Tim Scott Responds After Being Targeted by Racial Slur That Trended on Twitter

How do you feel about the use of racial slurs in political discourse?

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    But this hypocrisy is standard for the demoRAT party. 🤷‍♂️

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    “Uncle Tom” isn’t a racial slur when used by Black people to describe someone serving the interests of those who oppress them. I should not (and do not) use the term. I shouldn’t criticize Black people who do.

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    Liberals are the racists. Always have been.

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    This too shall show that there are divide and deep disruption of government clearly this is what President Trump former counted on for future Lee and we cannot allow this in our country even from Tim Scott looked upon as a savior as well beware beware and wary the party of the Republicans it’s coming to each to mise the following former President Trump and if given The chance to be reelected it will be in game for the United States historically and forever, … as we see other congressmen and women state official state assembly, congressmen and women such as YG Taylor green Josh W have others like disrupt it and continue to work within the government and the conspiracy mine pushing their agenda from which former President Trump has desperately pushed his party to the Brinks. We cannot allow this or it will be the end of the United States if we don’t condemnAll conspiracists hate organizations like abolish all hate organizations nationally and internationally they are what is a terrorist group from within this needs to be to spend it on all levels federally nationally internationally and now historically we must win against Tate. Do this Congress world Congress as well peace in all nations and above all nations

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    Racial slurs are fueled by racial recognition. In this country you have to be a race, it's on everything we have to fill out. Does it ignore the fact we are all equal according to the Constitution? Why can't we ban together as Americans? Stop labeling people by race it is not necessary. When the good Lord takes you from this world I don't think he has a tabulation of race, do you?

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    Tim Scott's speech was positive - truthful - up lifting. The left hates the truth and American's. That is why his message was good!

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    The man drank the cool aid and he is black, he is trying to be apart of the Republican Party and is being used as a prop. What can I say? Any racist bigotry is bad and the Republican Party is more than willing to use it!

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    Doesn’t sound like he wants to compromise on anything. Sounds like Steven Miller write his speech. Thought he was the one Republican that was going to work across the aisle…

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    I honestly didn’t realized “Uncle Tom” was considered a racial slur. I always thought it was a representation of ones values. Tim Scott does not represent African American views or values not at all. He’s a representation of self hate he fits right in with Trumps take American back (to the plantation) agenda. Poor Tim

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    Anne Marie

    i completely disagree with Scott's position in that speech, however racial slurs should not be used in any discourse, political or otherwise. Didn't we all have enough of that in the past administration?

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    THIS ugly incident illustrates the extent of racial bigotry on the LEFT. TOO many lump different ethnicities together & downplay the integrity of the individual.

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    @NoHedges Wrote: ... "The problem with all republicans is they all, regardless of color or gender, support a return to their Corporate America first trickle-down policy approach." Trickle-down? Code for Tax Breaks for the Uber Rich and Major Corporations and squat for everyone else. Has any benefit ever trickled down to others (i.e., “The People”?) The official answer is in. The answer is No! In December of 2020 London School of Economics reported on a study of 50 years of tax cuts. The Tax Cuts consistently benefited the wealthy but had no meaningful effect on economic growth. Fun Fact: "Trickle-down economics" predates Reagan by almost 50 years. The term was first used by humorist & social commentator Will Rogers to denounce President Herbert Hoover's failed economic stimulus policy of cutting taxes The tax cuts failed to stimulate the economy. The Great Depression lasted well in FDR's presidency in the US. (Hoover was another one-term Republican from 1929 to 1933. Hoover, who became more conservative in later life, is widely regarded as a below-average U.S. president, and most polls of historians and political scientists rank him in the bottom third overall.) "What Is Trickle-Down Theory? "Trickle-down economics, or “trickle-down theory,” states that tax breaks and benefits for corporations and the wealthy will trickle down to everyone else. It argues for income and capital gains tax breaks or other financial benefits to large businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs to stimulate economic growth. The argument hinges on two assumptions: All members of society benefit from growth, and growth is most likely to come from those with the resources and skills to increase productive output." ... "The first reference to trickle-down economics came from American comedian and commentator Will Rogers, who used it to derisively describe President Herbert Hoover’s stimulus efforts during the Great Depression. More recently, opponents of President Ronald Reagan used the term to attack his income tax cuts." "Trickle-down theory is most closely aligned with the general principles of what is more commonly referred to as "supply-side economics," touted for forty years as the logical underpinning of trickle-down theory. However, in December of 2020, a London School of Economics report by David Hope and Julian Limberg was released, which examined five decades of tax cuts in 18 wealthy nations and found they consistently benefited the wealthy but had no meaningful effect on unemployment or economic growth." https://www.investopedia.com/terms/t/trickledowntheory.asp

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    I don’t condone name calling of any form. But the whole reason the Republicans are having Tim Scott use his bully pulpit is so they can then be enrage over ..... The problem with all republicans is they all, regardless of color or gender, support a return to their Corporate America first trickle down policy approach.

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    Racial slurs are never appropriate as they are demeaning and reinforcing of biased racial stereotypes. Blaming the ‘left’ for slurs not originating from any political figure associated with the ‘left’ is also inappropriate, as it is a demeaning of political opponents with misleading and misinformed comments solely for the purpose of gaining political advantage. Sorry, Senator Scott, the comments demeaning your character are inappropriate but does not entitle you to make disinformation laden inappropriate comments to demean your political opponents. You cannot have it both ways just because willful misinformation and innuendo are trademarked tactics of the Republican Party.

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    Racial slurs are not okay, ever. But Tim Scott rhetoric is alarming and trying to make this a left thing is an hypocritical and bush league move. Which is part of the GOP’s game plan. He doesn’t seem to speak out when the racism and sexism comes from his fascist party. He seems to turn a blind eyes and act as if nothing is happening, i.e. his speech. It’s funny how the right seems to whine when it happens to them. In my opinion he is so full of S**t and this is all a show scripted by the GOP. I think Tim is gearing up to make a run at the Presidency in 2024 or at least be considered for the vice presidency. For the record Uncle Tom has been miss characterized by society. Uncle Tom was not the rat who turned in other slaves. Uncle Tom was very active in helping slaves escape. So if Tim Scott actually knew his own history he would not need the dog and pony show to act as if he was so offended.

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    The reactions Senator Scott received after his speech the other night, particularly referring to him as an Uncle Tim, were overtly racist. I think all who attacked Senator Scott and disparaged him because he represents a counter view ought to be called out for the racists they are.

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    As Senator Scott said, you can't fight racism with more racism! If you can't win an argument without name calling you have already lost the argument. I have NO use for racists and Senator Scott gave a very good account of the Republican rebuttal to Biden! Democrats are the party of Jim Crow laws and the ones who had segregation, but somehow the Democrats are thought of the party friendly to blacks. Yet it was the Republican President Lincoln who freed the slaves, who voted to end discrimination and segregation. Don't take my word for it look it up!

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    We really are ugly Americans.

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    sure I can cuss with the best of them but, still racial slurs & epithets during a disagreement only serve to highlight lack of wit & is ultimately the lazier choice

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    Never acceptable from any one!