Senate Leaders Spar Over Democrats' Election Overhaul Bill in Committee Hearing

Do you support or oppose Democrats’ “For the People Act”?

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    I oppose and am thankful that our Missouri Senators oppose "The People's Act". I agree with this quote from Senator Manchin (Dem): “As the Senate prepares to take up the For the People Act, we must work toward a bipartisan solution that protects everyone’s right to vote, secures our elections from foreign interference, and increases transparency in our campaign finance laws. Pushing through legislation of this magnitude on a partisan basis may garner short-term benefits, but will inevitably only exacerbate the distrust that millions of Americans harbor against the U.S. government." Each state's government should not give up more rights and powers to the federal government.

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    Every citizen in every state should have fair, equal, and convenient access to voting. Federal. Laws are needed so you are not impacted by which state you happen to live in. Gerrymandering is an underhanded way to win election. We also need to get dark money out of elections.

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    I've heard a tremendous amount of chatter regarding "rights" over the past 4+ years......the "right" to bear arms (which includes, according to some....the "right" to have guns such as AR 15s which are made EXCLUSIVELY to kill the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time)........the "right" of Freedom of Speech about which the Republicans will go on radio and TV.....they will tweet....they will email...they will podcast .....they will write books and articles and Op Eds about how they are being silenced in this day of "Cancel Culture" (no irony there!)...and they will go on about the Right to Vote and the sanctity of they put forth proposal after proposal to make voting more and more they spew lies about "election fraud" and sic their Cyber Ninjas (a group with absolutely NO experience in confirmation of votes and whose head is a Qanon conspiracy theorist) on the ballots of voters in these nutjobs THE ACTUAL ballots and allowing them access to THE ACTUAL voting machines.......Now, Margery Greene (who was kicked off of the committee in which she served, for actions below the call of duty and Matt Gaetz (who is under investigation for a number of things) are having a rally to "protect the vote' and "stop the steal" in Arizona as this is being written. We have not only gone down the rabbit hole......we are Beyond the looking glass. The votes of the American people are sacrosanct.......Reps. continue to mess with them and Dems continue to look the other the peril of us all.

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    the US needs a minimum standard for just and fair and equal voting rights and opportunities for the states to go by, with the continued ability and right of states to go further in strengthening voters' rights

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    I support, any sane person that loves and really cares about this country should also. The lines are drawn for all to see those that do not.

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    I really support US Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and H.R. Act 1 for the People Act.

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    This bill would clean-up many of the problems with the federal level of voting such as access to the polls, voter registration, campaign finance, etc., and should become law as soon as possible. Nothing about this prejudices one group over another. It is simplistic common sense.

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    WHAT A LIE "FOR THE PEOPLE"!!! It should be called the For Democrats to be in control for every! The Founders made election be controlled by the States for a reason! Most people know that having picture ID required to vote is to make it hard to cheat and there is very little you can do as an adult that doesn't require you to have valid ID! The for the people act is the act cheat in elections!!

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    Does the federal government have the right to take on the right of the states? are we to be run by a strong person and the federal government not have the options of the states to reply to it population seems to be a monarchy

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    I support “For the People” act, but I am also supporting the Democrats in Congress to get a backbone! Stop this nonsense of the tail wagging the dog by voting for this legislation WITHOUT changing it to satisfy Republicans, Joe Manchin, Kristen Sinema, or anyone else. The voting public will know that Democrats Manchin and/ or Sinema are responsible for the bill not being passed! West Virginia and Arizona would greatly benefit from this bill and they can blame their Democratic Senators for its failure. Either you support the Democratic Party or you don’t, but have the courage to stand up for what you believe in!

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    I support the "For the People Act" on the whole, because the federal government needs to act to preserve the voting rights for all American citizens, regardless of where they live, their socioeconomic or work status, or their gender, color, or orientation. I understand that some of the items in the bill may seem more extreme to those on the right, but don't deny there are problems in our country when a large portion of the population still thinks the last election was stolen despite there being no evidence. Americans deserve free and fair elections free of interference, voter suppression, and lies which undermine the results. If all members of Congress actually care about democracy, then they need to sit down and hash out their differences with evidence and truth, not with lies, aspersion, or partisan conspiracy theories. The American people deserve better.

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    Just cut the bull crap, change the filibuster to prevent it’s use to indefinitely ignore even public debate on needed legislation. The voting rights bill is way too important to stop the Republicans from screwing with the sanctity of the vote by interfering with the electorate. The voter rights bill is the only way to suppress the the broadside of State launched ‘denial of service to voters’ legislation. Challenging 360 plus State voter suppression/intimidation acts will be tied up in the courts well after the 2022 midterms - that is the reason for the broadside: just as the trump, the Grand Puba of misusing the courts, taught his minions. … … … This voter rights legislation is the only way to stop this travesty which is an assault on the most sacred tenet of a democracy where the electorate chooses it’s legislators instead of the legislators choosing the electorate. Dump or change the filibuster and pass this legislation before it is too late. Let the Republicans whine and do not be afraid to point out that the Republican Party has done nothing to deserve the respect that they have demanded for the past twelve years but have yet to do anything to earn it. … … … The legislative packages are too important to the future of this country than the never-ending Republican roadblocks and obstruction. The people will reward you for doing what is right, broadly supported by both Democratic and Republican voters and what is necessary.

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    This is a partisan barrel of pork, and a blatant federalizations of a states-rights process as mandated by the constitution. This is a power grab - and pseudo gerrymandering at best. Ironic.

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    I support For the People’s Act. It would allow for citizens to “automatically register American voters when they get a driver’s license; guarantee at least 15 continuous days of early voting; end partisan gerrymandering, and bring transparency to our campaign finance system.” I fully expect Republicans to filibuster. Ugh!!!

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    “It would automatically register American voters when they get a driver’s license; guarantee at least 15 continuous days of early voting; end partisan gerrymandering, and bring transparency to our campaign finance system.”

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    don't let the progressives destroy America and Steal our elections

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    This is a bill to allow Democrats to cheat the system. It needs to fail.

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    Like most Americans, fully support. The Kochs don’t own US.

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    Unless you are dishonest, crooked and a cheater, you will vote for. So, what ARE you? We are watching. We know.

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    I'm against this proposal because it wouldn't allow no one, except democrats, to be elected if this proposed bill passes through Congress. It's just another power grab in action.