Watch & Comment Live: Sen. Tim Scott Gives Republican Response to Biden's Address

And? How do you rate Scott's rebuttal?

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    Did he tell one truth?

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    I remember Biden saying to a black celebrity. "If your thinking of voting for Trump then you ain't black." Let's pick that a part for a min folks.....?

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    Black and other people of color republicans always trying to not see that it’s the Republicans is a racist politician party. You can see it with there policy. Voter suppression, and allowing pollution in African-American people and other people of color neighborhoods, cutting Health care and what about climate change and gay rights to. The Republicans politicians don’t even care for animals and there habitats either. So it is the Democrats doing all the work in making sure every body the help they need rather your Democrat or Republican voter even during the pandemic. I believe the Republicans party are crooks. Let’s face it, the Republican Party don’t really give a damn about anything. All they really care about is pushing their stupid terrible policy’s on all of us and to stay in power and for the wealthy only.

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    Tim Scott is a paid hack. As my old man use to say, sometimes a person(s) just doesn’t want to leave the plantation. He feel safer there..

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    If Dumbkopf is the face of half of America...this country is doomed

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    The Republicans can keep repeating this drivel forever and it won’t make it true. If they really think they have a better way to solve our problems, let’s hear them. If not, get out of the way!

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    Biden did not separate this country, it was already separated doing the Trump era. Trump divided this country.

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    The entire Republican party has become nothing but a joke full of bat shit crazy conspiracies. It is now the party of the lowest common denominator. Just look at its leaders Mr. Gaetz of Florida under investigation for having sex with kids, Batshit crazy Rudy, Ted Cruz leaves Texas to go on vacation in the middle of a state disaster. And Donald Trump One term idiot And psychopathic liar. Truly the Republican party is a complete Shambles. The list goes on and on and on one crazy moron after the other.

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    Barbara S.

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    You need an emoji representing acute intestinal disorder.

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    The fact that a black man is in this position within today’s far rightist GOP has me a bit puzzled, but it is a demonstration of the fact that we cannot view black Americans as a monolith! It also demonstrates that America is home to a very broad collection of humans with a very broad range of political views and opinions. His presence in this position of speaking for the GOP is disconcerting but entirely in line with the crazy that is ascendant in our beloved democratic republic. Not sure what his own motivation might be, and though he spoke clearly and eloquently, if somewhat hesitantly, I felt, he merely parroted every single point I have heard uttered by every single GOP legislator before the cameras this week. His entire performance simply reinforced for me that the GOP continues to mouth the party line at every opportunity, no matter how many lies and half-Ruth’s it contains. I suppose the idea was that we should hear these words coming from a black man’s mouth and somehow be influenced to change our opinion of this fascist-led GOP? Hint: it did not work on me. jimK has called bs on this lone Black GOP Senator. I think I second his views. Opportunists come in all forms, all colors, and from all backgrounds.

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    Extremely disappointed to see a black man spew Republican lies.

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    Mary Ann

    Best speech I heard since Donald trump. Thank you Mr. Scott. You should be our next president. This loss of freedom and socialism and government run country is awful! The liberal media is complicit in the destruction of America

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    I don't know what planet this idiot lives on, but to say that there is no racism in American is not only stupid, it iw a BIG FAT LIE. Of course, he is a Republican, so his BIG FAT LIE is the norm for Republicans. THe REpublican party should be proud of him-they have him by the short hairs.

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    We need more black republicans and the horrible “uncle Tim” slur is symbolic of the fact that many democrats view the entirety of African Americans as votes in human form only

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    What a party hack. Tim Scott was embarrassing when he spouted the Republican Party line and took credit for all of the Democratic legislation that the Republicans either acquiesced to support or were driven to support by overwhelming public support. I am sure that he captured our Black voters by declaring that there is no racism left in America. It is the Republican excuse for not accepting some Democratic legislation, but I truly believe that most of our Black American voters do not accept the argument that there is no racism left in America. The Republican, Democrat and Independent voters all support Biden’s programs; many of the programs are supported by clear majorities in each and everyone of these voting blocks. So just who is being politically divisive with respect to the needs and the will of the majority of the country? Is it Biden or is it the reactionary trumplovian-indoctrinated Republican Party? Finally, Tim Scott did a great job of weaving together emotive statements but there was no content, just innuendo that Republicans would be better - but absolutely no specifics regard how and no specifics regarding the ‘experts’ cited to support his conclusions. Just try to list the specifics in Scott’s address regarding what Republicans can and will do or how they intend to do them. I couldn’t find anything to write down because it did not exist. Flowery words and emotive outrage are empty implied promises to do something, but what specifically and how specifically?

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    It is both galling and deplorable for a party who voted to DISENFRANCHISE Black and Brown voters in Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia, to “select” a Black facade to put the proper face on their RACISM. The face of racism and injustice may sometimes look like us, while mimicking the culture of those who will not accept us! It is a tragedy of humankind to LIE to and MISINFORM others, for acceptance and/or promotion in a political party. He is a UNITED STATES SENATOR from south carolina. United States Senator, oath to country, not a state, not an individual, and damn sure not a lie. To actively endorse and represent a party who is RACIST, attempted to DISENFRANCHISE Black and Brown voters, and has produced more than 250 bills countrywide to codify DISENFRANCHISEMENT of Black and Brown voters, to compensate for their unworthiness to govern, after so many have died for the right to vote, Black and White, TREASON to a people. For a Black person to be the face of those efforts to harm Black/Brown people is despicable and merits the reaction to “uncle tim”!

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    I am a Democratic Committee Person in PA. So dire hard dem here. I like listening to Tim Scott on the floor. One of two republicans I like to hear from the other being Mitt Romney. this was written by the RNC writers and heavily influenced by the far right. probably written before Biden even opened his mouth. Republicans don't write their own responses. Democrats do. how do I know? there is a 30-minute gap between POTUS leaving the chamber and democratic responses and 5 for GOP responses. big difference Tim Scott was Kevin, Mitch, and Donald's puppet tonight and it was sad. I know this wasn't truly Tim Scott. I also can verify the article he mentioned is real and is appalling. the N-word is used at least 2 or 3 times. I forget who wrote it but I did read it (I read a ton of news and sources. I am a journalism major at one of the top journalism schools in the entire country.) anyway America is a racist place. Not all of us probably only about 45% of us but still it is. Senator Scott has said that hundreds of times on the floor in op-eds rallies etc. I was shocked he said we are a family. WE SHOULD BE! BUT WE AREN'T SORRY! overall not a good response talked a lot of gibberish and topics biden didnt bring up

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    Share Proof What’s happening in Arizona right now is genuinely scary. You can read all about it from the Associated Press here. The question you may have, one you’re done reading, is whether the Arizona legislature—at least its Republican components—is “owned” by an insurrectionist criminal enterprise (Stop the Steal) now under the leadership of Ali Alexander, an unscrupulous radical Trumpist who’s currently hiding from the FBI. {Note: Proof previously covered this pressing state-level issue in this recent article.} You’d want to know all this as a way of determining whether 2020 ballots in a critical battleground state are currently in the possession of individuals committed to Trump’s “Big Lie”—and finding “voter fraud” in Arizona even if it doesn’t exist. The purpose of doing so? According to former crack addict, current insurrectionist, and longtime Stop the Steal mega-donor Michael Lindell, their chief goal is to reinstall Donald Trump in the White House by August of 2021 and destroy Joe Biden’s administration entirely. QUESTION: Does Ali Alexander’s Criminal Enterprise (Stop the Steal) Claim to “Own” Arizona’s Legislature? ANSWER: Yes Here is a copy of the article i just posted

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    Pro-Trump web forums are abuzz with directions to forge Covid vaccine cards Born a crook always a crook to dumbkopfs dying day. Gop ‘patriots’ an integral part of his family now ... always up to no good.