Europe May Allow Vaccinated American Tourists This Summer

Do you want to visit Europe this summer?

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    I would love to visit Europe this summer. I think however that Covid is still too widespread…maybe next year…

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    I am from Germany and had planned a trip last year. Needless to say, it didn’t happen. I miss my family and friends so I hope we can travel this summer, well, late summer.

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    I refuse to go anywhere that requires an emergency vaccine.

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    I have no desire to travel. Europe has the same problem that we do, an out-of-control african population who are raping women throughout Europe and not being punished for it in places like Sweden because tthey are afraid of the dreaded term "racist". Yes, Europe suffers from political correctness disease too. If a White man comes to the rescue of a White woman being raped by an african animal, the White man will be charged with a hate crime. No Europe for me.

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    I’d love to I’ve had both my shots. On another note hospitalizations in Kansas are up 135%. The Republicans are wiping them selves out - it’s sad, but maybe it’s the best thing for America. Get stupid out of the gene pool. They have not proven themselves to be a very trustworthy or respectful of democracy and other Americans. It’s totally amazing how some people are readily willing to take stupid to the grave.

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    Save your tourist dollars and visit US destinations, safer and better medicine. Europeans have not managed their Covid Vaccination program well under 10% of population protected. Wait till they make better progress.

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    Mary Ann

    Democrats have ruined Americans lives! They want America to be socialist and they have succeeded! The have destroyed this country! And When will China be held accountable for starting Yes ! The China virus!! America will never be normal until republicans run this county. Democrats are evil

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    No, thanks. The EU as a huge Anti-Semitism problem

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    Would love too but will not until covid is under control

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    Would be cool to be able to travel fully vaccinated, but I'm in no rush especially seeing the situation in India

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    Not interested

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    I will visit Europe next year.....I can't should have to have proof of vax if you want to get on a plane without mask, and other places. Vaccinated people should get special privileges since we have done our part to protect humanity.

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    I read a British news article this morning - I don’t remember whether it was in The Guardian or The Times - that the Public Health Minister stated that they are near eradicating COVID on the island because already 7 in 10 adults there have COVID antibodies. Because so many Americans refuse to get the vaccinations - some for the fear that the vaccines have not undergone the rigorous full approval process of the FDA - many experts believe the US will never reach that point, the point of herd immunity. The FDA’s approval process is lengthier and more tortuous than that of European countries. New medications are more quickly available there. During the 13 years of my adult life living there, I never heard about a drug or drugs being pulled because insufficient testing allowed a harmful drug to reach the market. Perhaps, the FDA’s process is unnecessarily rigorous? Is it possible that the FDA’s process is driven by something other than scientific integrity? It certainly is when it comes to cheeses, wines, and meats that have been made the same way for centuries and consumed by europeans without adverse public health effects. Nonetheless, that is the only reason I have heard that some who won’t get vaccinated put forth explaining their resistance. The other reasons appear to me to be based on some form of “I don’t want to, and you can’t make me” or driven by conspiracy theories formed from fantasy rather than evidence. I’m saddened that our risk as a country will remain as a result. I’m saddened that our sense of community that includes a responsibility to safeguard other members is so shattered that the welfare of others doesn’t seem to be of much importance to some of us. And that holds for more than just pandemic precautions and COVID vaccines.

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    I spent four years stationed in Northern Italy. I seen many countries while there. I went back eight years ago. That is enough. I will travel through our country this year. Need to see our kids who live back east. Will go by train, to far for me to drive. Will camp through out our state.

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    I plan to travel in future years

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    Europe is tons of fun. There is so much to do and see. This year without travel has been the first of my life. I hate being stuck in Arkansas without even the minor relief of vacations. I’m ready to GO!

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    Let’s beat Covid world wide.

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    been there (lived there),done that. Wish I could MOVE to, Anywhere, SCANDINAVIA....

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    Not this year. Hopeful that my family abroad can come here this year.

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    Want to? Yes. Not just in summer. Will I? No. Not this year.