IT: 👩🏿‍👩🏿‍👧🏿‍👧🏿 Biden pitches American Families Plan, and... Will you be traveling this summer?

Join us and tell your reps how you feel!

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    Nobody is gonna be traveling this summer a bit early for celebration especially since we’re ignoring the fact that nobody is contracting the virus the vaccine is effective against ppl who have gotten vaccinated have still contracted Covid the mutated variants with escape capabilities of our vaccine look at India only differences between them n USA is there in the shit now AN WERE NOT IN IT YET. Traveling this summer too early to spike the ball ppl the worst is yet to hit us

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    Those that don’t agree with Biden’s plans I’m sure will not except any money from the government during Biden’s administration and refuse jobs created to improve the environment and the economy. Well, more for the rest of us.

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    If you step back and look at the sum total of Biden’s initiatives, it is clear that they are designed to be complementary pieces of an overall strategy to rebuild the foundations of our country, deal with long term threats that we know are on the horizon, and to assure that our country can remain competitive in world geo-politics. I have long felt legislation needs to be guided by long term strategies and commitments instead of one-off reactionary band-aids to the problem of the moment- which often lead to unfortunate long term unintended consequences. Stepping back and looking at Biden’s initiatives in total, it is clear to me that they are very strategic and complementary - and address all of the major issues that are limiting our country from becoming what it can become and dealing with the longer term threats. As far as the price, it is important to realize that the funding is for multi year initiatives, in some cases spreading over eight years and not at all expensed in a single year.

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    @David where did you get that assessment? Newsmax? Fox News? OANN? If you seriously believe any of what you just said is true, then you need to wake up and realize the truth of the matter. Biden’s proposals are popular with a vast majority of Americans. Believe whatever narrative you want. At the end of the day, doing something is better than nothing.

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    Biden’s proposals will Destroy America. High taxes, 4 Trillion in new spending, raising wages, diluting the value of the dollar, no longer energy independent, lack of transparency in gov’t, scarcity of goods, higher prices for everything, inflation is coming at us like a freight train. Government paying workers to stay home while businesses cannot find qualified employees! BIDEN is a DISASTER!

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    Absolutely demand that Waffle House begin humane treatment of their animals immediately. Either that or shut them down!

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    Please support this plan. The GOP plan of decreasing taxes for wealthy has not worked.

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    I support Biden’s plans for the most part. These are plans to help the majority of Americans that are not financially well off. We have approximately 25% of families with children who have food insecurity. These kids can not perform well in school if they’re hungry and concentrating on their problems at home. These plans to help families are a chance to put Americans on a more level playing field and give all a chance to excel. Why would Americans not want to see a chance for better education for all Americans; it’s a win win for the country’s economy and their standing in the world; and a win for the students and their families. We can pay for much of this by increasing the federal tax rates for corporations and the wealthy. Why shouldn’t they pay their fair share? Trickle down economics has proven it does not work but politicians still push it; we are a country that has put the emphasis on big business rather than the average citizen. I believe republicans are against Biden’s policies because they fear they will work and hurt their re-election. Also, they will have to pay more taxes and those corporations that support their campaigns won’t be happy with them.

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    "For the first time in history, two women flanked the President." But look who they are. Pelosi: One of the most corrupt and divisive representatives in Congress, and Harris: One of the most incompetent VPs ever. This is what you get when you force fit people into a position to serve a narrative.

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    Biden’s approval rating is only 52-53% I wouldn’t call that a VAST majority. You can only go down from there. Time will tell the impact of the $6 trillion dollar spending if all is passed.

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    Pass it, my family and everyone I know want it passed. Represent the people, not your BS special interests!

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    Biden inherited a collapsing economy, with a debt to GDP ratio higher than any time in history, a record deficit, a pandemic, an Executive branch crippled by four years of incompetence and corruption, and a stacked Supreme Court. He was preceded in office by a person who kowtowed to the most corrupt leaders in the world, supported white suprematists, and sot to destroy the total moral fabric of our nation. Biden’s message was filled with hope and optimism! Trumpers don’t need to worry about Biden destroying the economy! The Mango Mussolini has already done it. And with your support. Congratulations!

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    I’m sorry, but reading some of the comments made me sick. I am from a country where we do have universal healthcare, mostly free college education, a great safely net, etc. Ppl do not declare bankruptcy because of covid or any other horrid diseases. Yes, we pay higher taxes, but it’s all worth it. Here? Most bitch at the thought of higher taxes. Or universal healthcare. Or better gun laws. Yes, tax the rich, especially those super wealthy morons (yes, Bozo from Amazon, Musk, Zuckerberg, etc) who received an enormous tax break under he who should remain nameless.

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    J Michael, Well that was fun to read. So you must be in favor of speech suppression? Sounds like a fascist/communist idea to me. I personally think it’s great that we have differing opinions so we can learn from each other. But if you prefer to be hostile, I’ll let you stay mad at me while I live my life. LOL. Cheers

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    You all do understand nothing is FREE - someone pays - and free isn’t always the best way to “give” people something - the cost to taxpayers for FREE community college is immense - lots of those people makes LOTS of money - who is going to pay - all the people that have already PAID for THEIR education? And what happens if they flunk out? If they cannot pass a math or science class? How many times can they change their program? How long can they attend - believe me there are entire families LIVING off financial aid - FREE FREE FREE - wrong wrong wrong -

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    There are some corporations that have gotten away with not paying any taxes, or a minuscule amount because of loopholes! And let’s not forget tax cuts to corporations by the Previous administration! Donald had to look out for his friends.

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    I think this is crazy. If you make 400k or more you are the only ones who will see a tax increase....REALLY? Corporate tax increase-who pays for those increases? Not the corporations - we do the consumer, so how is he really increasing taxes? The middle class will pay and pay. Get it through your heads-we are headed towards socialism.

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    J Michael

    I wish we could block the wacko right-winger people who post on this app. I mean...some of you are really psycho the way you worship Tr*mp and hate democracy. Y’all are really weird.

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    Thanks to DEMARCATES i have been vaccinated and we have turned the corner on the pandemic. Government is not the problem tRumplican government is the problem.