Watch & Comment Live: Biden: 'Trickle Down Economics Has Never Worked'

And? How do you rate Biden's address?

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    Republicans, take back our party. Enough with Putin/ Trump

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    This trickledown effect has never worked

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    I loved how ambitious Biden has been with his plans to fix our economy, infrastructure, and public health system. During his speech I also appreciated that he covered a wide range of topics including gun violence, but also managed to stay consist by reminding the public that he is creating plans that will provide millions of jobs.

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    I find it so sadly amusing and so true to form that the Reps. are obstructing any and all moves that Biden is making to "Build back Better" and MCConnell has vowed to do so in future as well and yet when something is passed that helps the bill to help restaurants that are struggling.....the Reps bring it to their people and take credit for it even thought they voted AGAINST it.

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    I believe Biden has the right plans for this nation and he has our best intest in mind

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    Very to the point! When will we learn trickle down doesn’t work…without the working middle class the U S will fail.

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    Finally ...Biden is fixing what needs fixing.

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    He did not cover everything I am concerned with, but what he covered was covered well and with creative solutions that should be effective. I want my congressmen to get behind his agenda!

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    It's so nice to have a President again.

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    FAKE president. I won’t watch this imposter.

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    Just did some math.......If a person makes $15 per hour.....$15 x 40 hours = $600 per week ( and that is NOT "take home") $600 x 4 = $2,400 per month.......$2,400 x 12 = $28,000 per year. Now, where I can't rent a house for under $1000 per month, $1000 x 12 = $12,000 which is most certainly more than 1/2 of your take home pay. $1000 per month would leave you $1,400 for ALL your other, utilities, phone, gas.....EVERYTHING......and SO many do not want the workers....who are THE very backbone of this country to even have this!......It is appalling and outrageous and unconscienable! (sp?)

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    We need more reg on wall st. & TAX THE RICH!!!!

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    Biden is doing exactly what this country needs at this time! Far too many years the GOP has either chosen to ignore these needs, or feels it shouldn't be done by government. If government doesn't do this for all states, then improvements to infrastructure will not occur, since the States alone can't afford it, and I don't see any billionaires offering to pay for it. To have equal public education throughout all the states, it takes government to get it done, so all receive an equal education. If you want to be defended by an army, government pays for that. A bigger government doesn't make us a Socialist country. Everything Biden has done since becoming President has been desperately needed!!!

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    Even with teleprompters and cheat sheets, he's a moron.

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    Inspiring and inclusive. It is very refreshing to see a President showing real leadership. One of the best presidential speeches in an address to Congress, with a deliberate and clear call to action and clear justification of the need to move forward. I was impressed and inspired and I can take the time to write notes of what I and other Americans are specifically being asked to do and specifically how my family’s future is positively being addressed. I learned a long time ago that inspiring sounding words mean very little if you cannot list the real world impact of what those inspiring words really mean and can clearly see the path to achieve those promises. We are at an inflection point with many future threats that require bold actions to counter - and refusing to address and correct the issues that keep us from dealing with these future threats can only harm this countries future. … … … Thankfully, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawly, and Q-crazy Pants Greene were not called up to receive their Presidential Medal of Freedom awards. … … … BRAVO, Mr President, BRAVO!

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    Trickle Down Economics is a myth.

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    I really am not happy with the Joe Biden and the things that he wants for our country. He uses the word free a lot everything is for free. In my lifetime, I never received anything for free. When someone is giving something away for free. Someone else is paying for it. Is Joe Biden planning on paying for everything out of his own pocket all of his free? Or is it the taxpayers that will be paying for it? Those people who go to work every day are their taxes going to raise to pay for all of the free. You know it’s not going to come from corporations. When their taxes have to be paid more money by Joe Biden, it won’t be the corporation that Paying anything, that will go to the consumer their prices will go up on everything. That will fall on the average American person also. No matter how you look at it. It is the American people who are working who are going to pay the bills that Joe Biden is creating. The American people get fooled by the word free. That’s the only thing they here or they Think about I’m going to get it for free. No you are not going to get it for free. Teachers like to be paid for the job that they do don’t they. Are they going to work for free, maintenance people who work in the schools are they going to work for free. The American people need to wake up there’s an old saying smell the coffee. Nothing in this world is for free.In the very very wealthy trillion years and billionaires and millionaires are not going to be paying. Every donation they make for anything including politicians that they support, that becomes a tax write off for them. They lose nothing, they give nothing. American people wake up it is you and I that will be paying for all the Joe Biden’s free

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    All of you worried about tax increases please take a moment to look into the tax bill that Republicans passed under budget reconciliation rules in 2017. This is the year, by the law they passed in 2017 all on their own, that everyone will pay increasing taxes from this year forward - except for the very wealthy whose tax cuts were made permanent. Expect higher tax rates from this year forward, a debt-it-forward ploy from the trumpublican party to pay for the preferential tax cuts given to the wealthy. Don’t take my word - look it up yourself. … … … Before you all bitch and moan about the costs of Biden’s initiatives, take a moment to consider the long term costs associated with not restoring our country from the inside-out to prepare us to be competitive with emerging economic super-powers or the enormous costs associated with the damages that a complacent response to the developing climate crisis will bring. Our country’s unwillingness to fund or do what was necessary initially to address the pandemic is projected to cost our economy in excess of $6 Trillion over the long term as well as the 590,000 unnecessary Covid deaths to date. Yeah, Republicans were so much smarter than our world renowned epidemiologists and economists who begged for a 3 week lockdown early and using the DPA to expedite production of PPE and other critical material needs. All of the costs associated with cleaning up the aftermath to date are strictly due to the unwillingness of the Republican Party to initially fund needed actions. None of the long term economic recovery costs would have been required at all in the trumpublican party would simply responded with requisite funding when it was needed. … … … Dealing with the Climate Crisis and our role in addressing it is really the same kind of problem with the same kind of economic and human costs - it is just a much longer proposition and a much more costly overall problem to address, in both dollars and human suffering. We cannot afford the same penny-wise pound-foolish approach that has resulted in our country’s horrifically poor and extremely costly lack of timely response to the pandemic - the absolute worst of any moderately wealthy country. If we follow this same approach in dealing with the Climate Crisis, human kind in our country and world-wide will suffer greatly and our country will wither. The beauty of the totality of Biden’s initiatives is that they not only address the coming threats and prepare us to deal with them, but are designed to greatly benefit our country by increasing our competitiveness on the world stage to provide economic benefit for providing and expediting world needed solutions. … … … The choice is quite simply to invest in the future and save the planet or put band-sides on our ouchie’s when they occur and risk our country’s future and possibly even the future of human-kind.

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    It’s nice to hear an intelligent President again! I like his direction for big business as well as the working class.

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    Two women at the podium. I’ve waited a lifetime!!!! Yay!!!!