Biden Admin to Lift Refugee Cap After Facing Backlash From Democrats For Keeping Trump Era Admissions Levels

Do you support or oppose raising the refugee admission cap above 15,000 for FY2021?

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    Dirty commies sold America

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    How do we know who we are letting into our country already! With almost 200,000 crossing the border illegally from Mexico every month! Now he wants to raise how many can come from Lord knows where else and he’s already letting people in from the country’s that are known to harbor and support terrorism! How many people need to die in our own country before people open their eyes?

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    I am supportive of raising the refugee cap for this year and I

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    Michael J

    The great state of Texas needs more immigrants and refugees. Our economy is picking up thanks to President Biden’s Build Back Better $1.2 Trillion Stimulus! The Texas economy needs workers to prosper. The Middle Class needs a Living Wage. The Texas Three Stooges need to get on board with the Democrat’s progressive programs or be left behind. If you’re not Progressing you’re Regressing. Stop being Losers. Trump lost. Time to move on.

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    While i support raising this limit, there is so much more that congress needs to come together to create common sense immigration laws. There has to be common ground somewhere! If you review the immigration fights over the past 20 years, both parties have been on just about all sides of the debate. If that is so, why can a compromise not be found! We saw a young person being dropped over a wall (pretty tall wall at that). The borders are not open. So, Congress needs to come together to help folks that are forced out of their country.

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    More bullying from the left. Enough.

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    Another factor I liked is that Biden is opened to discussion instead of doubling down, insisting his action is indisputable. Around here, many businesses are complaining they cannot find employees because of the stimulus payouts. Based on that complaint sounds like we do need more immigrants. (BTW kudos to anyone able to live off stimulus checks since last March)

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    Immigration is good for the economy. We need to take any win we can get at this point.

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    The Democratic party has lost it's way years ago, on purpose and term limits may be the only rational way forward for America. Here's a novel idea end imperialism and drug dealing in those south American countries and help to build a sustainable economy so they want have to immigrate to survive. Are they being tested for covid, social distant etc.

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    We sent 10% positive people with covid people all across the country!3

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    Why raise the cap when there’s already a surge of illegal immigrants crossing the border, which the Biden admin has neglected to properly handle. Can the administration think about American citizens before making further decisions? What a jacked up circus this presidency has already become.

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    The refugee cap should stay at 15,000. We need to take care of our veterans first before letting anyone else in.

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    I am in favor of having a border that is NOT open for any and all people coming in!! Despite Biden wanting to say these people are not illegal aliens that is EXACTLY who they are! The vocabulary is not going to change the fact that the statue is what it is written in the law. Unless the government changes the law that is who they are ILLEGAL ALIENS!

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    The refugee admission cap is at a ridiculously and historically low level. Suggesting that the USA can only accommodate 15,000 new persons within our expansive borders is ludicrous. People's lives are at stake. I am reminded of the US turning away refugees from the Holocaust and abandoning them to their fate. That was a shameful time in our history that I do not want to see us repeat. We can do better. Much better.

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    We are doing a terrible job at assimilating immigrants who are already here. We need a pause until those hear learn English, get out of areas completely made of of others of their culture. We are becoming balkanized which is bad instead of being the great melting pot gaining the best of the cultures who come to assimilate.

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    I support the cap being set as zero unless the refuges are from Europe since this country was founded and intended to be the second and/or new home for Europeans, not third world freeloaders.

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    This issue is not only about refugees coming through our southern border. There are a number of refugees that had scheduled dates to immigrate, completed all of the paperwork, dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s. They have places to go and community support groups ready to help acclimate them. Many had divested themselves and their ties to their country of origin when their entry to this country was canceled by the trump. They have been in limbo ever since. Many are at risk. These people effect the cap and need to be allowed entry. … … … If our country cannot honor the promises made to others, how can our country ever be trusted? Why would scientists or senior technicians even want to come to a country that cannot keep their promises? Why would anyone? If the ‘America First’ nimrods get back in control and make America last in the world order, why would any other country accept Americans desperately seeking asylum from the Emergent American Autocracy?

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    Definitely not at this time or under this administration. Their idea of vetting refugees will be like an old school concussion exam, 'how many fingers am I holding up'? Illegit Joe's administration is overrun with individuals with questionable agendas. Many are extreme and most do not represent the best intentions for the sum of real Americans.

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    No. We don't need to keep taking in more people at this moment and we should revise our entire immigration system to be designed around the needs of Americans.

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    I like it that a President knows when they made a mistake. I think maybe he should have just addmitted more openly, but he still did good.