Nebraska, Ohio, & South Dakota Had Unemployment Rates At or Below Their Pre-Pandemic Levels in March - How Does Your State Compare?

How do you feel about job market trends in your state?

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    Wondering when Biden's infrastructure Bills going to come down to pipeline or some type of real Financial reform that helps millions of Americans get back to work including millions of public sector jobs wiping out student debt free college among other things

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    Currently one of the biggest problems that all sized companies have in the central US plains states is a lack of people willing to fill vacant jobs - and be dependable, good workers able to work well with their co-workers and customers. Businesses ranging from construction, to stores, to food service, to technology are limited in their growth because they have too many vacancies. And yet, there are now many people who are choosing to not work or be reliable employees because they can get by with the assistance available from the government. What does this say and teach people about developing a good work ethic, pursuing a career, managing finances, saving for the future (retirement?), etc. - not setting a good example for anyone.

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    Nebraska and South Dakota never shut down and as a result their economies weren’t destroyed. Contrast that with states like New York and California who destroyed their economies and have record numbers of people fleeing the states to move to red states like Texas and Florida.

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    Michael J

    Texans need good paying jobs $15/hr. A Living Wage means more Americans lifted out of poverty. Act now before the Democrats or it will be too late. C’mon Texas Three Stooges do something for the Middle Class for once.

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    unemployment in california was exacerbated by the pandemic. i feel confident it will rebound, even if it doesn't do so quickly.

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    Despite the large population loss triggering a loss of a seat in the house our unemployment rate is ridiculously high.

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    Employment would improve if more people would get vaccinated so more areas could open up! Passing the Biden infrastructure would be a boom to for all!!!!

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    it is pretty good here in Ks, but it would be much better if there weren't so many people collecting nice, weekly, paychecks from the government, they feel they are better off at home then going to work; so sad; i hope when they do decide to go back to work, all the good paying jobs have been taken and then see what that will have gotten them

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    We need 21st century jobs, not just low-paying service sector jobs. The infrastructure bill would provide such jobs and I demand that Biden's ingrastructure bill be passed as soon as possible.

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    The jobs are out there! People need to get off the government teets!!

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    We need to get the virus under control in order to get unemployment reduced. This wil take all americans to get vaccinated not only for thier safety but the safety of all.

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    Let's not lose sight of the fact that the quality of the jobs returning and the wages being earned may not be as good for the people who returned to work as the raw numbers show: how many of those jobs are filled by people who lost their small businesses? how many people are now cobbling together multiple part time jobs to almost make as much as they did pre shutdown (or maybe they are still woefully underemployed as I am)? Heather Cox Richardson pointed out in one of her recent posts that information showing that average wages are now higher than before leaves out the loss of millions of low wage jobs last year; of COURSE this will make the average look higher! I am heartened by President Biden's leadership in directing federal contractors to pay a minimum wage of $15/hr, including tipped workers. While penny pinching GOP elitists whine about how this will increase costs or cause more businesses to fail they also forget that people who make more money will tend to SPEND more money which will SUPPORT businesses and local economies and allow them to expand as consumer demand increases.

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    It's better than some states, but still has room for improvement; however until we get this virus under control through following CDC guidelines and everyone getting vaccinated our economy will still be in danger. With that being said as a baseline, if Biden's jobs and family package becomes a reality, I would anticipate that the economy will show a lot of improvement. However, with the Republican's opposing those two packages it's anydoby's guess when and if we will see the economic boost that those bills would provide.

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    High unemployment in Blue states. Go figure.

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    We have plenty of jobs open. Nobody wants to work. Electrician and plumbers (fantastic money) can’t find apprentices.

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    There are plenty of available job where I live. It takes forever to fill them because young people don't want entry level jobs at minimum wage. They watch all those reality shows of hip hop artists living in mansions, or that crazy housewives franchise where all these people live wild, over-the-top lifestyles. They want the same. Without the work ethic. What they don't realize is that many of those hip hop artists don't actually live like that. They rent those places to look like they do. They live beyond their means. The same for those housewives.

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    Utah's doing pretty good. Hopefully we'll keep trending down on infection rates to help on lower unemployment.

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    Ron DeSantis Rick Scott Margret Rubio state of Florida did excellent through the Covid Chinese flu. An act of war against the United States. But my representatives did an excellent job. Better than all those democratic run states or communist states whatever you wanna call them.