Fact Check: Biden Is Not Banning Red Meat to Combat Climate Change

Biden didn't say it, but would you give up some red meat to combat climate change?

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    Yes but it won’t be that bad

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    Yes, I'd give up some red meat to combat climate change. In fact, while I've not totally given up eating red meat, I am eating more chicken. Partly, that change is due to health benefits and if it helps decrease green house gases even better.

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    Nope. Not to the Usurper, not to the Concubine, and not to the Hamburglar. Big Government stay the Hell out of my pantry!

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    Giving up red meat would have a bigger adverse effect on your health than it would on the climate.

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    I do not believe that the existence of any life on planet Earth has an effect on the climate. Furthermore, I haven't seen any convincing evidence to support the claims about "climate change", "global warming", or the "climate crisis". The weather is cyclical, everything on this planet is cyclical. The weather is just another cycle that effects or impacts our life cycle or in more limited terms our individual environment.

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    Simple answer: HELL NO! What BS to dictate what people can eat because of the power grab of "climate change"! Disgusting that the government is going to try and solve a problem with telling me what I can and can't eat and drink! This is when I tell "lawmakers" to stick that Idea where the sun does NOT shine!

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    Actually, I don't eat red meat anyway. Part of the reason for that is environmental welfare.

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    Climate change is a farce made up by Al Gore (remember Tipper and her records); and an excuse for Greta to get up in public and yell, call people names and act superior to others. Climate change is a NATURAL event!! Did the dinosaurs fart themselves into extinction? Don't think so. It's happened before, it will happen again. Will humanity survive? I dunno...can those who are alive adapt to the change?

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    There is no need to eliminate red meat because of the climate crises. There is no need to get radiation treatments to protect yourself from wind turbine spawning cancer. Just because the trump and the trumpublican cultists choose to say something like this, does not make it true. In fact, whatever the trump says or has said is statistically shown to have an 80% probability of being a falsehood, misrepresentation, mischaracterization or an out and out lie. Anecdotally, the same thing is true for the trumpublican politicians, the reprobate right wing news entertainment media and the cultists who echo and spread this bull crap far and wide. … … … Did the ‘banned’ Dr. Seuss books advocate getting rid of red meat? It couldn’t have been the unisex M_ Potato Head controversy because I don’t think that he/she ever ate red meat. … When will it stop? … … … I may choose to limit red meat for health, cost or convenience issues, but not because of the climate crisis per se.

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    We can do a lot more to reduce greenhouse gases than banning red meat ! We can and should look at how to reduce the Co2 foot print from red meat. Remember this only results in 13 percent of the greenhouse gases! Flying to vacation on Jet Airlines put a lot more CO2 into the air ! We need more charging stations to allow more people to change to EV’s ! We need to construct more nuclear power plants, as that would have an quick impact on reducing our CO2 emissions!

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    Hey Causes.com! Stop pushing stupid conspiracy theories. Biden is not stealing people’s hamburgers at all, and it’s just a stupid lie pedaled by the GQP cultists. Do better at ignoring obvious lies!

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    I do not eat much red meat anymore. I made this choice for health reasons. However, I believe in having the choice. There are technologies and strategies that allow for red meat production that is climate friendly. These should be promoted and in some cases required. Some say this would raise the price, but in fact, not doing it fails to recognize the true price of the system we now have. If these climate friendly methods raise the price to reflect the true cost, people are free to make the choice of whether or not purchase within a free and informed economy. Continuing to mask the environmental cost stifles the ability of the free market which has proven time and time again to provide the best basis for reasonable freedom of choice.

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    The world has a problem. We all need to come together and work on solutions. There is no place for the devision that the GOP creates.

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    HELL NO! I will eat what I want when I want and the hell with government influence. Start talking about Treason charges for leftist / Anarchist / stolen election / Bankrupting the country / selling out to China / corrupt actions. No more Senate and the house setting benefits or rules for politicians. A public and military commission will do that. Try this out for policy and the base just might donate again - to Trump at leasts.

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    Climate alarmists have repeatedly made comments about the meat industry and the environment. The climate alarmists would love to eliminate the meat industry. So, Biden hasn’t said he will ban burgers but they can regulate it like crazy so that meat becomes too expensive to eat except for the very rich. With the stroke of a pen Biden eliminated good paying jobs without a care for the people who lost their jobs. He decimated my state’s economy without a thought. This was all done to combat “climate change.” If he did it with the oil and gas industry he can do it with any industry that the climate alarmists want. I love how causes put this stuff out there like some sort of conspiracy so we will ignore the fact that climate alarmists have been pushing for this for years.

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    I already do, and I think many others are following suit, especially as the the youth population grows. The older representatives are becoming increasingly out of touch.

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    One thing oft overlooked in discussing the Climate Crisis is the impact on food sources and availability of potable water. As precipitation patterns shift and arable farm lands shift, critical food chains will be impacted - food supply chains that are already stressed by the world’s populous. Changes will be necessary on many fronts. Something like 70% to 80% of the CO2 that is processed into carbon based sugars, proteins and O2, happens in the oceans, mostly by phytoplankton which is at the basis of the food chain for most marine life. Global warming is causing Ocean temperatures to rise, resulting in changing ocean currents and causing a net increase in Ocean Acidity - killing phytoplankton and putting this human sustaining food chain and CO2 capturing resource at increased risk. The warmer oceans and changing currents are slowly releasing large amounts of methane currently sequestered at the colder depths of the oceans. Methane is 34 times more impactful a greenhouse gas than CO2. There are a lot of other factors that influence one another in complex ways, and thinking that any one change made at scale will resolve these issues is risky. … … … Human beings need sources of protein to survive and what those sources will need to become requires careful strategic thought and fallback positions that are guided by the climate science predictions which to date are proving to be close to exactly as predicted, albeit a little faster than originally predicted. … … … The climate crisis is a huge and complex threat which requires complex science, complex socio-political issues, world wide coordination and careful monitoring. Our conservative mentalities of nickel and dime funding, hoping that it is not real or not considering anything beyond a four year ROI, will get us and most of the world killed off by actions which are way too little and way too late to resolve the issues of stopping climate change - as well as the issues of dealing with the climate as bad as it will become when the world reaches net zero and the development of new methods to rapidly extract and process the CO2 already in the atmosphere which will take a thousand years for natural process to meaningfully reduce.

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    No hell no!

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    Ravel ravel gnashing of teeth. What is worse: media reporting ridiculous and false news like it always does, or the ridiculous thing being plausible? It would not surprise me at all to hear of an executive order (royal decree) from Biden limiting red meat consumption. He is such a shit show. We have gone from bad to worst. Yes, worst, not worse.