House to Vote on D.C. Statehood & Restricting Executive Branch Travel Bans, Senate Debates COVID Hate Crime Bill

How do you feel about this week’s congressional schedule?

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    I feel the need to addresses some comments here. Raising corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, etc. does not raise revenue and if you do a little research you'll see that it usually lowers revenue. Giving people money is not a responsibility of the government as outlined in the Constitution, although I know some don't care about that pesky old document anymore. The 2nd Amendment is not subject to scrutiny due to the number of people criminals shoot. If anything the 2nd Amendment is keeping the number of victims from being higher. Big R Rights are not up for debate and the only acceptable legislation would be bills to reverse the restrictions on those rights that already exist

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    What is the argument FOR D.C. statehood? (Be honest, now). I have plenty of arguments AGAINST. So does the constitution.

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    D.C. & Puerto Rica should both be added as states!

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    What the heck is a covid hate crime? We have laws against violence in all 50 states. Why do the Feds need to create a new law that is redundant, but narrowly focused?

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    Democrats all the way!!

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    Devastating to know that not only does the GOP not care about the deficit (shown by their refusal to consider raising corporate taxes), or the people (shown by their refusal to provide relief even when people were starving), or even how many Americans die due to gun relate violence (shown by their refusal to enact gun legislation). I doubt the GOP would even care if it was their hometown heroes or even family members being were being shot, just so long as they themselves could continue raking in the campaign dollars.

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    There’s no way we need DC has an extra state it’s so corrupt now no way!

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    DC "statehood" violates Our Sacred Constitution, and any honest reading of Our Great Founding Fathers. Stay true to Our Exceptional Constitution, and all will be great. Violate it, and Earth is doomed.

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    If the schedule does not include Medicare for all and the Green New Deal then the schedule is never going to be good enough. ALSO PASS COMMON SENSE GUN LEGISLATION TO KEEP GUNS OUT OF DANGEROUS INDIVIDUALS HANDS.

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    No taxation without representation. It’s our founding principle. Absolutely DC, Puerto Rico, and the other territories should be states. We also need to study ways to reapportion the House and maybe the Senate. The rural areas are wildly over represented. Its past time that we took a hard look at how our government is structured and whether it serves us. The tyranny of the few should not outweigh the needs of the many.

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    I am interested to see what’s going on with the Voting Rights Bill. I am happy to see that there will be “action” on D.C. statehood. The District’s residents pay healthy taxes yet have no representation in the government. “No taxation without representation”, remember? What’s up with the Senate committee looking at “prevention of undue foreign influence in biomedical research”?! Now, what’s happened?!

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    If the dems continue to push for DC and Puerto Rico statehood then Idaho will for surely be restructured to include Oregon and northeastern California. You will see a redraw of state lines so it is only fair that rural areas are equally represented within their state rather than underrepresented due to populated cities and represented by progressive liberals that have no idea of the way of life for rural America. Nor do they show interest in caring for rural America. Probably the only authentic American in Democratic Party is Manchin.

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    You Obstructionist Democrats are totally out of control! DC IS NOT A STATE AND NEVER SHOULD BE. Whoever heard of a state with only one city in it? Will the DC residents have to pay States Taxes along with their City and Federal taxes? If tge want to be a State, go back to Maryland!

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    Heck no on DC statehood! There was a special reason why DC is not a state! This is nothing more than ANOTHER power grab by the same people who want to pack our Supreme Court & I won't stand for this either! Vote NO. Thank you.

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    No "haste crimes of any kind". Punish actions, not motives. You can't prove motives. You can prove actions. Block anything the radical, socialist biden ? regime tries.

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    No, to DC statehood. This is a power grab by Democrats. No, to travel bans on the American people that would require a vaccine passport which ultimately is an attempt to strip all Americans of their freedoms and impose government control by a Democrat dictatorship. Democrats and the MSM continue to incite division then blame it on White people. Many Asians have said who their attackers have been but then the MSM and Democrats go silent or again, lay blame on conservatives or White Supremacists. All the while Maxine Waters engaged in a hate crime encouraging riots and violence if Chauvin is not found guilty. If anyone in the GOP engaged in that type of rhetoric they would be removed from congress. REMOVE MAXINE WATERS FROM CONGRESS FOR HATEFUL RHETORIC AND ENCOURAGING RIOTS AND VIOLENCE!!

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    Both DC and Puerto Rico should be states. It is a flaw in our system that LA county has more population than 42 states but California only has two Senators. Today’s Republican Party has gone full on QANON and isn’t working for but actually against average working Americans.