Senate Joins House on Recess, Lawmakers to Return Next Week

How do you feel about this week’s congressional schedule (or lack thereof)?

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    Please, oh, please, when will Congress ever grow the hell up and do the jobs we (your constituents) sent you to Washington DC to do? I am sick to death of hearing 'stop gap measures to fund the government to limp along". Get over yourselves!

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    The Congress is the most ineffective group in Washington DC. I resent them taking vacation with my tax dollars when they don’t even try to work together when in session. Time for term limits and redistribution of power so one person in each of the chambers can’t stop bills from being introduced and reviewed. And I am very certain corrupt lobbying and campaign finance are behind much of it.

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    One hundred percent of my focus is on stopping this new administration," McConnell Dumbkopf’s party of spoilers willing to go to any length to destroy democracy

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    Can Congress please stop taking freaking vacations during a pandemic? At least keep the Senate working so they can confirm the +160 executive and judicial nominees Biden has nominated already out of the +800 vacancies in the executive and judicial branches of government! Speed is of the essence here!

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    Judge orders DOJ to release Trump obstruction memo, says Barr was 'disingenuous' What an amazing discovery of something we all knew! Shame on congress for not prosecuting Barr for his crimes let alone dumbkopf and especially gop who has the nerve to go after cheney despite all the overwhelming facts

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    Nether deserves a vacation.

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    Cheney calls out Trump's latest attempt to promote 'BIG LIE' amid criticism from within her own party Hey gop you should salute ms cheney and respect her stand for truth The big lie is a LIE any way you look at it All you are doing is playing to Dumbkopf who does not give a turd about anyone but himself. How stupid can you be?

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    Do you really deserve a vacation ? A 3 or 4 day break would be more practical. I really feel we should be looking at term limits, a more affordable health care for those in office

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    Another recess? Do they ever work???? And most, especially republicans, deny many Americans paid leave. Hypocrites!

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    Both house need to be in session 😡🤮🤬

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    I am so disgusted by McCarthy and the rest of his buddies concerning Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney. The Republican Party has gone so far down the tube. Cheney and Romney are strong and have spoken the truth about the election. Most of the rest in Congress are weak and I have no respect for them. Johnson, Cruz, Hawley, KKK Paul, and most elected in Texas. Horribly disgusting to have such insecure weaklings representing our state and our country. Stand up and do the right thing and quit being such hypocrites.

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    There are too many issues to be resolved for them to be taking a recess. Two of them being the George Floyd bill and the other the Anti- lynching bill. There was no problem passing the bill involving the the Asian bill and I have no problem with it being passed because of the attacks on the Asian population. But the Anti-Lynching and the George Floyd bills have been awaiting a vote in the senate for at least a year with no action because of moscow mitch. He had no problem with the Asian bill...I wonder why!!

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    There on recess every day they do nothing.

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    GQP doesn’t work whether in DC or on recess. Where are the town hall meetings??? Mr Toomey??? MIA on recess Just look at their expense accounts and golfing dates that the sucker taxpayers have to pick up. We also paid for their expenses to travel and to riot in the January 6 treasonous resurrection. It’s going to take a lot to convince me these parasites deserve their salaries

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    Since I retired I have had more time to watch how my representatives work. I keep up as to what they support and what they vote against. I live in Nevada, major Republican state but lately swinging towards Democratic. I listen to my neighbors and friends concerning political issues. Boy most don’t have a clue of reality. So sad. For the life of me I do not understand why our Congress needs to be in DC everyday of the year. But I also do not understand the paid time off. When you have representation that will not vote or even look at a proposal just because it came from another party, they should be removed. When proposals put tons of money in a donators pockets, that sponsor should be removed. We have plenty of government workers who keep our country safe and moving, who work all year. So why should our Congress get paid for all year and really only accomplish ninety days worth of real work? We already have a President and staff that keep out country moving. Real government workers who keep our country solid. A Congress that accomplishes very little and just hangs out dialing for dollars for their campaign funds. Just to bad voters don’t take time to know more about their representatives other than just what party they represent.

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    Re: Senator Toomey Sen. Pat Toomey tapped campaign funds to travel and eat - but it's legal - This is old news. What became of it? He’s still looking very slimy: Pat Toomey is Trolling Us All on State and Local Aid Thought Pennsylvania’s Republicans were socially liberal. Another misconception burst. #VoteBoldBlueIn22

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    I have no representation!