watch the 2021 movie ‘Roe V Wade.’ As it turns out, our government school educations often leave out the important bits of history.

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    I feel that anyone and everyone who support pro life should focus on all the children that are born and on giving those children a better life. They only care about when it is a fetus but do nothing to fight for those children once they are born. What about the outrage for the children in cages? What about the abuse children in detention centers face? Where is the anger and relentless fight for them? Or how about a decent education that will actually set them up to be functional adult citizens in this country? Because if pro life isn't fighting for the life of the child then what are you fighting for?