Border Apprehensions Continued at Historic Pace in April

Are you concerned about trends in illegal border crossings at the southern border?

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    I suggest people who are not concerned about the 900% increase in illegal immigration volunteer to house and provide for these people in YOUR homes. STEP UP! This is a slap in the face if all those who come to our country legally.

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    Red China has its tentacles into Congress, the White House, the media, and most of the Federal Government. There are few institutions that can be trusted anymore. The socialist Democrats and many international corporations are following the wishes of Red China. Allowing open borders is just one part of this. When increasing crime is found to be caused by the presence among us of more illegals from around the world we have to blame the corrupt socialist Democrats and hold them accountable and prosecute them for treason.

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    All this could be stopped by completing the wall and those who have crossed illegally the process and sent back in 24 hours to their countries no free lunches take a care of the American people first.

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    Attempts at border crossings have clearly gone up. I see a lot of comments on here saying Biden changes in POLICY have caused this. The only changes in policy that I have read about (in the news or angry posts) is that he is trying to move minors out of militarized holding to health and human services faster than the last administration. Otherwise, Trump policies are still in tact. I don’t necessarily condone these policies, but I do think we should recognize that its not the policies that have changed so much as the rhetoric, and potentially the conditions in countries people are fleeing. Because the rhetoric of the last 4 years was so harsh, I am sure there was a backlog of people who hadn’t tried. Rhetoric and not policies have changed and people are hopeful. That’s what it looks like to me, unfortunately, unless someone can point me to substantial policy shifts between the administrations. Its a terrible crisis no matter how you look at it, and I do think POLICIES need to change to cope.

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    when more people come to the party you lay out a bigger table, not slam the door in their faces common sense ought to inform everyone that they're not risking life & limb just for shits & giggles & that the situations from which those people are fleeing must be truly dire, there is no valid excuse whatsoever for ungracious behavior & not especially since we live in relative wealth & stability by comparison yes, we are our brothers' keepers& that we are is one of the main points of the bible a book of love that too many claim to have read but, have only come away from the experience with messages & approbations to hate which I can attest to not having seen in there upon my reading maybe they've got a different book?

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    A quick glance at the numbers shows that this year is just the continuance of a trend that was obviously paused in 2020 due to the pandemic. It is not an earth shattering emergency as some politicos would have it seem. That said, we do need to control our borders, but it needs to be done in an American way providing a route for newcomers who want to join and benefit our society while protecting us from malevolent elements. In any case, we need to assure that the Draconian policies of the last administration never occur again.

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    Not to offend anyone, but if we are supposed to be a country of laws, shouldn’t we have secure borders like other civilized countries? Since many adults are being sent back, the new tactic is to send children who tug at heart strings. Allowing ANYONE, age 2 months or 100 years to cross into this country without proper vetting is a slap into the faces of everyone that has played by the rules, & crossed legally.

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    On the Border we must go back to the Trump administration policy.

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    Good. We need them. Address the issue of paperwork with paperwork, not prison and abuse. I repeat: WE NEED THEM.

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    Biden should have finished President Trump’s border fence!!

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    We have many military personnel coming home with little to do. Start patrolling the border and targeting the coyotes that bring them across. Make it so difficult for them they no longer feel it is worth it. Plus they can be there to aid the poor travelers in returning across the border to the Mexican side.

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    Every taxpayer should be concerned! Who is going to pay for the over crowded schools that all these illegal children are required to go to now that they are in the country? How many new schools are needed to be built? How many more teachers need to be hired? Then there is all the drugs coming across the border. How many more lives are being ruined? All those lives are on the head of the Biden Administration for their reckless opening of the border with an open invitation by Biden himself! The cartels heard him loud and clear. They charge the people wanting to come to the US and surge the illegals in one location and run drugs in another so they are making more than a billion dollars in a week. MOST IRRRESPONSIBLE POLICY FOR THE BORDER , EVER!!!

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    Wake up folks. The current administration is not worried about you, the border crisis, the drugs coming into our country or the children that have been place in harms way... If they were they would have had a plan in place before making the change to the policy in place from the previous administration. This administration needs to be held accountable for their actions. Quit making excuses and blaming others - take responsibility. I'm tired of the lies. I'm not against helping those in need but this was not the solution. I'm sure the current administration knew that and purposely created this crisis. The only person they are worried about is themselves otherwise they would have been at the border from the very beginning.

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    How many of the illegal return to court for determining if their claim of asylum meets the criteria to continue the process for citizenship. How many are terrorist, have diseases that are transmittal or criminals? The federal government is out of control. What is the costs for housing and health care? For years when the Republicans had the majority in the House and Senate, or the Senate, they did nothing. It was the same for the Russia Gate. I have loss faith in the Republicans they are all talk and no action. They need Nancy Pelosi’s twin to head the Republicans or all 74 + million Republicans become Democrats and vote in the people they want to run this government.

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    Every American should be concerned. This will take resources away from Our Veterans and Our Disabled citizens.

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    Who would not be concerned? This is disgraceful and if it happened under the last administration there would be an uproar. Fix it now!

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    I am concerned about the treatment of the migrants by ICE and CBP, and their overall well-being since they are traveling through rough terrain and may be lacking food and water. In addition to improving the ICE and CBP protocols, I hope that the Biden administration will soon make legislation that will speed up the pathway to citizenship.

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    John H Jr.

    I really don’t think that they care but it is adding to “Our” cost of living in “Our” cost of living in the taxpayers. They don’t pay taxes w/o SSA numbers. Think about it for a few minutes. Bye

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    Biden inherited the most secure border from Trump, and he blew it up. He knew the condition the women and children go through on their travel to the U.S. and he didn’t, excuse me, he doesn’t care. Biden know that many will be trafficking and this is the New Democrat slavery. You do know that it was the Democrats that wanted to keep slavery, wanted segregation and formed the KKK, and now the sex trade and human trafficking is their new slavery. When will they have to start paying their slavery reparations for allowing this to happen. You do know that the cartels are getting rich from this. This country has been one of the most compassionate country with immigrants, but Americans are feeling very used now as the democrats wants Americans to pay for their welfare. It has always been the rules that those that apply to come, they did not live off of welfare, they worked and earned their keep...BUT the illegals coming mostly live off of the taxpayers, when many Americans are themselves poor or homeless with no help from the government. The government show preferential treatment to the illegals and you don’t think that it turns Americans against the illegals. also why are they allowed to jump in line for the legal immigration? Also the Democrats are letting in criminals and terrorist that hurt or kill American citizens and they don’t have to pay the price, the criminals and terrorist are set free if are caught to do it again. I want to know who can the Americans hold responsible for the harm or death of their family members. Can they sue Joe and Kamala’s administration for compensation. They are responsible, so pass a law Nancy and Chuck that they can be held responsible and can be sued.