Democrats Introduce Bill to Expand the Supreme Court by Four Justices, Tip Balance In Favor of Liberals

Do you support or oppose adding four justices to the Supreme Court to give liberals the majority?

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    I agree that there must be balance in the Supreme Court to ensure that both conservative and progressive ideologies, both traditional Republican and traditional Democratic legal perceptions, originalist and constitutionalist perspectives are fully considered in determining over-arching interpretations to resolve issues of the law that can have substantive influence over the lives and futures of this country’s residents. The Supreme Court must be perceived as being truly representative of all of the people impacted by their decisions for their determinations to be trusted as being fair and equitable. … … … McConnell’s successful and unethical Crusade to unbalance the Federal judiciary generally and the Supreme Court specifically with highly conservative appointees has jeopardized the requisite trust that the courts must have to be respected and accepted as non-political arbiters of justice. Without equity, without balance this core institution risks the loss of public trust which is critical for all of the institutions that support a functional democracy. … … … Expanding the court is a solution but I hope that other solutions can be found. I will wait until Biden’s commission studies this issue and reports. I hope that other solutions can be found. The courts must be in balance so that different viewpoints and perspectives will be fully represented to prevent domination by a single political or ideological perspective. Adding Justices may be that the best solution to undo McConnell’s unprecedented and self-serving Supreme Court packing - to protect the perceived integrity of this institution and the long term our government. … … … I will wait to hear from the commission charged to study this issue before committing to a Yeah or Nay opinion. I do hope a better solution can be found.

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    Voted Yes

    Judiciary Act of 2021 to expand the United States Supreme Court by adding four seats, creating a 13-justice Supreme Court.

    The Republicans started this game by blocking Obama's ability to choose.  Return the SCOTUS to a non political neutral body.

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    Yes I support expanding the court but not as how this question is posed as to liberal. Expand the court to have a broader view of the constitution, jurisprudence and legal opinions. The GOP has deliberately stacked the court with a right conservative view, moneyed interest which has tainted the majority of we the peoples opinion of the supposed highest court being supposed fair, just equal or independent. I am for fixing the courts. No life terms, free pacer, cameras in the courtroom and most importantly ethics and transparency reform. Mandatory recusals for when there is a conflict of interest such as stocks, business dealings, vacations and others that give the appearance of any inperpriorty, sad but true. As only a few examples attending the former Pompeo's lavish dinner parties on the tax payers dime or even worse unknown donors or having a wife that supported the coup inserection or one being forced to retire by a president. Most legal scholars along with the informed civic citizenry believe and have written or commented regarding the damage this does to the courts and the appearance of any inperpriorty and unbiased opinion. Another good reason for expanding the court and mandatory recusals for conflicts of interest leaving more justices actually in their seats hearing cases upon these recusals. When justice is not blind the whole legal system stinks and in fact is not even justice in any sense of the word. There should never be one set of rules/laws for those that can afford it and those that cannot. If the highest court in this country does not understand this, they do not deserve to be in the scotus. Our other branches of government should act on these reforms and fix the courts sooner rather than later. First though, they also need to pass all of the necessary needed reforms to our voting that simultaneously corresponds.

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    What people don’t understand is that this will set a precedent that either party can just change the rules of the highest court in this country whenever it doesn’t favor them. They ALSO don’t understand that if there’s an even number of justices, there can be a 50%-50% split… and we can’t have that either. Keep it the same! Get over it!

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    OF COURSE the GOP will scream "foul" about this, after all the foul things they did to pack the court because they play by one set of "rules" and hold everyone else to another set. They packed the court , in their favor, using every underhanded method they could think is only right, to level "the playing field".

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    The supreme court needs to expand in line with the increased population and complexity in the legal system.

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    You can’t change the rules in the middle of the game to try to get the outcome you want.

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    The GOP literally STOLE 2 seats not even following their own arguments. It untenable to allow this injustice to stand. I no longer trust the court at all to rule impartially. The barbarism represented in Kavanaughs opinion of approving life sentences for minors is but one totally inhuman positions which has come out of this stacked court. This court will also impede a global response to the climate crises which is an EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO THE HUMAN RACE.

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    There is only one way to fight the GOP and their dirty tactics determined to undermine our democracy - punch them where it hurts. We’ve been playing nice too damn long - they almost succeeded in killing hundreds of our elected representatives

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    Expansion of SCOTUS is essential to this country

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    first we don't need any more than 9. Though we do need 9 that are willing to do their job. If they are unwilling to do the job impartially as is stated in the job description they need to resign. We are already finding that we have chief justices that refuse to do that so why add more to the mess.

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    These democrats are court packing!!! They should play the game without changing the rules as they lose. It's like adding more yards during the football game so it gives the dems leverage to beet the republicans. 👎👎👎 Sore losers!!!!!

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    If the number of justices was always meant to reflect the number of districts, it seems clear we only have 9 because one party wanted to make it easier on themselves to maintain the majority and the decision had little to do with following standards or doing what was best for the people. As the number of districts grew to 13, “somehow” the number of justice remained stagnant, just like the bigoted views of the people who stand in the way of STANDARD operating procedures and progress.

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    Like rbg, I don’t think the court should be expanded, but I also don’t think those lifetime appointments have to be on scotus. The senate blocking O pick of Merrick garland changed the rules, but the rules say the president gets to pick not the senate. So, that seat should be replaced. Also, there should be an investigation into Kavanaugh as they are further witnesses that were not allowed to speak at his hearing. Those witnesses should be heard and there should be a full investigation. If it is deemed he is unfit for high office on scotus, he should be demoted to a lower role, possibly one that does not make rulings. Mitch McConnell’s damage needs to be undone. He changed the rules without authorization and we need to change the rules back to keep chaos out of scotus. We also apparently need to create a law saying the senate leader can’t hold back doing his job as a way to control our government without the representation authority of the people to do so. Only the President of the United States gets to make Scotus appointments. That my friends is in the constitution.

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    It undermining to tip the courts in either direction of politics. Our courts should be fair and unbiased. To add more Justices is just going add more in the future and turn it into another congress. Have a fewer Justices means to arrive to a decision faster.

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    Where will it all stop, this could set a precedent. When Republicans get back in control and they want more power they are going to want to add more justices. It is better to enact term limits.

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    Ridiculous! Just because one side didn't get their way, doesn't mean they can change the game! Wait, they are doing that...smh.

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    Get it done increase the supreme court members!

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    Republicans stole 2 Seats the only way to balance the court is to give back what was taken away.

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    Expanding the Supreme Court is not the best idea in the world. The next administration will expand the court, and so on until the court looks like Congress, useless. Consideration should be given to increasing the number of lessor courts. Bipartisan support should be given to getting politics off the bench and justice sitting. Justices should be chosen for the soundness of their legal minds not their party loyalty. Consideration should be given to term limits, 20 years or age 90 which ever come first. The insidious manipulations of the last four years should be a wake up call on both sides of the isle. Appoint for merit not political reward.

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    The supreme court should be increased by ONE judge. Republicans should install 5 and democrats should install 5 regardless of who holds the power in Washington. In this manner every American could be represented.