What’s in the Georgia Election Law? Voter ID Changes & More

Do you support or oppose the Georgia election law?

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    Once again - these laws are less “extreme” than states like colorado. They’re “common sense”.

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    All rights as American Citizens hang on our right to vote, The suppression of the right to vote is the tool of Dictators . What is next ? if leaders in the Republican party are Willing to do anything to stay in power.

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    Voters should be required to show one ID not Teo. We need to make Voting Eadier so that ALL US CITIZENS CAN VOTE. Even those without transportation. DEMOCRACY = EVERYONE VOTING

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    We have to pass the voting rights bill!!! Down with the filibuster!!!

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    Georgia Republicans should be ashamed of their blatant actions to suppress the votes of thousands of people within their own state. Preventing the distribution of food and water to people waiting in line is a deliberate effort to dissuade people from voting in person, and the shortened timelines for counting ballots and runoff elections are to prevent counting all ballots and rush a victory. These acts of suppression will not only prevent people of color from voting, they will also prevent many republicans from voting. Republican politicians don’t even care about members of their own party, they only want to stay in charge and line their pockets with money from wealthy donors. The senate needs to pass the For The People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to protect democracy!

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    I believe this law is designed to increase hardship in voting for specific groups of voters for political advantage. I think it sets the stage, as intended, for a government from federal (congress) down to states, counties, and cities ruled by one party. This law and others like it will essentially “abridge”, that is to say curtail, the voting rights of citizens which is in direct violation of the Constitution. The Constitution explicitly provides for the intervention by Congress in State election laws and laws influencing voting rights as it deems necessary. That means HR1 “For the People Act” is not unconstitutional. In my opinion, Georgia’s new laws that relate to election results and process are the perfect example to argue why HR1 is necessary if we want to remain a republic with “free and fair” elections and a multiple party system. See the following for further reason for my concern. Legal expert warns there's an under-the-radar GOP plot that could create a future 'democratic crisis' Alex Henderson Civil rights groups have been lambasting Republicans for the many voter suppression bills they have been proposing in state legislatures all over the U.S., warning that the bills are designed to make it more difficult to vote. But election law expert Rick Hasen, in a New York Times article published this week, warns that making voting harder or more of a hassle is not the worst part of these bills — or in the case of Georgia's so-called Election Integrity Act of 2021, an actual law. The most "dangerous" part of Republican voter suppression bills, according to Hasen, is the type of power they would give Republicans over the administration of elections. Hasen is worried that Republicans want to give themselves the ability to throw out democratic election results that they don't like. "A new, more dangerous front has opened in the voting wars, and it's going to be much harder to counteract than the now-familiar fight over voting rules," Hasen warns. "At stake is something I never expected to worry about in the United States: the integrity of the vote count. The danger of manipulated election results looms." Georgia's Election Integrity Act, which was signed into law by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in March, is being slammed for, among other things, making it harder to obtain an absentee ballot and making it illegal to give food or water to someone waiting in line to vote. But according to Hasen, other parts of the law are "even more concerning." "The Georgia law removes the secretary of state from decision-making power on the state election board," Hasen explains. "This seems aimed clearly at Georgia's current Republican secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, punishing him for rejecting (former President Donald) Trump's entreaties to 'find' 11,780 votes to flip Joe Biden's lead in the state. But the changes will apply to Mr. Raffensperger's successor, too, giving the legislature a greater hand in who counts votes and how they are counted." Hasen compares the Election Integrity Act to GOP actions in other states, noting a disturbing pattern. "Michigan's Republican Party refused to renominate Aaron Van Langevelde to the state's canvassing board; Mr. Van Langevelde voted with Democrats to accept Michigan's Electoral College vote for Mr. Biden as legitimate," Hasen observes. "He was replaced by Tony Daunt, the executive director of a conservative Michigan foundation that is financially backed by the DeVos family. Even those who have not been stripped of power have been censured by Republican Party organizations, including not just Mr. Raffensperger and Georgia's Republican governor, Brian Kemp, but also, Barbara Cegavske, the Republican secretary of state of Nevada who ran a fair election and rejected spurious arguments that the election was stolen." Hasen continues, "The message that these actions send to politicians is that if you want a future in state Republican politics, you had better be willing to manipulate election results or lie about election fraud. Republican state legislatures have also passed or are considering laws aimed at stripping Democratic counties of the power to run fair elections. The new Georgia law gives the legislature the power to handpick an election official who could vote on the state election board for a temporary takeover of up to four county election boards during the crucial period of administering an election and counting votes." The election law expert stresses that civil libertarians not only need to be talking about "voter suppression" — they also need to be sounding the alarm about "election subversion." "Combating efforts that can undermine the fair administration of elections and vote counting is especially tricky," Hasen notes. "Unlike issues of voter suppression, which are easy to explain to the public — what do you mean you can't give water to voters waiting in long lines?!? — the risks of unfair election administration are inchoate. They may materialize or they may not…. We may not know until January 2025, when Congress has counted the Electoral College votes of the states, whether those who support election integrity and the rule of law succeeded in preventing election subversion. That may seem far away, but the time to act to prevent a democratic crisis is now." https://www.alternet.org/2021/04/democratic-crisis/

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    If it ain’t broke but a political party does not like the results, they can go ahead put the fix in anyway- to fix the results to something they may like better. The big thing left out of the introduction Is that the Political State legislature is empowered to reject the pubic voting results in districts that may not lean their way and even reject the entire State’s voting and award their electors by their political vote, by crying fraud. The signature thing is ripe for abuse since few people sign their name the same exact way every-time. An untrained ‘expert’ official could easily challenge and reject signatures based on these differences and I doubt that there are enough qualified handwriting experts available to adequately monitor signature checks properly in non-GOP voting districts. … … … The only good thing about all of this, is that rational people should be so outraged by this GOP war on democracy that they will climb any mountain, fight their way through the barriers and get to the polls and run these a$$h@les out of government altogether. If Republicans can so glibly lie about the election being stolen, what else would they lie about if they are permitted to stay on power? Worried? You really should be - this is essentially coming down to a fight for the future of democracy.

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    We need to safeguard the integrity of our elections and basic ID checks is a very reasonable thing to ask

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    Read it... It opens up the access and proper "identification" of voters so the walking dead, incarcerated, folks from other states perhaps planets don't vote and no shenanigans / cheating happen again. Americans support this 200%

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    Georgia white republicans are afraid of a fair election. The south red states white nationalist and KKK are afraid of fair election!

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    I heard the Lt. Gov of North Carolina, a black man, comment on requiring voter ID say that it is insulting even racist to claim requiring a person present a valid ID to be able to vote or require a signature to vote by mail. He knows there is very little that everyday Americans can do without having valid ID and anyone in Georgia can get free ID. Georgia is making it easy to vote but hard to cheat! By the way, President Biden's state of Delaware requires voter ID to vote & has NO early voting like the new Georgia bill does.

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    It’s not any worse than Colorado’s or Delaware’s. The liberals have blown this way out of proportion. They control the liberal media with lies.

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    After reading the details of the Georgia voting bill, the bill clearly and objectively makes voting harder for Americans. It is indeed Jim Crow 2.0. The GOP thinks that by keeping the electorate as small as possible, it will help offset their shrinking and dying voter base and help them win elections. They think moderating their views is harder than rigging democracy. Americans are not going to like this. The main difference from the original Jim Crow Laws is that this time we have the Internet to help educate and organize others against these voter suppression laws!

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    The Georgia election laws are a form of oppression and judges should strike them down. This oppression is not inline with what America stands for. All it amounts to is a group of leaders trying to stay in power and serve their own interests.

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    Laws enacted based on lies can never be fair or just.

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    The Georgia election law is an outstanding law. It makes it easier for people to vote and harder for people to cheat. With that being said this is a State Issue the Federal Government needs to stay out of it. Since you do not know how to read have some read the constitution to you.

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    There is nothing in this law like the Jim Crow laws. It requires no test, no special requests to prove knowledge of any thing, it is evenly enforced among all people. It simply removes possible ways to vote illegally. Requesting an ID is not stopping anyone but those that want to bypass voting laws. And stop reducing minorities as ignorant people that can’t figure out how to obtain one.

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    I have said many times to whom would listen the greatest threat to our country and democracy is the Republican Party. They are dishonest and corrupt and will do anything to hold onto power. The recent anti voter laws passed in Georgia and other states is an example of the threat.

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    There are stricter laws in other states . Florida and Texas both just past stricter laws . And not a peep From anyone .

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    Why wouldn't anybody support integrity in elections?? I support it 200%